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Meetan- You are hastily driven to the Pokemon Center by the Marshal. The center is quite busy, there was always something going on in Bedlam, always another Pokemon to look after. The Marshal leads you straight to David's room. You enter to find David standing over a bed, Janey alongside him. Marowak rested on the bed, the rise and fall of its chest was steady, it was going to be okay. A crack split down the middle of its skull where the bullet had hit, it was lucky the bullet had failed to penetrate through the skull.

"You're here!" Janey cries out as she spots Terry and yourself. A temporary smile cracks across David's concerned face, the boy looks glad to see you. The officer informs them that he needs statements, so David, Terry and Janey follow him to another room, leaving you to watch over Marowak. The kids return after about an hour, it seems the Marshal had quite a bit to talk to them about.

"We're going up to the trainer school tomorrow", David informed you once they returned. "They will teach us the skills we need to become trainers, maybe one day we'll be able to travel around the region like you Alice. We'll go see what we can recover from the house in the morning before we head up to the Crystal Grove."

"We should probably all get some rest", Janey suggested, "the nurse said there are some beds for us down the hall, David I think you need to come as well." Janey looked concerned, probably because she knew David would insist on staying with Marowak.

"Come on bud", Terry put a hand on the other boys shoulder, "let's leave him to rest up." David didn't argue, he knew the best thing to do was let Marowak rest. The group of you retire to the bunks, after such a hectic day it isn't long before you are all snoring away......

The morning comes around quickly. Marowak is awake when you return to its room, it seemed to have recovered for the most part. The nurses agreed that Marowak had recovered enough to leave, however they instructed David to avoid battles for a little while. The group of you make your way back to the charred ruins of David's house. After some scavenging, only a few things are salvaged from the ruins. Some personal belongings of David's and a few bits and bobs. David hands you 4 Rare Candies , leftovers from the party. Terry and Janey dump 15 pieces of Charcoal at your feet. "I heard that Charcoal can be valuable to the right person", Terry informs you, although it's doubtful that he knows what he is talking about.

Next comes the tearful goodbye as the trio rush to embrace you. "Once we're real trainers you'll have to battle with us", Janey cries. "We'll never forget all that you have done for us", spurts Terry. "Wallop and I owe you everything", David can barely hold it together. "Oh right, I decided to take your advice and give Marowak a nickname! We promise to make the most out of the opportunity we're being given, I want to forget my past life, my brother included. Once we're confident we'll leave Bedlam for good, hopefully before the whole town goes up in smoke. Best wishes Alice, I hope we meet again." The trio attempt to hold back the tears as they walk away, heading towards the safety of the Crystal Grove.

Left out the front of a burnt house with a pile of charcoal at your feet, you're not really sure what to do next. Suddenly a man comes rushing down the street. "Well look at my luck", cheers the man. The balding fellow sports a tattered business suit, he wipes the sweat from his brow as he hastily grasps your hand. "The name is Gil Gunderson from Gil's Goods and Services. That is some fine looking charcoal you've got there, how about I take that off your hands? It's hard to get Charcoal this fresh, I'll give you $1500 for the lot!"

It looked like you'd found someone willing to purchase the charcoal, Terry was right after all!

Your adventure with me is complete! You may sell the charcoal to Gil or you can deal with having 15 Charcoals in your inventory...... Hope you enjoyed the adventure!
To Alice's relief, Marowak was going to be okay. There was a crack down its mask, which she thought was sad given where their skulls came from originally, but it hadn't pierced its actual head. She smiled back at David, saddened but unsurprised by his hollow expression, but she could at least be glad that these kids were going somewhere safe. Alice had tried to inspire them, to show them that there was a whole world of hope out there for them to explore-- and they would see this for themselves after all. What more could the trainer ask for?

They all went off to bed, and Alice made sure to have some Pokemon guarding their room. It was partially for herself. After nearly being killed, after seeing the Marowak like that and being so close to a burning building (fire was one of, if not her worst fear), she needed the comfort of her team. Lorin was quite happy lounging in the partially filled shower, and Jasper was spending the night silently watching them over, the rest of her team sound asleep in a bundle of blankets and a sleeping bag that she had withdrawn from the computer in the main room. Morning came and off they all went to the house. Alice supposed it wasn't a huge loss, but there had to be some sentimentalities that the flames had wiped from the world – and that would suck more than losing any money might, even to these kids.

Alice was surprised when they rushed her, breaking out into a loving grin despite herself. She wrapped her arms around the tearful trio, their own emotions making her well up all the same. “Oh, yeah, for sure. And I won't forget you all, either – of course I won't.” Alice said to them, rubbing their backs and petting their hair, careful not to mess it up. “That's a cool name. And it's okay if you don't forget your past, just make sure to learn from it and don't make the same mistakes other people here have. I'll try to visit you all before you head out, but if I don't manage it, I'm sure we'll run into each other somehow. If I've achieved my own dreams by then, hopefully you'll know where to find me.”

Calling after them that she loved them and to be good, Alice was alone with charcoal at her feet. Not for long, though. A salesman had come to take it all away, which was fine by her because he was paying good money for it. A shake of hands, and Alice had an extra $1500 with four candies for the mess (plus what she'd been given the day before). Not a bad haul, but Alice was certainly over Bedlam Ridge for now.

Marshal's Headquarters (Marshals): Situated in the relatively stable north, the headquarters of the police force is a large compound with tight security, home to the Goldenridge Marshals in their fight to restore the name of Goldenridge to bedlam. The force has recently started a campaign against the Shells and Ribs, seeking to push them out of the city once and for all, and are willing to accept mercenary support from trainers willing to help out in the fight. The reinforced location seems to be more attractive to pokemon who enjoy a sense of justice and honour. Reply in Silver.
… But, eventually, the young woman made her glorious return.

She had not forgotten the children now residing in Crystal Grove, and perhaps they were already off into the world, embarking on their own journeys. Alice Hope had certainly grown a lot since her last visit to this location, albeit not physically. Between the Rose Garden competition, helping to defend her home from the Snowdown and the various celebrations around New Fizz, Alice's reputation as a trainer and an idol had increased tenfold. It was pretty awesome. Her vlogs and other social media were booming, and although Alice was busier than ever, being an idol here was different than the world she had once thought she hailed from. She could still be a trainer of justice and in fact, that helped more than hurt a career – not that her career was the main reason for doing it.

Alice had her own aims for coming to Bedlam, of course, but for now she had decided to stop by the Marshall's Headquarters. It was spring, and while plenty were still in jeans and jackets, the blonde was as overheated as per usual. She had on a black tank dress, the ends cutting off above the knees and stylishly ruffled and tattered. Everything else was in her trademark vibrant pink: sneakers with silver studs, a layered necklace of beads, bracelet and earrings. Another black crossbody bag. Still not risking pickpockets, even in an area with such a police presence.

Zoey had accompanied her, the shiny Zubat's flight and sonar comforting in getting around without having to look over her shoulder all of the time. Designer sunglasses taken off, Alice swapped them out for ordinary prescription lenses, rocking up to the reception desk. Her Pokemon fluttered to land, manicured and sparkly nails absently ruffling the Pokemon's fine fur. “Good afternoon. I'm Alice Hope. It was quite a few months ago but I helped out with a case in Shanty Heights with an arson and a Marowak that was seriously injured. I was wondering if the Marshal that dealt with that still worked here?” She asked. “It's okay if not. I just know that the police here are after trainers that can help out with stuff going on in Bedlam, and since he knows me a bit already, he might feel more comfortable giving me work to do.” She laughed and shrugged. “I did bring my Abra again, if anything with teleporting is required, but my other Pokemon are tough cookies as well.”

Well, if they didn't have anything for her mission wise, Alice already knew one thing about Bedlam. If the group didn't go looking for trouble, it'd come looking for them... Possibly on motorbikes, with fucking molotovs, but anyway.
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