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Missingno. Master:
As Madoka’s Larvitar fell in defeat and was removed from the battlefield, Terri’s Pokemon found themselves at a numbers advantage. However, who knew how long that would last with little Godzilla’s parting gift of a Sandstorm that began brewing on the southern half of the playing field and Terri’s pair of Nincada evolutions’ shredded defenses. Terri intently listened to Madoka’s strategy and prepared one of her own in order to counter it. Her Pokemon listened in intently and prepared themselves for more action to come.

Ready to get things started, Luna the Swoobat closed her eyes as the sand began to billow around her. A swirl of energy coursed out of her body and filled the earth around her as she set up a Guardian Terrain. She then began making her way north in order to launch a sneak attack on Madoka’s Carbink. The Swoobat wasn’t quite as fast on her feet, still feeling the effects of being grounded, but if she stretched her wings enough she could probably resume flight at this point. As Luna made her way under the cover of Godzilla’s Sandstorm, Shishi the Carbink carefully set up a Reflective barrier to join the floating Stealth Rocks from before.

Meanwhile, Anger the Ninjask was still locked in heated combat with Lulu the Midnight form Lycanroc. The speedy cicada darted in with her Claws bared with a Metallic sheen. However, the bipedal wolf was expecting the incoming assault and jabbed a nasty Sucker Punch in Anger’s direction. The Ninjask was sent flying backwards, but not without leaving a painful slash on Lulu’s arm. Lulu howled in pain and stomped the ground angrily, causing a Tomb of Rocks to spring up and engulf the Ninjask. Beneath the rubble, Anger was most certainly knocked unconscious, unable to resume battling.

Unable to grieve its fallen counterpart, Vanish the Shedinja cast some Spiteful thoughts toward the Lunatone that hovered high over the battlefield. It didn’t get too much of a reaction out of Tsuki, who slowly moved itself in front of the moon high in the night sky, casting a dark shadow that engulfed the entire Shrine. The Lunatone’s red eye turned a glowing pink as a psychic aura emanated down that Blocked all of Terri’s Pokemon from using Healing moves. Embracing the darkness, Vanish made good use of its namesake and disappeared only to reappear behind Tsuki once again, striking the Lunatone with a Shadow Sneak.

By now, Luna the Swoobat had enough time to make her way close enough to Shishi the Carbink on Madoka’s side of the battlefield. The Carbink was waiting around patiently, ready to protect their flag at a moment’s notice. As it waited, Shishi began Sharpening its wits and its mineral-like edges, but Luna was waiting for this. With as much as a telepathic tug, the Swoobat Snatched the effects and felt her combat senses become Sharper and ready to attack. However, instead of seizing the opportunity to attack Shishi, Luna turned to the sky to target the Lunatone. Unfortunately for Luna, the combined darkness cast by the lunar eclipse matched with the cloud of sand that had wafted this direction made visibility incredibly obscured and her Signal Beam fired off harmlessly, hitting nothing. Alerted to Luna’s location by the signal light, Shishi became on alert and Threw a flurry of Rocks that pelted Luna’s side. Deciding it was best to retreat with her cover blown, Luna made her way back towards Observe, who was patiently waiting. The Medicham detected his ally’s arrival and began Psyching himself Up before applying an Acupressure on his chakra points, heightening his Special Attack even further.

With Anger’s defeat, the numbers on either side of the battle field had been evened. Tsuki the Lunatone and Luna the Swoobat had both taken a fair amount of damage while Lulu the Lycanroc and Vanish the Shedinja were both push near the brink. On either side of the goals, Shishi the Carbink’s ultimate defense was matched by Observe the Medicham’s overflowing attack power. With visibility still obscured by the sand and the shadow cast by Tsuki’s eclipse, it was up to Terri on how to go from here.
Just as the Sandstorm started to billow around Luna, she set up the Guardian Terrain. Terri smiled- one of the effects of Guardian Terrain was to nullify the effects of weather on the battlefield, which meant nobody, Vanish included, was to take damage from the Sandstorm. Whether it would stop the sand from impeding visibility was yet to be seen, but for right now, that much would suffice.

Anger dove in towards Lulu, claws gleaming with a silvery glow, and managed to land a super effective blow before being blown back by Sucker Punch. Lulu then followed this up with exactly the move Terri had been hoping to avoid subjecting Anger to- Rock Tomb. Anger was tenacious and stubborn as all hell, but could only be so tenacious in the face of a super effective move like that. She was knocked clean out by the move, a development that didn't surprise anyone.

Terri held out the Poké Ball. "Anger, undo," she said, withdrawing the Ninjask. "Thanks for your help," she said to the sphere with a small smile. "It won't go to waste."

As Terri put away the Poké Ball, she watched things continue to unfold. Vanish unleashed Spite upon the Lunatone, but the effects didn't seem to manifest in any noticeable way. If the move perturbed the Lunatone, it didn't let on any. Instead, it floated in front of the moon, shrouding the shrine in shadow. And then came the Heal Block. Terri didn't think too much of this until after Vanish landed another Shadow Sneak and didn't attempt to do anything else. Of course- Heal Block didn't just prevent moves like Recover and Synthesis. Draining moves were blocked as well! Vanish couldn't use its Leech Life attack!

Luna, meanwhile, successfully Snatched Shishi's Sharpen, boosting her own Attack (and finding it a Simple matter to boost it moreso than your average Sharpen user would be able to manage in a single use of the move), before trying to attack Tsuki... and failing, having aimed poorly due to the darkness. The Lunatone retaliated with a Rock Throw, though Luna was still able to head back towards Observe, affording the Medicham the chance to use Psych Up and copy the stat boosts, before following up with Acupressure, which bolstered his Special Attack even further.

Terri regarded the battlefield with a curious look. Guardian Terrain didn't seem to prevent the Sandstorm in and of itself, and merely stopped it from dealing its damage. It probably also prevented the Sandstorm from boosting the Special Defense of Madoka's various Rock-types, but that remained to be seen. Visibility was at an all-time low, between the Sandstorm and the Lunatone's shadow, but that much didn't bother Terri very much. Luna and Observe didn't necessarily need eyesight to monitor their surroundings, and Vanish was in a good position to deal with Tsuki anyway. Lulu might pose a problem, but was pretty severely weakened by this point. Nevertheless, it wouldn't do to have her complicating matters while trying to penetrate Shishi's defenses. Vaguely, Terri considered the notion that George might have been useful here with his Topsy-Turvy move, but didn't dwell on it long, for it wasn't an option at this point. She'd made her choices for this battle, and she had to work with them, and so she would.

"Vanish, stay on the Lunatone and finish it off," Terri instructed. "Endeavor and Shadow Sneak one more time- that should do it. Observe, use Mind Reader to keep your mind's eye on your opponents, and use Force Palm on any opponent that gets close enough for you to do so. Luna, go for the Carbink- Use Toxic, Stored Power, and then Stored Power once more! Don't worry about not being able to see it- your kind thrive in dark caves, I know you'll be able to find your target," she said encouragingly. She knew not whether Luna would employ her psychic abilities, echolocation, or a combination of the two to ensure her attacks hit their intended target, but she knew Luna had options beyond mere eyesight. Perhaps in the heat of battle she needed to be reminded of this, Terri supposed. And indeed, as Luna spread her wings, prepared to take flight once more, she agreed with what her Trainer was thinking. Silly of her, really, to let something like darkness mess with her, a bat Pokémon, like this. The Swoobat gave a mental chuckle as she pictured what Hedwig might have said had she known about this little slip-up.

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