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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Raves- With the mad scientist knocked unconscious, you now simply had to tame the Arbok and liberate the last Ralts. Despite it's trainer no longer being conscious, the Arbok showed no signs of backing down as it continued to sink its fangs into Spriggan. The Pumpkasaur groaned in pain, he had to get rid of this snake. Vines stretch out from the base of his bulb, wrapping around the Arbok's body as the Grass type attempts to pry it loose. The Arbok finally lets go as Bel sinks her iron jaws into the snake's tail, crunching down with all her might.

Finally free from the grips of the Arbok's jaws, Spriggan opens his bulb slightly, letting out a sleep inducing powder. While the technique doesn't cause the Arbok to fall asleep instantly, it does result in it becoming rather placid. The wane in aggression is evident as the Arbok attempt to fight back, lazily striking with icy fangs that Spriggan avoids without much effort. Bel sends the Arbok crashing into the wall with a toss of her head. The snake barely manages to rise before Spriggan and Bel deliver the final blow, crashing into it with a Take Down and Iron Head.

Spriggan and Bel gained 3 levels!

With the fight over, it's finally safe for you to rush to the Ralts' aid. Jake pulls out a phone as you spray the Ralts with the antidote and undo the straps that were pinning it to the table. The Psychic type experiences some immediate relief, but it is apparent that the ordeal has taken a lot out of it. The Ralts clutches to your arm, perhaps sensing a sympathetic heart.

"Clean up will be here soon", Jake interrupts the moment, hanging up his phone. "Looks like this operation is shutdown for good. Great work handling the scientist and his Arbok, I've got a med crew coming to take care of the Ralts."

It's not long before a team of officers and medics arrive in the underground lab. Evidence is collected and the scientist and his guards are properly restrained and escorted back to the station. All of the Ralts are collected and transported to the Pokemon Center for further treatment. A nurse struggles to pry the one Ralts from your arm, eventually succeeding much to the empaths displeasure.

With everything wrapping up, Jake informs you that you're required to return to the station with him to give a witness statement. It doesn't take too long, Jake simply gets you to write down what you saw and thanks you for all your help. The investigation would continue, while they had shut down the lab, they still had to arrest anyone involved with the supply and distribution of the drug. As a thanks for your assistance, he presents you with a reward, $1000 and some dusty old TM's he procured from the evidence locker, reading TM Teleport, TM Horn Drill and TM Fissure.
As Jake goes to wish you farewell, there's a bright flash as a Ralts teleports into the room. Although it is hard to tell, it seems to be the same Ralts that you used the antidote on.

"Looks like that little fella is attached to you", laughs Jake, "I think you might have to take him with you!"

Your adventure is now over! I hope you enjoyed it, sorry for it being a bit scrappy. You may capture the Ralts if you so choose, it is a lvl 14 Male and knows the moves Toxic and Venoshock due to its traumatic experience.
The clearly incensed Arbok continued to proverbially stand defiant as it continued to put pressure on Spriggan as the grass pokemon moaned from the fiery nature, and on hearing her trainer she whipped out a pair of vines, which then began to constrict around the serpent's body in an attempt to make it relinquish the grip. Fortunately for the Pumpkasaur, Bel's own metallic jaws slammed shut on the tail end, securely gripping and crushing down and forcing the snake to let go. Shaking the few embers off, the toad's gourd opened a little, releasing a powder of narcotics into the face.

Whether due to rage or otherwise, the Arbok didn't succumb to sleep but was nevertheless sedated enough to allow Spriggan to nimbly dive out of the way of an incoming ice fang, leaving them completely open. "Seize the opportunity now, Bel," Hephae commanded as the Mawile hopped over the tail and used momentum to lash around and send the poison type crashing into the wall, stunning it. Eyes met, and as the Arbok slowly rose, it was met with a hefty tackle to the body, buckling for the fairy to slam his head full force into the softer cobra's. It fell to the ground and made no effort to get back up.

Wasting no time the woman strode swiftly to the stricken Ralts and administered the antidote before withdrawing a small utility blade and cutting the straps loose while Jake pulled a phone out, doubtless to radio in support. She looked down at the unfortunate empath as it clung to her in exhaustion, and despite her rather cold exterior she knew what the youth needed was proper care. Bringing her other arm around to to cradle the pokemon, she turned to her own pair. "Good coordination, you two."

Spriggan gave a cheery nod while Bel simply stood by and folded his arms, staring at the spilled liquid and scientist with disgust as Jake approached and relayed the news that help was on the way to clean up.

A while passed, during which the group made their way to the station for witness statements. She wasn't a fan of the authorities, they always seemed to probe into business they had no right probing into. Despite this fact, her efforts weren't unrewarded. Both Bel and Spriggan had learned from this ordeal, and Jake had given her a notable cash sum and some hard to find discs with some interesting moves. While she hadn't learned much about the key, she had her suspicions, but this was pushed to the side for the private eye.

As the pair gave their farewells, Spriggan having returned to her ball to recuperate and Bel standing by as always, a flash caught their attention. It was clearly the Ralts from before, and as Jake had a hearty laugh regarding the arrival, Hephae was of sound mind as she produced a psychic ball from a pocket and approached the small pokemon.

"Well then, I think that we can afford to have another hand around here," she said, with a rare smile as the small pokemon was booped gently on the head with the orb, which merely trembled before locking shut to confirm the capture. With a nod, she and Bel felt it safe to leave the city, and to test to see if her thoughts on the key were as she thought.

Picking up $1000, the TMs Teleport, Horn Drill and Fissure, as well as the aforementioned Male Ralts. Much thanks for the journey TKF.
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