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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Raves: Amused, you encourage Totsuka to engage in the battle with the Pignite. The Shadow Zangoose sighed and placed her biscuits back in the container in your picnic basket, shooting a look at Cal to make sure he didn’t lay a claw on them.

“Booboo,” the girl called out the affectionate nickname of her Pignite, “Prep yourself with Work Up!” But her order went unheard. The Pignite was already enraged at Totsuka sticking her tongue out and Taunting her opponent. Booboo stomped angrily and steam erupted from her nostrils. “What!? Fine, Rollout!” The trainer commanded and Booboo rolled into a ball and headed straight for Totsuka. Not wanting dirt to get all over her biscuits, Totsuka stepped forward off the blanket and into the path of the rolling Pignite. She let out a Pulse of Water from her mouth which encircled the Pignite right before the Rollout hit her. Booboo spun out and tumbled away in the mud that Totsuka had created.

“Booboo! Get up! Try again!” The girl yelled. One of her friends had brought her a towel to wrap around the wound on her arm. She stared daggers at you, furious that you weren’t even involved in this battle as a trainer. The Pignite slowly picked herself up and shook off the remaining water. She curled back up into a ball, but took off in the opposite direction, smashing into a tree and hurting herself in confusion. Thinking the tree was her opponent, she lit it up with several Embers. Her trainer shrieked and attempted to snap her Pokemon out of it. A couple of her friends rushed over and attempted to put out the fire while another frantically searched through his bag to retrieve a Water-type.

Cal and Totsuka laughed, delighted at the ensuing shenanigans. Totsuka reached back into the basket to retrieve her biscuits only to come up empty-pawed. She hissed at Cal, who was again confused as to what had happened. He had been watching the battle. Before Totsuka could unleash her rage at the Garchomp, Gol motioned to a rustling cluster of bushes nearby.
Shadow pokemon.

As pokemon with their hearts closed, they were merciless battling machines, void of emotion. At least, that was what common thought had. In reality, a closed heart was not closed emotionally. No, shadow pokemon were merely pokemon with extreme physical and psychological tweaks, alike to people with uninformed disabilities...only more pronounced. For a Zangoose, one would expect the shadowfication process to supress all but their predatory instincts, turning them from dangerous hunters into ruthless monsters without empathy. And yet, as Alex crossed his arms, he knew that Totsuka was different from even that.

By the looks of the furious Pignite, the Zangoose's taunt had worked wonders, and as it ignored its trainers orders to get worked up, it curled up, prepared to steamroll clean over the ferret. Taking a hint from Cal, the Garchomp's cheery bark carrying the air of extended suffering should the food be harmed in any way, she closed some distance before hurling a pulsating globule of water into the Pignite's face, upsetting the hog but leaving her exposed to a light strike from the porcine pinball. As a side effect of the aqueous technique, the Pignite spun out on mud formed, and as it was left in delirium, its injured trainer could only glare towards Alex, who shrugged, made a motion towards the shadow pokemon, pointing to his gauntlet and hoping that she'd get the message why he isn't interfering.

Standing idly and watching her alleged opponent, Totsuka grinned as she watched the Pignite rolled up once more, and barreled into a tree, which it then set alight in confusion. Cackling at the sight, she watched as the girl's friends harried to the cause of stopping the scene from getting worse, while Alex merely gave a sagely nod, before returning to his sandwich as Totsuka returned to grab her biscuits...only to discover nothing. An irritated hiss from the shadow pokemon to the Garchomp led to Cal waving his claws in innocent protest, yet as the shenanigans happened the Golurk was vigilant. They had kept an eye on the basket and battle, and the cluster of bushes there was certainly suspicious. Giving a light clap to grab the Zangoose's attention (which was still a rather loud clap given the size) Golestandt pointed a finger towards the bushes rustling.

Totsuka was annoyed at this point. Here she was expecting a peaceful picnic, and some scrub was pilfering her biscuits? Claws outstretched, she quickly began to rush the bushes, ready to attack and flush out the perpetrator, prepared to knock off the bandit's loot and punish it for screwing with her via pursuit. Cal meanwhile looked at the Pignite and the budding fire, and felt a little guilty that a counter prank had exploded into such a farce. Without thinking, he inhaled and prepared to launch a mud shot towards the tree, the Pignite, and the teens trying to stomp out the fire. If that didn't help, then he'd form a big old twister to blow out the fire like a big birthday candle.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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