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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Jayson had a decision to make; either trek up the rugged mountain path, or head onward into the dense cluster of trees. After feeding Ajax and Rockruff each with a Sitrus Berry to replenish their health, he sent out his Nidoking to join them for protection. Rockruff quickly chowed down on its berry and barked, thankful for the snack. For the time being, it seemed like it deemed Jayson and his Pokemon trustworthy enough to watch its back and decided against charging off on its own like it did before.

As they began making their way down the path and into the trees, the mountain air got eerily quiet. This can’t be a good sign, Jayson thought to himself as things seemed a bit too quiet. After a few moments of walking, Jayson and his Pokemon stopped. There was a rustle in the bushes in front of them as something large and fast darted by. A low growl slowly followed as all of Ajax and Rockruff’s fur stood on end. A large tan canine emerged from the bushes with its fangs bared. It was another Lycanroc, but this one was a midday form.

Little did they realize it, but by the time they did, it was already too late. Alexander the Nidoking’s big ears perked up and he spun around. Another Lycanroc emerged from the woods on either side as well as one from behind them. They were completely surrounded. They were outnumbered three Pokemon to four, but the wolves were wary of Jayson’s movements as well; if he were to reach for another Pokeball, they would likely pounce and try to bite his arm. Ajax and Alexander would have to do for now. As they braced themselves for battle, Rockruff pawed at Jayson’s leg. It looks like he wanted to join them in battle, and would go as far as joining Jayson’s team. What will you do?
Ajax and the Rockruff were looking better now that they had consumed their berries. Knowing Jayson's luck it wouldn't be long before they found themselves threatened once more. However Jayson was confident they could handle just about anything at this point, Ajax had grown considerably stronger, Alexander was more than capable of holding his own and the Rockruff seemed to be following commands.

As they walked through the grove of trees, it wasn't long before they were presented with another threat. It started with one Midday Lycanroc, a threat but one that could be handled easily enough. It wasn't long until they were surrounded though, three more Middays emerged to surround them on all sides, they had walked into an ambush. The Lycanroc looked determine to maintain their numbers advantage, sure to strike if Jayson went to even the odds. Rockruff however, seemed determined to help, a glimmer in its eye was all Jayson needed to reach for the empty Dusk Ball in his pocket.

"We need to fight as a team now Rockruff", Jayson said calmly, not wanting to trigger the Lycanrocs. "That means it is time for you to join the team, how does the name Fenrir sound to you?" He prepared to toss the ball at the Rockruff while Ajax and Alexander provided cover fire. "Ajax and Alexander, defensive positions! Ajax use Seed Bombs to keep the Lycanroc at bay, Alexander do the same with Poison Stings. If they get to close for comfort, smack them away with Needle Arms and Double Kicks!"

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