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(Shedinja is tricky to update so I’m taking a couple of liberties with its HP stat and ability, I hope you don’t mind.)
Things had gotten off to a fast start in the first round of Terri’s trial against Madoka. Some heavy hits were exchanged on either side, notably to the most aggressive Pokemon on each respective team; Godzilla the Larvitar and Anger the Ninjask taking the brunt of the damage. Not to be deterred, the two sides each resolved to press onward and adjusted their strategies for the next round of action.

“Godzilla, keep attacking!” Madoka called out, knowing her Larvitar’s personality well. He was a bit headstrong and would be inclined to keep up the assault. The small green, rocky reptile smiled through a winced expression, shaking off the Giga Drain before. “Laaarr!” he cried out and continued marching forward. His eyes were set on Observe, the Medicham who stoically stood before him, harnessing his chakra as he prepared to strike when the moment was right. A high pitched screech followed Godzilla from behind however, as the grounded Luna fired off a Supersonic wave to disorient her foe. Godzilla pressed onward, but as he looked across at Observe, the Medicham split into three. His head was clouded and his vision blurred, unsure which target was the right one.

Meanwhile, Tsuki the Lunatone’s previous attack had virtually no effect on the mystical defenses of Vanish the Shedinja, so it calmly closed its glowing red eyes and began to harness its Cosmic Power from the light of the moon above. Vanish took the opportunity to charge in and slammed into the floating rock with its best Endeavor. Unfortunately for it, the Shedinja hadn’t quite been pushed to the brink just yet, so Vanish’s desperation levels were somewhat low. Not to be deterred, the floating exoskeleton disappeared into the false moon’s Shadow and re-emerged behind Tsuki for a Sneak attack that was a bit more effective. Tsuki was ready for this however, and surged with an Ancient Power to strike the Shedinja right back. It was a direct hit, as Vanish was knocked back down lower to the ground, its Wonder Guard taking the hit and dissipating. Vanish was still able to battle, but it suddenly began to feel a bit more vulnerable.

Over on Madoka’s side of the battlefield, Anger the Ninjask had found herself in a situation that lived up to her name. Lulu the Lycanroc had hit her with a painful rock attack and then added insult to injury quite literally by Taunting her into combat. Anger fed on those emotions and darted at the bipedal wolf, Endeavoring to return that hit tenfold. Unlike Vanish’s strike, there was quite a bit more desperation behind Anger’s strike as she slammed into Lulu’s chest. Anger then latched on to the Lycanroc and began to Absorb some of Lulu’s energy. Lulu growled in anger and Crushed her Claws into the Ninjask’s back. The cicada screeched and scratched the wolf right back with a Metal Claw to cause the pair to break their deadly embrace. Seething in anger, Lulu struck Anger with all her might in hopes of causing a Reversal of fates. Despite the bug and flying type resisting much of the attack, Anger was still knocked back for considerable damage as both Pokemon began to breathe quite heavily.

Godzilla the Larvitar still wasn’t sure which Medicham he was seeing was the right one, so he chose the Observe on the right and fired of a Dark Pulse in its direction. Unfortunately, he guessed wrong, and the attack sailed harmlessly past the real Observe. By now, Luna had built up enough Power that was Stored inside her body and fired it off at the unsuspecting Larvitar. It struck Godzilla from behind, who yelped in pain as he fell over. With his final breath before falling unconscious, the small lizard’s eyes glowed before they shut. A breeze began to pick up in the surrounding area, kicking up a lot of dirt and dust from the mountainous terrain. Soon enough a Sandstorm had fully brewed, obscuring visibility on Terri’s side of the battlefield and gradually began to spread north towards Madoka’s side. It would be a good idea for Vanish to get out of there fast or else who knows how quickly the debris would batter its paper-thin defenses.

“Great job Godzilla,” Madoka said as she recalled her Larvitar to his Pokeball. Shishi the Carbink waited patiently by her flag and released an array of Stealth Rocks to surround her and the flag. Terri now had the numbers advantage, but with a grounded Luna and both Anger and Vanish in a precarious situation, who knew how much longer that could last. Madoka turned to her remaining Pokemon and issued her strategy for the next round. “Alright Lulu, Sucker Punch whoever looks to strike you next and if they back off then hit them with a Rock Tomb! Shishi, bolster your defenses with a Reflect and then your offenses with a Sharpen! Tsuki, let’s see if they can fight in the dark by creating a lunar eclipse and do your best to Block them from Healing!” With Madoka’s orders now set for the next round, it was up to Terri to decide what to do next.

Jayson had a decision to make; either trek up the rugged mountain path, or head onward into the dense cluster of trees. After feeding Ajax and Rockruff each with a Sitrus Berry to replenish their health, he sent out his Nidoking to join them for protection. Rockruff quickly chowed down on its berry and barked, thankful for the snack. For the time being, it seemed like it deemed Jayson and his Pokemon trustworthy enough to watch its back and decided against charging off on its own like it did before.

As they began making their way down the path and into the trees, the mountain air got eerily quiet. This can’t be a good sign, Jayson thought to himself as things seemed a bit too quiet. After a few moments of walking, Jayson and his Pokemon stopped. There was a rustle in the bushes in front of them as something large and fast darted by. A low growl slowly followed as all of Ajax and Rockruff’s fur stood on end. A large tan canine emerged from the bushes with its fangs bared. It was another Lycanroc, but this one was a midday form.

Little did they realize it, but by the time they did, it was already too late. Alexander the Nidoking’s big ears perked up and he spun around. Another Lycanroc emerged from the woods on either side as well as one from behind them. They were completely surrounded. They were outnumbered three Pokemon to four, but the wolves were wary of Jayson’s movements as well; if he were to reach for another Pokeball, they would likely pounce and try to bite his arm. Ajax and Alexander would have to do for now. As they braced themselves for battle, Rockruff pawed at Jayson’s leg. It looks like he wanted to join them in battle, and would go as far as joining Jayson’s team. What will you do?

Peony’s eyes brightened as Isaac asked for her to give him a tour around the garden. “Of course! Anything for Isaac Casanova!” she said, with a grin. “Wherever you want to go, I’ll show you the way!” The star struck teenage girl was acting perhaps a tad overfamiliar, but it was probably for the best to let it slide for now. Leaving her gardening tools behind, Peony set off down the flowery path, going slow enough for Isaac and Pokemon to keep up.

Despite her previous demeanor, Peony was actually pretty professional of a tour guide as she went into recounting the Rose Garden’s history. There wasn’t too much of note, so Isaac politely listened while gazing at the flowers as they walked. Peony spoke of the Nightingale estate, a wealthy family of world renowned architects and Evangeline Nightingale, whose pure love of flowers and the Cloud Garden mixed with her genius as a landscaper gave birth to the garden before them today. Eventually she got sick and was unable to travel to her beloved garden anymore, but her daughter Primrose, heiress of the Nightingale estate remains to take care of the garden in her mother’s memory. Nowadays, the garden is presided over by four of Evangeline’s most trusted Pokemon; the so called four queens of the garden.

After a short while of walking, they came upon a large white gazebo that was located in the center of the garden. It had an intricate design, standing elegantly while ivy snaked up the supporting trellises that held up the roof. They headed up a few wooden steps that led up to the gazebo’s interior. Normally one would find Primrose resting here on a chase lounge with a story book in her hands, but she didn’t seem to be here today. Instead, there seemed to be a small commotion as four floral Pokemon bickered in the middle while a woman in her twenties stood back a few feet.

“Oh, Peony, thank god,” the woman called out, hurrying over to her and Isaac. Peony looked a bit confused as she looked across at the Pokemon. “What’s going on, Petunia?” The young woman named Petunia bit her lip and crossed her arms. “Well, it would seem that this pesky little Pansage took something from each of the four queens as a prank and has hidden them somewhere. For now, the little thief is on the loose, and the queens have pressured these guys to retrieve the stolen items. They’re all feeling a little heated right now, to say the least.”

As Isaac looked over at the squabbling Pokemon, he spotted a Sunflora, a Cherrim, a Jumpluff, and a Whimsicott. Judging from the context of what was going on, each seemed to be a representative of a different queen. “We don’t have a lot of clues to go on right now, but Jumpluff seems to think that Pansage fled into Queen Bellossom’s territory and wants to search it. However, Sunflora thinks they’re accusing Queen Bellossom of being behind it all and won’t grant them entry.”

Peony put a finger to her lips as if she was processing what was going on. “Hmm, as the representative gardener of Bellossom’s territory I could probably go give it a look, but…” she looked over at Isaac, “I’m currently giving a tour to this guest right now.” She then quickly mouthed to Petunia with stars in her eyes ‘It’s Isaac Casanova!’ Petunia simply shrugged, not a much of a music buff as her coworker was. It was up to Isaac now if he wanted to get involved in the Rose Garden’s affairs or simply continue his tour. If he was interested however, he had the option of looking for clues either here in the gazebo or back in Bellossom’s territory. What will he do?
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