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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
EpicSquirtle: You cheered on your Weepinbell for a job well done, and she puffs up a bit. By the look in her eyes, your praise had filled her with determination. You tried to hide your satisfaction for the monkey's suffering, feeling a bit guilty about it, and instead focused on making sure past mistake's weren't repeated. This battle wasn't quite over – but it could be soon.

Your orders delivered, Benny huffs and then puffs a super effective Powder Snow strike; the cold gust of snowy wind once again irritating the Pansage. It knows what to do, though, and having been set on fire moments before he might have even found the change of temperature kind of refreshing? Maybe? He sprung upwards, trying to evade the remaining blast, and looked dead set on landing a scratch. Only, Amelia had come to the rescue yet again. Her vines wrapped around the Pokemon's ankles and that savage readiness fell into a look of alarm. Pansage knew it was done for, Amelia yanking the creature back – only to blast it with another brutal Weather Ball. Pansage screeched, the noise unpleasant, and then flopped onto the ground unconscious. Amelia earned four levels and Benny earned three for their combined efforts!

“At least that's over with... If you want to catch it, it would be best to do it now.” Benny sighed in relief, blowing a light huff of freezing air at the Pansage to extinguish a few remaining embers from its back. You have a chance to add another member to your team, if you so desire. What do you do?

((Bonus, bc I'm absent-minded. Weepinbell and Benny both get an extra two levels that they should have gained in earlier posts for their good moves there, and Leif earns two as well for his earlier string shot successes! So eyy.))
Considering how many times Benny had used Powder Snow, it didn't come as too much of a surprise to Anna to see Pansage leap over most of the chilled wind.
It didn't matter if the grass monkey Pokemon avoided the attack anyway. If Benny wasn't able to stop it...then Amelia would do so instead. This was quickly confirmed to the brown-haired trainer as she watched her Weepinbell grab hold of Pansage!

The look of alarm on the Grass-type gave as it was pulled towards was enough to make Anna smirk. It seemed Pansage realized just how much trouble it was in!

Once Pansage had been reeled in, Amelia made sure to strike the grass monkey Pokemon with another Weather Ball, the finishing blow. With one last screech, the thief fell to the ground, defeated.
To this, Anna let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that another tough fight was behind them.

Benny seemed to agree too, letting out his own sigh. Not that anyone could blame him. It had been a difficult battle for the Snover. For everyone.
But the Snover hadn't spoken up just to agree with his trainer. No, Benny also decided to inform Anna about capturing the Pansage. If she wanted to do so, now would be the best time, according to the Snover.

"You read my mind Benny." Anna nodded as she slipped her half-open backpack off her back.

"I figured you were at least thinking about it." Benny replied. "Though I can't say I like the idea too much.

"Well...I certainly can't just leave them here. I don't want anyone else who comes here to have to suffer for their actions." The woman explained as she pulled a Pokéball from her bag. (4/5, last was used here)

"Bell bell! Weepinbell!" Amelia exclaimed as she started to bounce up and down.

"Amelia wants you to know that she's behind you one hundred percent." Benny translated. "You...have my support as well. I can't in good conscience, allow this pest to roam free either. Now that you mention it."

"Glad to hear it." Anna smiled, before turning her attention to the Pansage in front of her. She was just about to toss the sphere in her hand out towards the grass monkey Pokemon....when she stopped suddenly.
Though she had been certain of capturing the grass type just moments earlier, now Anna was starting to have some doubts. Or just one really.

When she had been fighting the Pansage....that feeling she had. The satisfaction of watching the grass type get hurt. Up until now...she had never felt like that before. Anna had always hated to see any kind of Pokemon get why was now different? The scared her. Could she really be a good trainer to the grass type with all this in mind?

"You ok Anna?" Benny questioned, interrupting his trainer's trail of thought.

"I'm fine. Thinking is all." Anna replied, giving the Snover a light smile, before turning back to Pansage.

Whatever that feeling was, she would figure it out later. For now, there was no time to waste.

"Your reign of terror ends here and now thief. Go, Pokéball!" Anna exclaimed, chucking the red and white sphere in front of herself as she did so.

*Amelia grew from level 26 to 32!*
*Benny grew from level 5 to 10!*
*Leif grew from level 1 to 3!*
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