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EpicSquirtle: You cheered on your Weepinbell for a job well done, and she puffs up a bit. By the look in her eyes, your praise had filled her with determination. You tried to hide your satisfaction for the monkey's suffering, feeling a bit guilty about it, and instead focused on making sure past mistake's weren't repeated. This battle wasn't quite over – but it could be soon.

Your orders delivered, Benny huffs and then puffs a super effective Powder Snow strike; the cold gust of snowy wind once again irritating the Pansage. It knows what to do, though, and having been set on fire moments before he might have even found the change of temperature kind of refreshing? Maybe? He sprung upwards, trying to evade the remaining blast, and looked dead set on landing a scratch. Only, Amelia had come to the rescue yet again. Her vines wrapped around the Pokemon's ankles and that savage readiness fell into a look of alarm. Pansage knew it was done for, Amelia yanking the creature back – only to blast it with another brutal Weather Ball. Pansage screeched, the noise unpleasant, and then flopped onto the ground unconscious. Amelia earned four levels and Benny earned three for their combined efforts!

“At least that's over with... If you want to catch it, it would be best to do it now.” Benny sighed in relief, blowing a light huff of freezing air at the Pansage to extinguish a few remaining embers from its back. You have a chance to add another member to your team, if you so desire. What do you do?

((Bonus, bc I'm absent-minded. Weepinbell and Benny both get an extra two levels that they should have gained in earlier posts for their good moves there, and Leif earns two as well for his earlier string shot successes! So eyy.))
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