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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
King Ghidorah: You try to reason with the young trainer and his approaching bird Pokemon, but he isn’t listening. Instead, the kid is intently focused on his Doduo, somehow trying to channel his own energy through clenched fists and closing his eyes tightly. The Doduo’s long legs allowed him to close the distance between him and your Pokemon rather quickly. Both of Clarence’s heads pointed forward, sharp beaks ready to snatch the binoculars and probably snap at you while they were at it. Your Throh is hesitant, knowing that the Flying-type attack would definitely hurt. Luckily, Kingler was a bit quicker on his feet and stepped forward to protect his trainer and Pokemon companion. The expression on Clarence’s faces quickly changed as they witnessed Kingler taking a brave stance. It was too late for him to redirect himself, and he collided directly with Kingler’s Protective claw. The Doduo’s trainer opened his eyes just in time to see his Pokemon’s move fail and he cried out in frustration.

As the Doduo recoiled, Kingler prepared himself for his next move. He moved his oversized claw out of the way and blew an Icy Wind at Clarence. As the wind passed over the Twin Bird Pokemon, it created small crystals within his downy feathers. Clarence began to shiver violently, his two heads retreating closer towards his body as he tried to recover warmth. Kingler snapped one of his claws intimidatingly, and the Doduo began to retreat backwards slowly in fear.

“Clarence!!!” His trainer yelled. The boy ran to his Pokemon who immediately sought comfort by nuzzling the trainer with both heads. The trainer angrily pushed his Doduo off, then brushed off the ice on his feathers. “Get off me! Don’t be a baby! Here, follow me! RRAAAAGHHH!” The young trainer let out a battle cry and ran at Kingler, swinging his fists wildly. He hit Kingler’s hard shell several times before Clarence worriedly joined him, Pecking alongside his trainers punches. The two of them cried out in unison, and soon both trainer and Pokemon were in a Rage that didn’t look like it was going to be stopping anytime soon.

Initially, Hugo felt bad for Clarence. While he felt that Pokemon should always be ready for battle, he could tell that the Doduo was in this against its will. Its heart wasn’t in this for the fight, but rather to keep its trainer satisfied. The way it turned to its trainer for comfort and was cruelly rebuffed touched something in Hugo’s heart.

That was until he saw the kid attacking Kingler along with his Pokemon. If the kid wanted to be abusive toward his own Pokemon, that was one thing. There was only so much Hugo could do. But for him to lay his hands on Kingler? That was crossing the line.

“WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM, YOU PSYCHOPATH?!” Hugo screamed at the kid. Throh stood by in shock, witnessing something deemed unthinkable and still clutching the binoculars.

Meanwhile, Kingler did his best to fend off the barrage, trying to shield himself behind his massive claw. His shell has hard, but even he could only take so much attack from a Pokemon AND person simultaneously. Hugo could feel the blood and fury surging through his body. His pupils dilated and a look of pure wrath, and he screamed out to Kingler.


Hugo’s ominous tone caused Throh to slowly retreat in fear. He had never seen his trainer react this way before.

“WASH THEM BACK WITH SURF! AND THEN KNOCK THAT BIRD INTO NEXT WEEK WITH ANCIENTPOWER!” Hugo yelled. Hugo threw his backpack and shrieked with primal rage, and launched his own body at the trainer to pull him away from Kingler.
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