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King Ghidorah: You try to reason with the young trainer and his approaching bird Pokemon, but he isn’t listening. Instead, the kid is intently focused on his Doduo, somehow trying to channel his own energy through clenched fists and closing his eyes tightly. The Doduo’s long legs allowed him to close the distance between him and your Pokemon rather quickly. Both of Clarence’s heads pointed forward, sharp beaks ready to snatch the binoculars and probably snap at you while they were at it. Your Throh is hesitant, knowing that the Flying-type attack would definitely hurt. Luckily, Kingler was a bit quicker on his feet and stepped forward to protect his trainer and Pokemon companion. The expression on Clarence’s faces quickly changed as they witnessed Kingler taking a brave stance. It was too late for him to redirect himself, and he collided directly with Kingler’s Protective claw. The Doduo’s trainer opened his eyes just in time to see his Pokemon’s move fail and he cried out in frustration.

As the Doduo recoiled, Kingler prepared himself for his next move. He moved his oversized claw out of the way and blew an Icy Wind at Clarence. As the wind passed over the Twin Bird Pokemon, it created small crystals within his downy feathers. Clarence began to shiver violently, his two heads retreating closer towards his body as he tried to recover warmth. Kingler snapped one of his claws intimidatingly, and the Doduo began to retreat backwards slowly in fear.

“Clarence!!!” His trainer yelled. The boy ran to his Pokemon who immediately sought comfort by nuzzling the trainer with both heads. The trainer angrily pushed his Doduo off, then brushed off the ice on his feathers. “Get off me! Don’t be a baby! Here, follow me! RRAAAAGHHH!” The young trainer let out a battle cry and ran at Kingler, swinging his fists wildly. He hit Kingler’s hard shell several times before Clarence worriedly joined him, Pecking alongside his trainers punches. The two of them cried out in unison, and soon both trainer and Pokemon were in a Rage that didn’t look like it was going to be stopping anytime soon.


Raves: Amused, you encourage Totsuka to engage in the battle with the Pignite. The Shadow Zangoose sighed and placed her biscuits back in the container in your picnic basket, shooting a look at Cal to make sure he didn’t lay a claw on them.

“Booboo,” the girl called out the affectionate nickname of her Pignite, “Prep yourself with Work Up!” But her order went unheard. The Pignite was already enraged at Totsuka sticking her tongue out and Taunting her opponent. Booboo stomped angrily and steam erupted from her nostrils. “What!? Fine, Rollout!” The trainer commanded and Booboo rolled into a ball and headed straight for Totsuka. Not wanting dirt to get all over her biscuits, Totsuka stepped forward off the blanket and into the path of the rolling Pignite. She let out a Pulse of Water from her mouth which encircled the Pignite right before the Rollout hit her. Booboo spun out and tumbled away in the mud that Totsuka had created.

“Booboo! Get up! Try again!” The girl yelled. One of her friends had brought her a towel to wrap around the wound on her arm. She stared daggers at you, furious that you weren’t even involved in this battle as a trainer. The Pignite slowly picked herself up and shook off the remaining water. She curled back up into a ball, but took off in the opposite direction, smashing into a tree and hurting herself in confusion. Thinking the tree was her opponent, she lit it up with several Embers. Her trainer shrieked and attempted to snap her Pokemon out of it. A couple of her friends rushed over and attempted to put out the fire while another frantically searched through his bag to retrieve a Water-type.

Cal and Totsuka laughed, delighted at the ensuing shenanigans. Totsuka reached back into the basket to retrieve her biscuits only to come up empty-pawed. She hissed at Cal, who was again confused as to what had happened. He had been watching the battle. Before Totsuka could unleash her rage at the Garchomp, Gol motioned to a rustling cluster of bushes nearby.


Skunkaru: Before Tira could rush on to your next destination, you hold him back and let the gardener know that you’d all be happy to help clean up. The older man laughs in delight and directs you to the location of dust pans in the greenhouse. You and Taro clean up the soil and broken pots rather quickly, and the gardener thanks the two of you with a pat on the head for Taro and a handshake for yourself. You notice that he has placed something in your hand.

“It’s not much, but I hope it helps you out in your trial!” The gardener has handed you a Full Heal. He wishes you well as the three of you exit the greenhouse.

You follow a path lined with calla lilies and daisies that eventually leads to an equally white gazebo. Around the perimeter are white rose bushes, which Tira immediately hops towards and begins searching through. Taro finds close behind, looking at the underside of most of the bushes. Suddenly, the Stunky bumps into something, causing them to look up in surprise.

“Muu…” the pink and purple Pokemon hums in response to Taro. A pink mist swirls around them, making Taro feeling relaxed and sleepy. From the other side of the gazebo, a girl holding a parasol approaches. Dressed in all white, she has a dreamy look on her face, but focuses her attention on you.

“Oh, good afternoon,” She greets you with a small curtsey. In her free hand she is holding a rather large white rose that she has just clipped, which your Lopunny immediately notices and starts scheming ways to get it out of her hands.

You received a Full Heal!


Misssingno. Master: As directed, Observe took his place at the flag, ready to protect or attack at a moment’s notice. He eyed the Lunatone floating up above, watching to see if it might approach the only source of light on the battlefield. The rest of your Pokemon took their positions, and you let Madoka know you were prepared.

A Howl pierced the air, and Madoka’s Larvitar joined her Lycanroc in the battle cry. The Larvitar, as predicted, barreled forward, its eyes only on your team’s flag. Luna swooped in, Giga Draining the energy from the small Rock and Ground-type. Larvitar writhed in pain, the preparation of Luna’s Calm Mind enhanced the already super effective move. The stubborn Larvitar wouldn’t let itself be defeated so easily. It lifted a rock from the ground and threw it at the Swoobat. It Smacked Down on Luna, pinning one of her wings. The Larvitar giggled and kicked some sand in Luna’s face before continuing on toward the flag.

Your Shedinja, becoming used to its separation from Anger flew out onto the battlefield. It flew to the level that Lunatone was floating at, watching to see what it might do. The surface of Lunatone sparkled as it raised its stats with Rock Polish. The sparkles continued as Lunatone collected the power of the Moon and Blasted it toward Vanish. With Shedinja’s new ability, it was unphased as the move simply bounced off its shell. Lunatone floated closer to Vanish curiously, then turned to look back at Madoka who was concentrating intensely.

While the rest of your Pokemon performed their duties, Anger rushed across the Shrine grounds, her eye on the flag. She moved so quickly that, in the dark, it seemed like you were seeing Double or even triple of her, your eyes couldn’t keep up. Carbink spotted the Ninjask headed toward it like a dart, and lit up with a Dazzling Gleam. Though the light only brushed Anger, it served as more of a warning. Anger heard a low growl and was suddenly struck from the side by the Midnight Lycanroc’s Rock Throw. The Bug type was thrown off course, and while she tried to right herself, she spotted Madoka’s Lycanroc Taunting her with a wave of her paw.

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