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Bedlam Quarry (Neutral): Hotly contested by both the Marshals and the Ribs, the Goldenridge Quarry is the source of the gold and minerals that gave life to the town, and as such is highly valued as a source of funding for all groups. Found in the north-east, the open-cast mine goes deep into the mountainside, and there are still riches to be found as long as one is careful given the turmoil within. The miners have since fled, with only the foolhardiest and toughest remaining to maintain the machinery and extract minerals. The mountainous terrain is a haven to pokemon who enjoy the rocky locale, and there have been sightings of greedy pokemon too. Reply in Beige.
Ribs vs Shells. Right vs Left. East vs West. Hugo hated to label himself, but if he had to, he considered himself to be a Centrist. He always felt that, in most cases, there was merit to be found on both sides of any argument. And at the very least that both sides should be able to have reasonable discourse and respect for each other’s views so long as nobody’s views hurt another party. As such, when he decided to venture in Bedlam Ridge, he wanted to be sure to avoid the “turf” areas held by the Shells and Ribs; he didn’t want to give the appearance that he was in support of one or the other. Rather, he wanted to explore the neutral territories. And nothing seemed more appealing to him than the Quarry.

They said there were riches to be found in the Quarry and Hugo felt that he had just as much right to it as anyone else.

Hugo tightened the laces on his hiking boots and looked down into the quarry. Covered with jagged peaks and unstable footholds, he knew he was in for a challenge; both physical and mental. But he was confident that his team would be able to conquer the terrain...wasn’t he? He had several Rock and Ground types at his disposal if needed that would be right at home, there was nothing to worry about. At least that’s what he convinced himself to believe. Taking a deep breath, Hugo took his first step down into the quarry, both eager and anxious to see where this adventure would lead.
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