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You hurry to your Pokemon, worried they might have hurt themselves in the chaos of falling plants and pottery. Taro finished shaking themselves off while you sought out your Lopunny. Before you could scold him, the rolling of the cart that signaled the approach of another person made the three of you freeze. Once you realized it was just a gardener, you felt comfortable enough to start thinking of a plan.

Worried and considerate Taro had already made their way over to the gardener, who hadn’t noticed the Stunky or even the mess all over the greenhouse floor. They bumped up against the older man’s leg, making him jump and turn in surprise.
“Hello little one!” He laughed and knelt to pet the Stunky, brushing off a few clumps of dirt that still clung to their fur. “How did you get in here? We don’t see Stunky like you very often around here…” He looked up to see you, and then the mess of broken pots and dirt all over the floor.
“Oh dear,” he muttered, a more serious look on his face. You quickly began to explain. Your overexcited Lopunny, the Rose Trial, your Pokemon’s curiosity getting the best of them. As you finish your explanation you worry how the old gardener might respond. After a moment, he slaps his knee and gives out a wholehearted laugh, finishing with a bit of a cough that had found him in his old age. He makes his way over to the broken pots and picks up some of the pieces.
“Ohh no worries child, we have too many of these old things in this greenhouse anyway.” He explains. You notice that there are stacks of dusty pots lining the walls of the greenhouse. “I’m just glad no one got hurt! Now you mentioned you’re here for the trial?” He wipes some sweat off his brow and points out the back door of the garden. “If you just follow that path there to the middle of the garden, you should find a gazebo. Miss Primrose should be around. Good luck to you!” He gives you a reassuring pat on the shoulder, and ruffles the fur on Taro’s head.
Irwin started explaining what had happened. Tira peaked out from behind Irwin and occasionally pipped in with added details or small fibs to alleviate blame. After the clunky explanation there was a long pause. The gardener leaned in on his knees and looked down. Irwin couldn’t see the gardener’s face and thought for a moment that he must be furious. But the gardener’s breathing turned instead into laughter! Taro was relieved and wiggled playfully in response. The old man finished up his hearty laugh with a cough and clarified that the green house had ceramic planters in abundance. No harm done. Phew! The conversation turned back to the Rose Trial. The mere mentioning of it caused Tira to spring forward. Directions were given and Tira pulled excitedly on Irwin’s sleeve. The old gardener wished Irwin’s group good luck and ruffled the fur on Taro’s head. Taro closed their eyes and leaned in with enjoyment, which almost caused them to fall over when the gardener stepped away.

Tira went to bolt out of the greenhouse, but Irwin caught the Lopunny by the wrist just in time. “B-but the Rose Trial! And the Primrose-Rose be thatta way! I looked for ‘em in dah bucket but she wasn’t there.” Just a moment ago, the Lopunny had clearly denied pulling on the hanging basket, but ignoring that, Irwin pointed over to the old gardener. The old man picked up a few planter shards off of the ground and now tried to stand back up with some struggle. The Lopunny threw back his head and groaned. Irwin walked over and offered to help clean up before they left. Taro scampered over to assist. Irwin grabbed the dustpan and Taro swept with their tail. Tira even helped a little by rolling over a large garbage can that he then leaned on in annoyance until everyone else was done. This didn’t take long and soon the Lopunny burst forth from the greenhouse on the way to the trial. Taro and Irwin followed. “I’ma gunna be the best-! The best Rose!” Tira took off running.
“Other way,” Irwin shouted. Tira course corrected and the Taro and Irwin accompanying behind.

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