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Le Marais Sacré de Celebi

[ Skunkaru ]

It's a sunny day. It's always sunny here, really -- that's what the locals say, anyway. You're not from around here, and it's sort of obvious just by looking at you, not that there's anyone around. Taro isn't exactly in familiar territory, and the Stunky struggles, insofar as such a good natured creature can struggle with anything. Carrot though, well, she loves this, doesn't she? It's all fun in games, though, until someone gets stuck in the mud. Which happens in 3, 2, 1...

There's a wet suction sound as the Eevee lands on a patch of earth that's softer and wetter than it initially appears, and her furry little body sinks into the depths right up to about her haunches. That's no good -- someone's going to need a bath when you get home. You and Taro have only just taken note of the predicament, and Carrot had just begun to formulate her next move, when the ground under her bubbles up wetly, and she pops out of the sinkhole with force, hitting the shallow water with a splash. Well, that's abnormal.

Peering into the slowly filling cavity left behind by her body, trying to figure out what on earth could turn the Evolution Pokemon into an adorable projectile, you recoil on instinct when the mud itself seems to open its eyes, two beady black orbs staring up at you in the muck. The ground bubbles again, and the slimy brown liquid begins to trickle away, revealing silver-white, translucent skin. Tiny droplets of mud mist the air as four antennae spring up from their previous slick-backed position.

The slimy, muddy Goomy looks at you with a placid expression. It seems Carrot might have accidentally collapsed its burrow in the mud, not that it seems very upset. After a moment, it apparently decides you're not a threat, because it turns its back on you and slithers back into the shallow hole. As it scoops up a mouthful of mud, only to spit it out just over the edge of the pit, you realize it's digging a fresh den.

What will you do?

Carrot wanted to see every part of this strange new land as quickly as possible, but the wind flowing through her fur was abruptly stopped by a soft plump. The mud had swallowed the Eevee right up to her chin. The swamp was suddenly quieter, and Irwin realized this was due to the absence of the soft pitter-patter of Carrot’s paws. Taro caught up with Irwin and presented a questioning, “Phtph?” Irwin shared a concerned glance and began calling out Carrot’s name. Carrot replied with a mewl just to indicate her location, but was not concerned about current circumstance. She tried wiggling a little bit to best figure out how to escape the mud prison she’d been stuck in. Following the Eevee’s cry, Taro spotted Carrot’s tail sticking up out of the wet Earth. “Pht!” Taro pointed.
“Oh there you-” There was a short rumble and suddenly Carrot was in the air. "...Are?" Irwin and Taro's eyes followed the Eevee as she flew overhead in a perfect bow shape. She returned with a splash, but the water did little to help with the mud.

>>A wild Grimer appeared!

Oh wait no, that was just Carrot. Irwin and Taro ran over but halted when they saw Carrot’s expression. Angry eyes were the only discernible feature visible under all the sloppy mud. She marched forward right between Irwin and Taro, whose watched the Eevee. Carrot shook her back leg, but her paw was only free for a moment before new muck oozed over it. Carrot angrily sat and began wiping off her face while Irwin and Taro were grateful for the Eevee's safety. A bubble rose out of the mud and popped, which drew the duo's attention back to the Eevee-shaped crevice. Was something moving in there? They leaned in and saw another sentient mud pile. The creature turned around and yawned. The ground bubbled around it, causing the mud to wash away. Irwin pulled out their Pokédex:

Goomy. The Soft Tissue Pokémon. Dragon Type.

The Goomy started shoveling mud out of the pit. “Oh, I think you collapsed their burrow, Carrot.” Carrot snorted back. Some mud fell off of the Eevee’s ear onto her face. Taro waded into the mud and began digging in order to help the Goomy rebuild. Irwin almost reached out to stop the Stunky, but gave up midway and just accepted that today was going to be a messy day. The mud Taro shoveled slide back into place. “Phth!” Shouted Taro in surprise. How does one move this stuff? The Goomy spat some mud to the side and Taro realized they just need to relocate the mud farther away. So Taro began digging with such ferocity that the mud was flung out of the burrow. Irwin moved out of the way just in time. Taro stopped to check the effectiveness of this new strategy and realized it worked! Now Taro could really help this Goomy with construction. Irwin considered assisting, but the burrow was so small that even trying to approach it would cause more damage than help. Instead, Irwin sat on the thick roots of a mangrove tree and supervised. Carrot was nearby and continued to grumpily wash herself.

-Irwin★ (They/Them)
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