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Originally Posted by 134 View Post

A quickie, because why not. It's not like I was one FC from evolving my Pichu or anything.
EpicSquirtle, PikaGod, your last updates are here. Rotom310, your last update is here.

Crimson Sanctum

[ Balmund ]

That went about as well as you were expecting; that is, terrible for the kids, but hilarious for you. Pepper looks frustrated, more angry than sad; Stephen, however, does look on the verge of tears. Whether it's out of concern for the Pokemon that just got thrashed, or out of fear of repercussions from his cousin isn't clear. Topher thinks it's hillarious, too, until you speak up.

"Who the heck are you, lady?" He demands. Both the little kids and the older boys recoil slightly from the red beast that is your Lycanroc; Pepper's eyes get real big in awe. Now that's a bad ass Pokemon!

Sheena's feet barely hit the ground before she opens her mouth, howling frightfully. Then she lunges. The Charmander tries to turn tail and flee from the much bigger creature, but Sheena is faster and bites down on his tail. He screams in pain, the sound an inhuman, reptilian screech, and begins scratching desperately at her face to try and dislodge her. Angry --but not very badly hurt -- she slings him several feet, into a flowerbed by the porch, where the decorate rocks lining it collapse onto him like a crude tomb. Topher yells, and runs to check on his Pokemon. It's hard to tell if the Charmander is down for the count yet, but it's definitely not in fighting shape after that blow. Sheena is practically unscathed. Pepper is screaming your name excitedly -- it looks like you have a new little fan. James has put some space between himself and the battle, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire of such a frightening Pokemon as yours, while Stephen is cradling his borrowed Magikarp. You're pretty sure you hear him mutter, "Bruce is gonna kill me..."

What will you do?

The battle seemed to be over almost as soon as it started, but Bel had the wisdom to exert caution. It is when pushed against their limits that Charmander fight their hardest, their flames blazing bright and hot for one final push, and while she wasn’t particularly concerned about Sheena’s ability to handle it, she kept in mind that both the kids and herself could be potential targets. With this in mind, Bel took fearless strides towards Topher and his buried salamander, with Sheena following at her side. Her expression became stern as she tried her hand at intimidation, a tool often used to get results with the least amount of resistance.

“I’m taking back the things you took from these children, and then I’m taking everything of value that you own. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The hard way means you and your friend get a chunk of ass bitten off at the very least. Easy means you both come out unharmed. Recall your Charmander and hand it over. Be quick, my Lycanrock can hardly contain herself before lashing out.”

As if on cue, Sheena stares down at Topher with a vicious Leer, reinforcing the fact that this was no joke. It was Bel's intent to have him fear for his life in earnest. To feel vulnerable and at a complete lack of control. Such was the feeling of powerlessness, and for Bel, humiliating a power-hungry bully to such degree was nothing short of poetic justice.

"So, what's it gonna be, easy or hard?"


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