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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Missingno Master:

“I’ll see you later this evening then,” Madoka smiles. “Please feel free to explore to your hearts content!” She picks up the broom again and retreats up the steps, sliding open the shrine door and closing it behind her. The shrine maiden’s Midday Lycanroc jumps off the stone pedestal and bounds off. Its Midnight counterpart opens a red eye and looks at you and your Swoobat. It lets out a low grumble and rolls over to fall back asleep.

You and Luna start with a walk through the grounds of the shrine. In early spring, the trees are just beginning to bloom and you can see the faintest pink of cherry blossoms. You walk through the small gathering of trees, spotting a few bird Pokemon settled in the branches. On the opposite side stands several boulders, some of which are decorated with pictures of rock types like Solrock and Lunatone. You notice that these rocks are big enough to conceal even large Pokemon, especially as the sun began to set and the shadows began to lengthen. Signs at the edge of the shrine point you to a cave, as well as the Waterfall that you can faintly hear from the shrine. It’s nearly twilight, and you decide it is probably best if you meet back up with Madoka at the shrine to let her know you are ready.

You hear the trial captain before you see her, lightly strumming a shamisen in her lap. At her side floats a Carbink who seems to be enjoying the song she is playing. Her eyes are closed, but she notices the flapping of Luna’s wings and looks up.
“Welcome back.” She says quietly. There is the crowing of a Murkrow above as the flock gathers together to find a place to sleep for the night. “If you’re ready to start, you’ll need 4 Pokemon. I’m excited to see what kind of strategy you’ll come up with!”
Terri smiled in response to Madoka and gave a small bow before the shrine maiden retreated up the steps. As the Midday Lycanroc left, the Midnight one finally took notice of Terri, before giving a low grumble and resuming its slumber.

And so Terri and Luna began to explore the grounds of the shrine. Terri had a smile on her face all the while, appreciative of the beauty of the trees and their cherry blossoms, of the bird Pokémon sitting on the branches, of the massive boulders decorated with images of Pokémon like Solrock and Lunatone. The images of these mysterious Pokémon seemed particularly interesting to Terri, though it didn't escape her notice that the rocks themselves had potential as hiding places for Pokémon, even some of the larger species out there. Something to bear in mind for during the trial, perhaps...?

Eventually, the sun went down, and it came time to return to the shrine. And as Terri and Luna approached, they could see Madoka- well, no, honestly, they heard her before they saw her, for she was lightly strumming an instrument Terri believed was called a shamisen. It was quite pleasant, and the Rock/Fairy-type beside her seemed to agree with that sentiment. Speaking of which, Terri took out her Pokédex, intrigued by the combination of carbon, coal, and crystal that seemed to be enjoying the music.

"Carbink, the Jewel Pokémon. A Rock and Fairy-type," droned the device. "Carbink are born deep underground, the product of high temperatures and intense pressure. On rare occasions, the right conditions can cause a Carbink to mutate into the Mythical Pokémon Diancie."

Terri nodded as Madoka explained what she'd need. "I'm ready," she confirmed. "And I think I know which four Pokémon I'll use. The first one is Luna here," she added, with a nod to the Swoobat by her side.

"Thank you," Luna smiled.

Terri gave a smile in return, before turning back to face Madoka, clutching a Luxury Ball in her hand. "This is my second one," she added, before tossing the sphere into the air. "Observe, engage!"

In a flash of light, the Medicham appeared before Terri. Wordlessly, Observe started to, well, observe his surroundings. The shrine, the trial captain, the Carbink, and everything in between.

"And lastly," said Terri, producing a Poké Ball and enlarging it, "I'll be using these guys. Anger, engage!" And with that, she threw the ball in the air, and Terri's Nincada materialized before her.

"...I may have heard incorrectly through the Luxury Ball," Observe spoke up, eyeing the Nincada curiously, "but did she not tell you you needed four Pokémon? Anger is your third."

Terri nodded, her smile unchanged. "No, you heard right," she said to her Medicham. "I've picked my four. Right, Anger?" she added, turning to the Bug/Ground-type.

"...You think you got it all figured out, just like that?" spat the Nincada. "What, you think now's the time? You think I'm strong enough?"

Terri shook her head. "No. I know you are," she replied simply. "This is what you've been waiting for, right?"

The Trainee Pokémon gave a deep sigh. "You piss me off sometimes. You know that?" was all she said, before exactly the bright glow Terri was waiting for came over Anger's body. The claws and legs retracted into the body as the glow persisted, and once it had faded, there was a strange shell left behind. Until the back cracked, and then burst open, allowing the new to shed her old shell and spread her rapidly-beating wings for the first time ever! Terri smiled, and pointed her Pokédex at Anger.

"Ninjask, the Ninja Pokémon. A Bug and Flying-type, and the evolved form of Nincada. Ninjask will not obey a Trainer it doesn't respect, instead giving a loud and disapproving screech when given a command. It flies at speeds so fast that it was once thought to be invisible."

But things weren't done with that. Terri now focused on the shed shell on the ground, watched it. And for a moment, nothing happened with it. Until a strange ring of energy formed above where Anger's head had previously been encased, that is. With sentience anew, the shell hovered into the air. No longer merely a layer of Nincada skin, the spirit no longer physically bound to Anger, the floated before Terri, whose response was merely to turn her Pokédex on it.

"Shedinja, the Shed Pokémon. A Bug and Ghost-type. Born from the skin shed when a Nincada evolves, Shedinja does not eat or breathe. Though it cannot move its wings, this does not hinder its flight capabilities."

Terri produced a modified Grn Apricorn- a Friend Ball- from her backpack, enlarged it, and held it out to the Shedinja before her. "It's finally time, Vanish," she said. "Are you ready?"

"I am," was all the Shedinja said, before floating forward, tapping the Friend Ball's button with its hollow form. The Friend Ball sucked it inside for an instant catch, after which Terri tossed the Friend Ball into the air, sending Vanish right back out.

"Ah," observed Observe. "I see. The Shedinja is your fourth choice."

"Not necessarily," Terri replied, now turning to face Anger. "Our agreement stands," she said to the Ninjask. "I said that once you evolved, once Vanish was separated from you, that you were free to go. I stand by that- you can leave if you wish, seek out a Trainer you'll have more respect for. There'll be no hard feelings, I promise," she smiled.

For a moment, Anger said nothing, eyeing Terri in a way that was harder to read than a Ninjask's (lack of) expression usually was. "...I ain't saying I'm admitting I was wrong about you or anything," began the Ninjask. "But... I mean, you got me this far... I didn't think you had that much in you, and then you even caught that guy over there... I guess the least I can do is get you through this trial thing."

Terri's smile widened. Anger was obviously trying to sound insulting, but her voice was noticeably devoid of her namesake emotion. She had a feeling Anger wasn't going to seek out a better Trainer after all, loathe though she so obviously was to admit to being wrong about Terri. Well, that would come in due time, Terri figured. No sense in rushing it all. Best to focus on the trial.

"...We're ready," Terri said, turning back to Madoka. "I'll be using my Swoobat, my Medicham, my Ninjask, and my Shedinja."

What? Nincada is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Nincada evolved into Ninjask!

*Anger learned Bug Bite!*

*Anger learned Screech!*

*Anger learned Fury Cutter!*

*Anger learned Double Team!*

*Anger learned Agility!*


Terri obtained a Shedinja!
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