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Happy Update Day! Rotom310, your last update is here.

Crimson Sanctum

[ Balmund ]

There's no way you're gonna warn these kids of their folly -- it's too fucking funny. You're lost in thought, practically drooling over the idea of stealing a preteen's Pokemon, when you hear Pepper's voice.

"-ey! Hey! Are you listening?" She reprimands. She's scowling at you, bottom lip turned out. "Come on. He lives across the street."

It takes Stephen a moment to right the unfamiliar device in his hand, but he eventually manages to call the Magikarp back into its ball. You look both ways and then cross the street; four or five houses down, two middle school-aged boys are playing basketball in a driveway, and that's where you head. The taller one -- a curly-haired boy wearing a backwards-turned baseball cap -- notices your entourage as you approach, and stops playing. Ball tucked under one arm, he practically sneers at the four of you.

"What do you want, losers?" He grunted. He fixes his eyes on Pepper, who has taken the lead in your procession. "Did you go and cry to your babysitter, you little puke?"

"We want our stuff back, Topher" the little girl asserts. She held out her hand expectantly, and Stephen handed her the borrowed Poke Ball. "Hand it over, or else."

"Or else what?" Topher scoffs. Jaw setting, Pepper lobs the Poke Ball at him, and in a flash of light, the Magikarp materializes. The two old boys stare at it for a moment, and then burst out laughing.

"Are you serious?!" Topher's friend howls. Topher digs a Poke Ball out of his own pocket, tossing it into the air.

Well, the kids were right: he has a Charmander. Pepper doesn't look concerned, but you know better; the kids are well and truly fucked, and you're going to watch them crash and burn.

"Magikarp, use Water Gun!" Pepper orders, confidently, and then watches as Magikarp... does nothing. Staring into space, it flops on the concrete driveway. Pepper repeats herself, frustrated, but it's no use: Magikarp can't use Water Gun.

"Oh man, you suck,"Topher informs the little girl. "Charmander, use Ember," he says, almost dismissively -- these kids aren't worth his time. The Charmander obeys, regurgitating flecks of glowing, red-hot something. They sear the Magikarp as they make contact, and the fish flops violently, trying to dislodge them. Over the course of about fifteen seconds the children watch on in horror as their Pokemon writhes in pain; eventually, it grows still.

"What happened?" Pepper groans, sounding a little shocked.

"Your Pokemon fainted, idiot," Topher informs. "And now I'm going to take it, too!"

What will you do?

“Aww, what a shame. I was really hoping to be a bit surprised for a moment, but I guess Magikarp really are the weakest.” Bel shrugged as she feigned disappointment, rubbing salt on the wound. She looked down on the kids as she studied their facial expressions. Where there tears she noticed welling up on their eyes, maybe? That priceless look of defeat; that feeling of frustration: may it spur them to learn from their mistakes as she did in her youth. It wasn't like she was being mean just for the sake of it however. This was her way of making a lasting mark and making the younger ones have real-life experience, although admittedly, watching them try and fail so amazingly was quite entertaining in of itself. She only wished she had recorded the event somehow.

Bel then turns her glance over to the curly-haired kid, bearing a somewhat condescending grin. “What was your name again? Gopher or sumthin’? Like I really give a shit. Boy, you don’t wanna steal a fucking Magikarp. Try your hand on this.” She calmly grabbed her pokeball and released its content with confidence. With a flash of light, a crimson beast of fur and stone materialized, the berserker wolf howling menacingly as she came into being. She bared her fangs, and grinned wickedly - she knew what she had come here for. Blood, violence, pain; she wanted it all. Bel didn’t want to give the bully any time to think about accepting the challenge, and issued her order straight away. “Time to play, Sheena. Let it rip.”


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