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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Raves: Totsuka had come to the conclusion that this clearly was a prank sent by the rowdy group of teens. Though you still were of the opinion to pay them no mind, your Shadow Zangoose was stirred up enough to start taking revenge. She grabbed the thermos of tea and quickly roped her Garchomp companion into assisting her. Cal took a deep breath in and Blew-back a rather intense gust of wind. Totsuka, senses heightened with Detect, jumped back a bit as a wave of scorching tea splashed over the side of the container and landed on to your picnic blanket.

The whirlwind soared through your campsite and over to the neighboring one. It rustled the boughs of the tree violently. There was a brief shriek and a thud as the girl climbing the tree lost her grip on the shaking tree and hit the ground.
“Which one of you did that!!” The girl pulled herself up and dusted herself off, angrily looking at her mates. “Ugh, look!” She showed them her arm, a large gash running up the length between her wrist and her elbow.
“Wasn’t me!” One of the boys held up a Pokeball. “Staravia was in his ball the whole time, I swear.”
Each of the youngsters defended themselves, confused as to what had just happened. After a moment, it clicked, and they turned to look over at you and your Pokemon.
“HEY!” The girl who had fell yelled. She was stomping over to your campsite, retrieving a Great Ball from a pouch on her waist. “What the hell, are you looking for a fight? I’ll destroy you!” Even though she was clutching her arm in pain, she looked furious, hair a wild mess from your Garchomp’s attack. Blood dripped down onto her torn jeans. She dropped the ball on the ground, and in a flash of light a Pignite appeared. The Fire-Fighting type blew a puff of smoke from its nostrils and locked eyes with Totsuka.

Totsuka was not one to be defeated in a prank war, and as the shadow pokemon readied herself for the retaliatory stunt, Alex paid little heed, biting into a sandwich.

That is, until the tea went flying.

He almost choked on the sandwich as the Zangoose ducked out of the way of the cup and liquid, the blast of wind hurtling for the tree as tea splashed onto the basket, which was no big loss or harm to the food within. The tree shook violently and after a couple of seconds a scream emanated from the tree. "Oh, jeez...act natural, act natural..." he murmured to himself. The girl climbing the tree had evidently fell out of it and had turned to her friends in accusation, and as they argued the Zangoose could only fold her arms and stifle laughter as Caladbolg clapped his claws together. Gol on the other hand only sat and watched as the teens pieced together the evidence, at which point Totsuka burst into laughter, slapping her knee.

The girl's fuming approach was anything but a laughing matter however, and as she snarled at Alex, he only shrugged innocently, while motioning his gauntlet towards the Zangoose. "I did nothing wrong. You try keeping a shadow pokemon out of trouble, this is on her paws," he replied, but he may as well have declared himself a member of Team Rocket for all that mattered as the teen released a rather steamed porcine beast, who locked eyes with the bemused Zangoose. As Cal sat back and watched, the Golurk rose to his full thirteen plus foot height and made for the bush, paying no attention to the fight that was doubtlessly going to erupt, opting to investigate further.

"Totsuka, this one's on you. Go do something productive, hm?" Alex chirped, the shadow Zangoose grumbling. They started this prank war, they had to pay the consequences. And she hadn't had her biscuits either. As the Zangoose held said biscuits in paw, she looked back at the Pignite in disinterest. If it meant she had to slap the hog around to get rid of these idiots, so be it. Without a care, the pokemon planned to simply stick her tongue out at the fire pig in a taunt, then chuck some pulse of water in its face to choke out those smoky puffs, then god knows what, maybe a shadow panic or something to scare it and the girl away. She didn't really care that much, so long as she got to have her biscuits.
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