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King Ghidorah:
The beginning of your walk through the Cloud Forest is quiet. Your old companions are of course glad to be at your side, but still seem wary of what they might encounter. It’s midday and the forest is relatively calm, you can hear the distant cries of Pokemon and the rustling of leaves as the wind blows through the trees. Kingler scuttles across the forest floor, looking in the knolls of trees and dense bushes for anything of interest. Your Throh walks a bit ahead of you, eyes to the sky to watch out for any flying types that might try and dive bomb you and your team.

The relative silence is interrupted by a loud crunch, and Throh stops in his tracks. Slowly, he bends down and picks up the source of a noise. A pair of binoculars. He holds them out to you with a worried look on his face. You take a look, they’ve almost been completely snapped in half and the glass in one lens is completely shattered.

“HEY!” You hear a voice call from behind you. You and your Pokemon turn to see a young boy running towards you, flailing his arms above his head. “THOSE ARE MINE! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO STEAL MY PRECIOUS BINOCULARS!” He’s obviously angry, and before you can say anything he grabs a Pokeball from his belt and chucks it forward. In a flash of light a Doduo appears, looking rather confused to be called out so suddenly.

“Get my binoculars back Clarence!” The boy directs, “Pluck them out of that thief’s hands!” The Doduo’s two heads look at each other for a moment, then Clarence begins to charge at you, ready to Pluck the binoculars right out of your hands.

Well, this went from zero to one hundred very quickly.

Throh’s face grew panicky knowing that his two-headed doom was charging toward him like a feathery freight train.

“Hey pal! Call off the birds! This was a simple misunderstanding!” Hugo called. But whether the boy couldn’t hear him or chose to ignore him, Clarence kept rumbling forward.

Clutching the broken binoculars, Hugo put his hands on Throh’s powerful shoulders, looking the Judo Pokemon in the eye.

“Alright, look. You can handle this. I know you’re at a disadvantage, but this isn’t anything you can’t take of. You just need to believe in yourself.”

Hugo was running out of time. He could see Clarence closing in, beaks angrily ready to Pluck.

“Okay, you need t—”

But Hugo was interrupted by the furious scuttle of Kingler, placing himself between Hugo and the Doduo.

Of course. Kingler. In the heat of everything, he totally forgot Kingler. But Kingler, ever the hero, knew when he was needed. Hugo knew Kingler had no reason to fear Doduo. Not only did Kingler have a good 50 lb weight advantage, but he wasn’t outnumbered either. Sure, Clarence had two angry heads, but Kingler had two massive claws in which to clamp, smack, and knock their bird brains around.

The crab Pokemon looked back at Hugo with determination in his eyes, waiting for instruction, as Doduo was just about in striking distance.

“Alright, Kingler! Use Protect! Then freeze that thing in its tracks with Icy Wind!”

Hugo and Throh winced and braced for impact behind Kingler.
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