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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
As Alice waits with her serpentine companion in the waiting room, the gentle murmurs of Miss Lulu's voice can be heard from the incubation room, speaking in what sounds like an encouraging tone. The egg to whom she speaks had not spent the week growing in the usual way - out or in - but rather had spent its time in the incubator developing a pattern of red and blue spots, whose clearly defined shapes indicated that the baby was ready to be born... but even though the cracks at the top of the egg suggested the event should have happened already, the classic unfurling of the head had not occurred. Though other doctors and nurses may analyze and fret, Miss Lulu had the good sense to know the difference between a baby in trouble and a baby who's shy.

"Spring is the time for flowers, little one." Miss Lulu's voice, warm and soft, envelops the baby like a blanket. "The bright colors, the pretty smells... Don't you want to experience them? Hear the birdsong?"

In that moment, the sound of Ekans laughter pierces the incubation room. Miss Lulu winces. The species due to hatch usually had an instinctual fear of this Pokemon... and yet, the sound immediately inspires a little hand to push itself out of the shell, waving in the direction of the sound.

"Heard a new friend, did you?" Miss Lulu's relief is clear in her voice; traumatizing the baby in the moments of its birth would be disastrous. The egg responds by sprouting a pair of feet, which immediately begin attempting a toddling motion. Miss Lulu quietly unlatches the incubator, picking up the baby from within and setting it on the floor. She gently guides the baby as it waddles forth, its second, stubby arm emerging. An odd sight indeed, this walking egg!

As it makes its way to the waiting room, the top of the egg finally opens, like a strange, pale yellow blossom, to reveal a pair of curious, black eyes and a beaming smile. The little arms wiggle upward at Alice, indicating a desire to be picked up. As Miss Lulu follows, she regards Alice with an equally sunny expression.

"Ah, Alice! What a lovely look you have chosen for today - perfect for the season! My sincere apologies for the wait, but all good things take patience."

Why did that sound familiar...?


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The doors slid open, and Alice's newest Pokemon came into the room. The trainer stood, Ekans falling silent as the human seemed to light up. She was glad to see Lulu perfectly fine to see her, the blonde crouching and cooing to scoop up the newborn.

"Thank you! Yeah, no--" She cut herself off. That sounded familiar. It didn't take long to figure out why, to make Alice's stomach turn uncomfortably. The Togepi was oblivious, but Eliza was not, yellow eyes looking between both the Pokemon and the Hatchery staffer with utmost suspicion. Fucking hell, what to think of this...? "-- It's no problem. I've always wanted a Togepi, and she's totally worth it. Right, Eliza?"

The serpent hissed in agreement, sliding closer to give the Pokemon a good sniff. The nameless creature seemed delight, giving its call with delight, little arms reaching to prod and cup Eliza's face. The snake looked to her trainer with reassurance, offering a stiff nod, and Alice relaxed. Patience had rewarded her this time, but she knew her dreams would be disturbed by fears of more dead people walking and illusions haunting.

Painted nails reached into her bag, bringing out a single Poke Ball. "Thanks again, Miss Lulu. You're always a star. I think I'll be naming her Thea." With that decided, and the baby safely popped away, it was time to pick up her Torchic, Blaze, and run for the bloody hills. Hopefully not actually bloody, but they would be Hermes had his freedom, she was sure.

Being a Pokemon trainer was hard, alright?
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