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Aloha, from your hostest with the mostest. Looks like it's a light week this week. PikaGod & EpicSquirtle, your last updates are here; Rotom310, your last update is here.

Crimson Sanctum

[ Balmund ]

Pepper recoils slightly from your hand, a disgusted look on her face, but evidently she decides she likes the cut of your jib, because after a beat she imitates you, spitting into her palm before shaking your hand. Stephen sticks his finger in his mouth, the gesture miming the act of gagging himself.

"You got a deal," Pepper affirms, wiping her soiled hand on her pants leg once she releases you. Shoving the toy gun in her pocket, she gestures with her hand for the boys to follow her, before beginning down the sidewalk, her posse and you, her new muscle, in tow.

"Okay, here's the deal," she says, as the four of you walk. "This kid, Topher, thinks he's soooo cool, because his dad gave him a Pokemon for his birthday this year. He took my bike, and James' PokeGear! He said if we try to get our stuff back, he's going to roast us with his stupid Charmander. But Stephen borrowed his big cousin's Pokemon, and it's a Water-type, so we're going to beat up his Pokemon and take our stuff back. Maybe some of his stuff too. I haven't decided."

You pause in your march under a stop sign on the corner, neat suburbs in all directions that seem downright incongruous with the gang territory you know this to be. She jabs the blond with her elbow, and he jumps slightly, standing straight -- evidently, she's got these boys at her beck and call.

"Show 'er the Pokemon," she urges. He fumbles, digging in his pockets before producing a scuffed up Poke Ball with someone else's name written on it in permanent marker. Holding it out awkward at arms length, he releases what's inside.

It's incredibly underwhelming, not that you can tell by the kids' faces. They look utterly stoked on the Magikarp as it flops on the sidewalk at your feet. Clearly they've put some thought into this -- they technically have the type-advantage against the neighborhood bully's fabled Charmander -- but with life experience these kids lack, you know their current plan doesn't stand a chance.

What will you do?

Bel couldn't help stifling a laughing fit as the Magikarp flopped about like a literal fish out of water. The whole thing with the toy guns was kinda cute by itself, but this made her wonder if this was some sort of elaborate joke. No matter what sort of type advantage it had, facing off against any other Pokemon in any sort of contest other than a bounce-off was sure to end in disaster... and it was the sort of show Bel was now itching to witness for shits and giggles. Besides, one can't earn real life experience without the occasional crash and burn. What was she supposed to do? Warn them of their folly? To hell with that. She owed them no such favor.

"That's, uh, a water-type, alright. Yeah, that'll do fine." She lied through her teeth, nodding and grinning in encouragement. "So, let's review the plan. We find this Topher, you beat his Charmander silly with your mighty Magikarp, and then I step in and take your stuff back, right? And should you, gods forbid, somehow lose, I'll back you up with my own pokemon. Easy. Sounds good?" And then I nab a Charmander for myself. Those fire-breathers are rare, and they're just the kind of monster I need on my squad. She thought to herself in the process, her greed almost becoming visible to all present. In her mind, Topher wasn't likely to be worthy of it anyways, and it's just the kind of life-experience that'll make him think twice about stealing.

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