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Apologies for the delay in updating. This is generally my busiest time of the year for work, which has left me pretty drained from a creative standpoint. These two updates were all I could manage for now, but I promise I'll get to the rest soon!

He was a long way from home, but the young Teddy was excited to be setting out on a new adventure nonetheless. Accompanied by his trusted Jolteon Ganymede, he had arrived at the Cloud Forest of the Cloud Garden. The canopy of trees towered over him like skyscrapers while a gentle breeze caused the leaves to rustle calmly. A few bird Pokemon in the area chirped as a few beams of sunlight trickled down from above. It was a pretty peaceful setting as Teddy let out a relaxed yawn. Even though his adventure had just begun, maybe it was time to take in the scenery and have a quick nap while immersed in nature.

With the watchful Ganymede by his side, Teddy pulled his Teddiursa hood over his head and curled up on a perfect patch of grass underneath a beam of sunlight that filled him with warmth. As the young trainer quickly drowsed off soon after, his protective Jolteon patrolled back and forth. Ganymede gazed across the forest clearing, everything seemed to be in the clear. He headed over to a bush and began to sniff it as his ears suddenly perked up. The Jolteon’s head darted back to his trainer as he spotted a wild Zigzagoon carefully prying Stuffy from Teddy’s unconscious grasp. His eyes met with the thief’s and the needle-like fur on his back stood up. Without warning, the Zigzagoon took off with Stuffy in its mouth, making a run for it. Gan’s eyes narrowed as he took off after the thief. Zigzagoon was quick, but it was no match for a Jolteon who closed in on it in no time at all. One Quick Attack was all it took to knock the stuffed doll loose from the raccoon’s mouth and cause it to scurry away in retreat. Gan smiled triumphantly and gently shook some of the dirt off of Stuffy before carrying it back to his trainer.

However, as he reentered the clearing, Gan’s heart nearly stopped. Teddy was gone from the spot where he previously slept. Gan’s eyes darted frantically until he spotted some bushed and low-hanging branches on the opposite side of the clearing that had been trampled and knocked away. He darted over to investigate and immediately caught a whiff of a predatory creature. It had to be pretty big, from the side of the path it created. Gan hurried onward, hoping to catch up and find his trainer, but kept his guard up by remaining cautious. Eventually, Gan crouched down behind a bush as he peeked through to spot a large grizzled Ursaring who was lumbering towards a large hollowed out tree trunk with the sleeping Teddy in its arms.

Fearing that his trainer was about to become dinner, Gan was about to leap forward into action before he spotted the large bear lay Teddy down to rest inside the hollowed out den next to an actual Teddiursa cub. From the look of it, the mother Ursaring must have spotted Teddy and her maternal instincts mistook him for an abandoned cub. With Teddy safe and secure inside the den, she turned away and left to go search for food. Now was Gan’s time to act. He dashed into the entrance of the den and peered inside. Teddy’s eyes slowly opened as he felt a paw patting his face. It was the Teddiursa cub staring intently at him, trying to get a closer look. It would only be a matter of time until the mother Ursaring returned.

Ahri had handled her first battle ever splendidly thus far, and was encouraged by Isaac’s support. She smiled, hoping to impress her mother as well, as Vinny watched on from the sidelines. The young Eevee stared down her opponent and patiently awaited her trainer’s orders. Oddish was slowly getting worn down, and this could be her big chance to put the nail in the coffin. As Isaac told her what to do, Ahri quickly nodded and charged forward, ready to fight.

Sensing Ahri’s incoming attack, Oddish began wafting its Sweet Scent once again, hoping to lower the Eevee’s guard and soften her attack. However, this was a feint as Ahri quickly spun around and Whipped the plant Pokemon with her Tail, lowering the Oddish’s guard instead. Oddish stumbled backwards, a bit taken aback, which left Ahri with the perfect opportunity to blast the weed with a Shadow Ball. Oddish squeaked in anguish as the ball of dark, ghostly energy slammed into it and knocked it on its back. The grass Pokemon was getting desperate as it struggled to get back to its feet. It made a last-ditch effort to Absorb some health back from Ahri, but the Eevee was quicker, ramming into it with a hard Tackle.

Oddish collapsed once again, this time for good as it rolled onto its back unconscious. Ahri stood proudly before her trainer victoriously, albeit a bit out of breath. Ahri has gained 2 levels! Peony grinned and clapped her hands together. “That was amazing!” she cheered, “You are like, a really good trainer, Isaac!” She was clearly sucking up to her idol, but she genuinely meant her words as she continued to gush. With Oddish now knocked out, the choice was now Isaac’s to make. If he desired, he would be able to throw a Pokeball at the weed no problem. What will he do?
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