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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Trading the following Medicham to MM for $500

Nickname: Jin
Gender: Male
Level: 37
Bond: 20
Ability: Pure Power
Nature: Adamant
Birthday: September 18
Ball: Luxury Ball, but always kept outside
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Trade with Brave Saix
Level-up Moves: Zen Headbutt, Fire, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Bide, Meditate, Confusion, Detect, Endure, Feint, Force Palm, Hidden Power (Dark), Calm Mind, Mind Reader, High Jump Kick, Psych Up, Acupressure, Power Trick
EM/MT Moves: Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt
TM/HM Moves: -

*Trade started*
"Anger, use Scratch!" Terri exclaimed.

The Nincada, however, did not use Scratch. Instead, she turned around and hissed defiantly at Terri, while simultaneously using Harden to deflect the wild Natu's Peck.

Terri folded her arms. "Now don't be like that," she said to the Bug/Ground-type. "I'm not asking you to like me, I'm asking you to put up with me as a Trainer until you evolve. Now please use Scratch on the Natu."

Anger shook her head, well, angrily. She wheeled around and hissed menacingly at the Natu. The Psychic/Flying-type gave a startled chirp before giving a brief glow and vanishing completely, having Teleported away.

"Now, that wasn't nice," frowned Terri. "Do you want to evolve or not? I can only help you evolve if you cooperate with me." Her words, however, fell on deaf ears, as the Nincada pretended to not notice.

As Terri continued to talk to her stubborn and irritable Nincada, they were both unaware of another presence nearby, watching them both. Unaware, that is, until it approached them. A human-shaped Pokémon, eyes staring intently at the duo the entire time, approached them. Terri, moved by curiosity, whipped out her Pokédex.

"Medicham, the Meditate Pokémon. A Fighting and Psychic-type, and the evolved form of Meditite. Medicham trains constantly to hone its psychic abilities. Its dance-like movements allow it to elegantly avoid enemy attacks and strike back all in one movement."

"Interesting," smiled Terri. "Hi, Medicham."

Medicham had not stopped eyeing Terri curiously. "Your Nincada loathes you," he said. "And yet your patience with it is unwavering..."

"Oh, I know Anger doesn't like me," Terri replied. "She's made it clear that she'll leave as soon as she evolves. She's not the reason I adopted her."

The Medicham blinked his surprise. "And you understand my language?" he asked. "Curious. What is your name?"

"Terri. Terri Alph," replied Terri.

Medicham said nothing in response, instead seeming content to look at Terri. If she found this unnerving in any way, however, she hid her discomfort well, merely looking back at Medicham, head tilted slightly.

After ten solid minutes of this, Anger's already minuscule reserves of patience seemed to run dry. "What the fuck are you even doing, you complete and total ditz!" she exploded.

"Anger, please," Terri said patiently. "Medicham and I are-"

"Just freaking staring at each other!" interrupted the Nincada. "What even IS that?! You are such a weirdo! Gah!"

Medicham looked down at Anger. "You are rude," he said bluntly. "You have a fascinating Trainer with great potential and you elect to disobey her."

"Fascinating?! HAH!" scoffed Anger. "You think you know better than me? Then bring it!"

Medicham did not respond immediately, instead simply eyeing Anger with an unreadable expression. A minute later, however, he gave a nod. "Very well. You may make the first move."

Anger needed no further prompting. She lunged at Medicham, ready to use Scratch, but Medicham twirled out of the way, and in the same movement, slammed a fiery fist into the Bug/Ground-type's behind, sending her flying with a Fire Punch!

Terri frowned. "Anger, that won't work," she said. "Use Harden!"

Anger, however, pretended to not notice. She charged at Medicham once more, and once more, her Scratch was dodged, this time by a timely backflip that Medicham was able to turn into an opportunity to land an Ice Punch! Anger had a bit of trouble getting back up this time, but when Terri tried to help her up, she reacted with a furious hiss and an attempt to claw Terri's fingers off.

"Now don't give me that," said Terri sternly. "Your approach isn't working, Anger. Just calm yourself and try using Harden instead."

"What do you know, anyway?" shot Anger. "I am doing just fine by myself!"

Terri folded her arms. "I had to help you stand back up just now, and Medicham hasn't lost a single hit point," she said.

"...OK, I could be doing better," conceded Anger. "But I still don't need the help of a brainless ditz like you!"

Terri nodded. "And if you can prove that to me, I'll apologize personally," she replied. "But if you use that opportunity to just charge in for another Scratch, you'll only be proving my point."

Anger was seething in the very emotion for which she was named at this point. Terri was infuriating, but she had a valid point nonetheless- the Nincada's efforts thus far had proven fruitless. And her options beyond Scratch were... limited.

"...Fine," she spat. "Don't think my next move constitutes me obeying you, though!" she added, before turning back to Medicham and Hardening her little body.

Medicham watched the Harden unfold. Anger was playing things considerably smarter this time around, for sure, but would it end well for her? It was time to find out, and with that, Medicham surprised Anger by taking a deep breath and unleashing Flamethrower!

"GAH!" exclaimed Anger. Having seen the attack coming, however, her frantic attempts to dodge it started early enough to actually succeed.

"See?" smiled Terri. "Someday you'll be fast enough for your first strategy to have a shot, but for right now you need to be more defensive."

"Oh, shut up," snapped Anger, though her words came out a bit milder this time. "I don't suppose you have any bright ideas for what to do next?" she added, almost as though trying to make herself sound sarcastic.

"You know I do," smiled Terri. "Try the move I taught you. You might have taken enough damage now."

"Oh, you mean the move you dumped me in that shop to learn?" retorted Anger.

"That's the one," nodded Terri, seemingly unfazed by Anger's retort. "And watch Medicham's movements. You won't outspeed him, so don't try to."

The Nincada made no indication that she heard her Trainer, and charged forward. Though as she did, she couldn't help but notice- Medicham was just standing there, completely unafraid. And... well, not without reason, she couldn't deny. She'd gone in at full speed the past few times, and all it got her was various elemental punches knocking her to the ground. Damn it... Terri was right, wasn't she? Anger watched Medicham, and as she drew near, he started to move, started to sidestep... Anger dug her right claw into the ground, used that to pivot, make a sharp turn.

"Do it!" cheered Terri as she saw this. "Endeavor!!"

Anger would have loved nothing more to ignore orders, but this had been her plan in any case. Glowing harshly, she landed an absurdly powerful blow on the Medicham, designed to make his remaining hit points match hers in quantity. And judging by how far back it knocked Medicham, it seemed to succeed.

"We got it now!" Terri exclaimed as Medicham attempted to extricate itself from the ground. "Anger, use Scratch!"

This time, it was almost as though Anger was acting on Terri's orders. This time, as she charged, she knew Medicham wasn't going to be able to react in time. And this time, the Scratch landed, and Medicham collapsed back down to the ground, barely conscious. He established eye contact with Terri, and in that moment, they had both registered their silent agreement with each other in terms of what ought be done next.

"Now!" Terri exclaimed, pulling a black Poké Ball with ornate markings out of her backpack. "Luxury Ball! Get it!" And she flung the sphere right at Medicham. The Luxury Ball struck its target, split open, and pulled Medicham inside. Anger watched as the sphere snapped shut and fell to the ground. It rocked back and forth once... twice... three times...!


Anger was speechless as the past minute caught up with her. Did she actually obey Terri on that last move? No, no- couldn't be. Scratch was the logical option, she'd have done what she did anyway. Yes, she decided, she had to be acting independently of this fool's orders. Oh, just wait until she learns more moves and can prove herself even more... For now, though, the Nincada decided she might as well roll that Luxury Ball back towards the thrower.

"Here," Anger snapped, striking the Luxury Ball with a claw, sending it rolling over to Terri's bare feet. "I doubt you plan to just leave it there."

Terri smiled as she picked up the Luxury Ball. "Welcome to the team, Medicham," she said. "I think... I think Observe is a fitting name for you." She then turned to her Nincada. "Thank you, Anger," she said. "See? All you had to do was change your strategy, consider what would work best for this opponent. Even if you don't want to follow my orders, that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply common sense to battles."

Anger said nothing, though much of this had to do with the Oran Berry Terri had given her while she spoke. The Nincada sucked up the berry's juices in silence, contemplating Terri's words. That girl was a strange one, for sure, but... was she really as dumb as the Nincada first thought?

OOC: Sorry this took so long. Between work, family stuffs, and Pokémon GO, opportunities to work on this post were few and far between. Trading 500 to Mask for his Medicham, naming him Observe, and declaring his Ability to be Pure Power.

*Trade Closed*

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