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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

Cloud Forest: A dense forest that surrounds the base of the mountain. The trees are home to many kinds of bug, grass, and bird Pokemon as well as many others. A woodcutter’s cabin is home to one of the trial leaders for the Galea Foothills. A Mossy Rock can be found deep within the forest. (Please reply in limegreen)
“…but yeah, so I was in that coma for five years – sorry about that – but now I’m out and ready to get started again. What do you guys say?”

Hugo was very animated as he spoke to Kingler and Throh. Kingler looked to Throh cautiously as if to say “well, what are we supposed to say now?” but Throh shrugged its powerful shoulders because it knew that despite the fact that it was still ticked off about being in suspended animation for such a long time, it really didn’t have much of a choice.

“Great! I knew you guys would understand!” Hugo said enthusiastically. Kingler and Throh surveyed their surroundings, trying to determine what kind of terrain they were being thrust into. It was green and lush, and very dense with trees. A large mountain sprung from the ground nearby.

“You two look worried. This is the Cloud Forest. I figured this would be the perfect starting spot for us. You know, really dive headfirst into the thick of things. From what I understand, there’s plenty of grass and flying type Pokemon in this area.”

Kingler and Throh’s expressions grew concerned at the mention of “grass” and “flying” respectively. Not only were they being thrown back into the mix after such a long absence, but they were going to be surrounded by those with a type-advantage over them. They were unsurprisingly apprehensive. Hugo could sense this in his long-time friends.

“Guys, look, I know this a lot to take in and it’s been a while, but I trust you both more than I trust anyone else, and I know that in your hearts, you trust me too. We’re going to get through this and we’re going to do this together,” he explained.

Kingler and Throh looked to each other, and then to Hugo. They nodded their agreement.

“Perfect. Then let’s head off!” he exclaimed, and they began their journey into the Cloud Forest.
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