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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Maskerade: Neither the girl nor the Musharna seem affected by your snarky responses. The Pokemon floats up to the ceiling of the gazebo and the pink smoke filters through the roof tiles.
“Oh dear, I forgot to introduce myself didn’t I…” the girl looks a bit embarrassed. “I’m Primrose, the trial captain. And if you’re ready…Ole?” She looks up to the Musharna who immediately starts increasing the amount of pink smoke he was producing. The smoke soon filled the gazebo, curiously not escaping through any of the open sides. You take a deep breath and the smoke fills your nostrils. It is thick and sweet smelling, and for a moment you worry that you won’t be able to breathe. As you settle back on to one of the pillows, your body relaxes, and your heavy eyelids close. The smoke even permeates your Pokeballs, and the Pokemon inside soon join you in slumber.
“See you soon…”

Trial Start! Hush vs. Trial Captain Primrose

You open your eyes to see the gazebo and the garden has disappeared. The room you are in is made of grey stone, and is sparsely decorated save for a lavish canopy bed against the wall. A small window allows a beam of moonlight to reach the bed, illuminating a figure behind the tulle canopy. Every few seconds, there is the gentle sound of snoring. You move and notice your arms and legs feel much heavier. You look down and notice you are dressed in a suit of armor, much like a knight you would find in a fairytale. Your bag has been replaced by a pouch at your side, which – to your relief – still contains all of your belongings. The canopy moves on its own revealing a drowsing Komala, hugging a log tightly against her chest.

The trial seems to have begun, what will you do?
Of all the asinine bullshit she could have pulled!

Hush looked at his own hands, annoyed to find them covered in metal plate. It was fairly obvious what had happened - the little girl, in reality Trial Captain Primrose, had placed him in a dream emulating a ridiculous fairy-tale. The "sleeping beauty", in this case, being a pitiful Komala.

Suddenly, assaulted by images of a million ways he could forcibly awaken the koala, Hush began to laugh uncontrollably. The possibilities were endless, and each scenario was more comically gruesome than the one before; still, it was all for his own amusement - this was, at the end of the day, a test, and he was sure Primrose had her own criteria to evaluate his performance.

Shooting that ridiculous creature in the kneecaps probably wouldn't fly.

Not that he had a handgun on him at present. He'd been given a suit of armor (or rather, trapped inside one) and his Pokemon, so he'd have to work with what he had.

"Oh well. Time to bring out your prince, I guess."

A PokéBall flew from his hand, snapped open in mid-air and released the beast inside - cramped for space, Abaddon the Aerodactyl growled in annoyance, before his eyes set on a potential meal.

"Hey, hey, wait up," hurriedly said Hush in a voice muffled by his stupid helm. "I don't think you're allowed to eat this one. Dreams wouldn't fill your stomach anyway."

Biting off the Komala's leg would likely be enough to wake her up, but Primrose was probably expecting a different approach. Though, if she expected Hush to kiss the damn thing, she'd be disappointed.

We'll have to start by making some noise and see how that goes.

He shrugged and turned to Abaddon.

"If that idiot really is in some sort of coma, shouting and roaring won't do any good. We'll have to get through to her with a different kind of noise," he instructed, not entirely sure of his own plan - the only one he had. "Make yourself heard with Supersonic, let's see if that won't wake her up."
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