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Originally Posted by 134 View Post

Crimson Sanctum

[ Balmund ]

Your graceful surrender seems to please the children, the budding criminal masterminds happy to have 'defeated' you. They were in charge, now! The little girl smiled up at you, smugly.

"I'm Pepper," she informs. "This is James, and this is Stephen."

She motions to her companions in turn, using the muzzle of her plastic gun. The blonde seems to be James, and the brunette seems to be Stephen. James elbows her, lightly, and then leans in to whisper something in her ear. She frowns, and narrows her eyes at you.

"Don't move," she orders, thrusting the toy firearm in your face. She pulls the boys away, and they form a huddle a few feet from where you stand. Now and then, one of them casts a scrutinizing glance at you. Their judgement is palpable. Finally, they break apart and approach you, Pepper leading them with all the severity of a diplomat proposing a deal.

"You said you're looking for work?" She clarifies, tapping the barrel of her toy gun against her palm rhythmically. "I got a job for you. There's this kid, a couple blocks over. He's been taking our stuff, so we're gonna go take care of him. He's four grades higher than us, but you're way bigger than him. Help us get our stuff back, and we'll pay you."

Dealing with this bully sounds like a relatively worthy cause, and would probably ingrate you to them, but they're kids -- how much could they really play you? Pepper looks at you expectantly, waiting for an answer.

What will you do?

“Pay me?” Bel deliberately took her time as she pondered about the offer. It wasn’t like there was much to really think about; her mind was already made as she heard Pepper’s request. She just wanted to mess with the kids and make them go the slightest bit impatient. The children would learn soon enough the he who keeps the pacing of a conversation is always the one who’s truly in control. That said, she couldn’t keep her eyes from lighting up the slightest bit the moment she heard word of the bully, and the prospect of delivering sweet payback and just punishment on behalf of these children sounded like a fun endeavor. After all, she had a history, long and bloody, with bullies herself growing up, and it wasn’t like it would be a pointless activity anyways: Bel was indeed expecting payment for the effort, and she already had something in mind to ask of them.

“Alright then, sounds good to me. How do you want me to humble this problem kid? With a super wedgie? A good ol’ nipple twister? A camel clutch? Permanent relief of his pokemon? All of the above? You name it... But! Let’s discuss this payment first. You said you knew everyone on the block, yes? Well, it just so happens there are a few people I want to meet. So I help you out, and you point me in the right way after that.” She squatted down to their height, spat on her hand, and extended her arm. “My muscle for your info. Deal?”


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