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From the ground up, one rises to the challenge

Apologies for the delay here, moving and decorating has that effect. Maskerade and GS, you'll have updates tomorrow.

The Ribcage Mall.

: Your slipping sanity only serves to make the Shell sneer more as you call for an encore performance, to which the man responds with a simple crossing of the arms. "Your overconfidence will be your downfall, fool," he grunts as Yuke gives himself a shake to try and remove some of the infestation harassing him. The Palossand in turn, having lost a limb, doesn't seem too fazed and turns full attention towards the Spheal before giving a moan as tendrils of botanic energy lash into the seal's blubber. Yuke can only give a wail of his own as his vitality is drained at a considerable rate from the megalomaniacal silicon monstrosity, who appears a little more refreshed.

Not out of the woods despite the surprisingly heavy hit, Yuke nevertheless douses the sandcastle with another water gun, the spray striking the other arm as the sand compacts once again, yet the Shell isn't too bothered by this despite the creature's complaints. Mustering up strength, Yuke repeats his strategy and powdered snow and frost pelt the structurally sound segment of sand, but the ghost pokemon seems to not pay much attention to him. As you watch, you feel your concentration lull as a hypnotic wave pulsates through you, the maw of the castle open wide and inviting you towards it, towards Aimee, towards peaceful oblivion as your body subconsciously shuffles towards it...until a chilly blast knocks you out of your induced stupor.

Yuke, having none of this nonsense, continued his glacial assault with a second powder snow, catching you with the brunt of it, and upsetting the Palossand, who at this point has got tired of the Spheal's stunts, as has the Shell. Wheeling round, the hardened limb of the ground type flexes unnaturally before taking a harsh swing at the water type in frustration, the hardened freezing sand serving to reinforce the impact and striking Yuke hard as he is launched into one of the warehouse crates, the box shattering from the cannonball launched involuntarily. A tense couple of seconds pass as the dust slowly settles, and yet as the sand swirls around you, you can see Yuke slowly roll out of the wreckage, battered and bruised, weakened against a foe that possesses the upper hand in strength and endurance.

"You see now, boy? Let me demonstrate how you've consigned yourself to a grisly fate..." the Shell mocks before lifting his arm and snapping fingers. Beneath you, the sand swirls and converges upon the Palossand as the dry sand builds up around the stump of its broken arm as the beast begins to shore up its body, rebuilding the limb and undoing almost all the work Yuke and Shredder have output, to your disbelief. "You fucked up, kid. So long as there's sand on the ground, we can do this all day and night, and sooner or later your little seal will run out of vigour. Then what happens? The castle devours your essence, strips flesh from bone, and you become one with him. You're outclassed, best to just give up and accept your fate. On that note..."

With a shudder, the sandcastle turns to the Shell before undulating, before throwing something out from within. Aimee, barely conscious, is dumped at the Shell's feet, who promptly hauls the terrified child up. "Watch, child, as your would-be saviour is consumed by the you will be too!" As Aimee's weary, tearful eyes lock onto yours, Yuke gives a bark, determined to keep fighting despite the disadvantage in strength, as one thought comes to the forefront: this Palossand seems to be the Shell's only pokemon, and you're in a life-or-death situation, against a stronger opponent. Perhaps it best be time to even or tip the odds in your favour?

Crystal Grove.

Missingno. Master
: Shadow versus Starter. Murderer versus Justiciar. Poison versus Poison. You were no stranger to all of these things, and the sight of the Black Scarab only reinforces your determination as Gemini and Mustard float between you and Scolipede. Knowing what the species are capable of with your own, your confidence is through the roof as you relay your commands to your oldest companion. Without much warning, the Shadow pokemon shrieks a terrifying war cry and charges forward, horns lowered, ready to puncture the gasbags before it. The Weezing is ready however, and braces themselves for impact with a dark aura surrounding them. Taking a few steps to the side, you and Meowth watch as the beast barrels full force into Gemini and Mustard, the megahorn colliding with them, empowered by the aura to deliver a scathing blow as the pair are knocked for a loop. Not to be outdone however, and naturally more resilient to physical blows due to their aerial position, the Weezing responds in due.

With Mustard whirling round, the dark energy flows through Gemini as the twin heads spin round and leaving the larger head to pay back the pain in full, knocking into the side of the Scarab's head and knocking it to the floor as it snarls in pain, and as horns clatter against the brickwork you spot a smear of red, blood that had yet to dry. The bug type quickly finds its feet however and stares daggers at the poison bag, but while Gemini recovers from the impact, eyes spinning a little from being dazed, Mustard has his back. Taking in the noxious air, the smaller head spews forth a searing flamethrower at the Scolipede as it gets its bearings, the monster crying out from the effective assault. Gemini quickly recovers and adds his own infernal energy to the assault before a shadow ripples through the ground and a number of needles spike out, pinning the Weezing's shadow in place and holding him firmly in the battle, preventing escape.

Not to be outdone, the bug stomps feet into the ground before digging horns down and flicking upwards, loosening some of the cobble then whirling round and slamming its tail around, sending a barrage of rocks sliding over the Weezing. Taking evasive action, Gemini and Mustard are forced to abandon their third attack of the round to drift backwards, flinching as their body is railed upon by bits of brick and cobblestone, but avoiding around two thirds of the assault. The Black Scarab's body then appears to shimmer, bug energy swarming around it, yet after only two attacks you're certain that it has much more fight left within. Gemini and Mustard may have taken a painful first strike, but they boast the upper hand in terms of vitality, and as the shadowy aura flares around it once more, a quick check of your dex confirms that your adversary appears to have slightly lowered its offensive presence in favour of a more balanced boost to strength and defence. Nevertheless, the battle has only truly begun...
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