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Skunkaru: You follow after your Pokemon who are set on beating up any flowers they come across. Although you know the rangers in the Rose Garden probably would not approve, it is always nice to see your Pokemon enjoy themselves. Your Lopunny and Skunky frolic through the garden, occasionally looking over some patches of flowers and delicately trimmed hedges to see if they had located the trial. You stick to the path, not wanting to trample on anything, especially after you read the signs that warned to “Please watch your step”. Tira suddenly runs around a corner, Taro close behind, and you lose sight of them. Hurrying, you round the corner to see Taro’s tail disappear into a greenhouse. Moments later, you hear a worryingly loud crash. You rush through the door of the greenhouse and spot several potted plants on the floor, some broken while others are just upturned. Taro looks guilty with their tounge hanging out and their ears drooping, dirt and leaves covering their purple fur. Tira seemed to have missed the worst of the mess, standing on top of a nearby table. Though you can’t say for sure what happened, this doesn’t look good. A door on the other side of the greenhouse opens and an older man enters rolling a cart, humming a song to himself. He’s dressed in an apron and looks to be important to the garden in some way. He looks to be oblivious to the mess on your side of the room, but it probably won’t be too long before he realizes what has been done to his plants.
Tira pranced the flower garden paths with Taro toddling behind. Like a periscope, the Lopunny would peak over the floral hedges in search of the Trial. Taro did their best to mimic this by balancing up on their back legs. Just as they would strike the perfect pose, Tira would lose interest and move on. Irwin followed farther back and took just a moment to stop at and admire some double-flowered carnations. But it was a moment too long. The duo had bolted around the corner. Irwin rushed to catch up only to glimpse Taro’s tail disappear into a greenhouse.

What happened next is unclear. It could be assumed that a certain Lopunny observed a particularly trial worthy rose up in a hanging basket and hopped up on a table to get a closer look. Taro was confused by the sudden disappearance of their friend, and looked around frantically. The hanging basket was just slightly out of reach for the Lopunny. He reached out and grabbed the railing that held the baskets and, leaning in on this, glanced in closely at the suspicious rose. Taro finally just noticed Tira stretched out across the table and the metal rod. But the bar was not welded to anything and instead was mounted on side hooks, the furtherest of which was directly above Taro when it snapped. Tira manages to catch himself and pulled back while still standing on the table. The hanging baskets all slid down the railing and fell directly on to Taro. Taro stepped out of the pile of dirt and pots baffled and upset. Irwin caught up at this point and found Taro with eyes full of regret. They weren’t sure what exactly had happened, but they certainly didn’t mean to cause it. “Pth,” spat Taro sadly.

“Taro!” A concerned Irwin leaned in, inspecting the purple Pokemon for any damages. “You okay?” It was hard to tell under all the mess so Irwin waved some of the dirt off. There were no noticeable cuts, so Irwin got out a handkerchief and tried to clean off the Stunky’s face. Taro was still filthy but at least they weren’t hurt. Meanwhile, Tira quietly turned around and, in a comical sneaking motion, had tip-toed to the end of the table. He sprang off and hide in the foliage, but did so just loud enough that Irwin heard the rustling bushes.

“Tira!” Irwin called.
“Didn’t do nuth’n!” Tira called back. It was at this moment that the door on the other side of the greenhouse opened. Tira was closer and could spy the gardener entering with the rolling cart. “Uh oh!” Tira turned and crawled back towards his trainer. Irwin shifted weight onto their knee and was about to stand up when Tira came scuttling back, a leaf or two still stuck to him. “Dares a purson!” Irwin turned and saw the gardener who was currently facing away. The group froze for a short moment when Tira continued, “I’ll use Fake Out and then we’ll run!”
“There are multiple reasons why we’re not going to do that,” corrected Irwin.

Taro felt awful seeing the nice gardener with the nice cart full of extra nice flowers.
Flowers that were perhaps friends with the ones now on the ground?
Oh no! Taro wanted to apologize. Taro wanted to help make things better.

Tira’s was aware that he had done something wrong, and had a strong fear of an impending punishment.
Tira wanted to run, but he was unwilling to abandoned his friends.
That didn’t stop him from trying to convince them though. “We’ll be killed. Mwurdered!

“Worse case scenario, we’d probably just get kicked out of the park.”
“Oh.” Tira considered this and then added, “That means no rose trial!” Irwin turned in surprise, not expecting that reaction out of Tira. “How yes rose trial?” Irwin tried to parse that sentence but was interrupted when Taro started to walk off towards the gardener. Irwin got up and followed Taro’s lead. They would simply confess and offer to clean up… or pay for it. Tira didn’t want to be left behind, so he got up and chased after the others.

Taro reached the gardener the tried to get his attention by bopping his nose up against the back of the gardener’s leg. Irwin began apologetically explaining their situation.

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