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Sandaa: “You're the one who put her in there in the first place, but you have the gall to try calling me out?!” The hunter was seething, and for his faults, he still had a point. For all you knew, Sakura was already dead, and that would be entirely on your shoulders. Who was the evil one now? You tried to remedy the situation, making the assumption that the woman could still be saved, and your Torterra tried to banish its previous move away at your order.

The shrubbery on its body illuminated a brilliant green, the colour seeping down to its very feet as the giant altered the landscape for a second time. Dead grass and swirling sand were suddenly vitalised by long, fresh grass; the Skarmory finally able to get a proper grip on its trainer to pull her flopped body (corpse?) upwards and off to the side by her teammate. She was set down, the metal bird landing beside her to check her over while the trainer did the same. There was the briefest hint of relief – maybe you weren't quite a killer yet? - but then the man turned to look at you again with that same toxicity and fury as before. You were still going to get punished for your potential sins.

The Galvantula had its commands, and the spider struck out, firing threads of electrified web straight in your direction. You had chosen to ignore the warning you were given, and that meant not only was Terra too slow to act, but Scurvy didn't even jump into save you. With deadly aim, the sticky thread pulled wrapped around your limbs and pulled you over... But that wasn't the end. You felt yourself lose control of your muscles as the electricity set in, all pain and jerking, and you could only watch as your Aipom abandoned you to use return. Scurvy took an electro ball straight to the face, forcing him back – but could you even speak up to command either of your charges?

“Gary, hold on, I'm coming!” You heard Masao call, and he began making his way around the outside of the arena towards you. The Drifblim had phased through, looking smaller than you remember (or was that the electricity that had gone to your brain?), and it was floating on guard while the ranger came to your rescue. The man and Skarmory were protecting Sakura, the Galvantula screeching unpleasantly as it launched an ordered 'thunder wave' towards Scurvy.

What, did you think this rescue mission was going to be easy? What do you do? … Or can you do?
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