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Maskerade: Neither the girl nor the Musharna seem affected by your snarky responses. The Pokemon floats up to the ceiling of the gazebo and the pink smoke filters through the roof tiles.
“Oh dear, I forgot to introduce myself didn’t I…” the girl looks a bit embarrassed. “I’m Primrose, the trial captain. And if you’re ready…Ole?” She looks up to the Musharna who immediately starts increasing the amount of pink smoke he was producing. The smoke soon filled the gazebo, curiously not escaping through any of the open sides. You take a deep breath and the smoke fills your nostrils. It is thick and sweet smelling, and for a moment you worry that you won’t be able to breathe. As you settle back on to one of the pillows, your body relaxes, and your heavy eyelids close. The smoke even permeates your Pokeballs, and the Pokemon inside soon join you in slumber.
“See you soon…”

Trial Start! Hush vs. Trial Captain Primrose

You open your eyes to see the gazebo and the garden has disappeared. The room you are in is made of grey stone, and is sparsely decorated save for a lavish canopy bed against the wall. A small window allows a beam of moonlight to reach the bed, illuminating a figure behind the tulle canopy. Every few seconds, there is the gentle sound of snoring. You move and notice your arms and legs feel much heavier. You look down and notice you are dressed in a suit of armor, much like a knight you would find in a fairytale. Your bag has been replaced by a pouch at your side, which – to your relief – still contains all of your belongings. The canopy moves on its own revealing a drowsing Komala, hugging a log tightly against her chest.

The trial seems to have begun, what will you do?


Skunkaru: You follow after your Pokemon who are set on beating up any flowers they come across. Although you know the rangers in the Rose Garden probably would not approve, it is always nice to see your Pokemon enjoy themselves. Your Lopunny and Skunky frolic through the garden, occasionally looking over some patches of flowers and delicately trimmed hedges to see if they had located the trial. You stick to the path, not wanting to trample on anything, especially after you read the signs that warned to “Please watch your step”. Tira suddenly runs around a corner, Taro close behind, and you lose sight of them. Hurrying, you round the corner to see Taro’s tail disappear into a greenhouse. Moments later, you hear a worryingly loud crash. You rush through the door of the greenhouse and spot several potted plants on the floor, some broken while others are just upturned. Taro looks guilty with their tounge hanging out and their ears drooping, dirt and leaves covering their purple fur. Tira seemed to have missed the worst of the mess, standing on top of a nearby table. Though you can’t say for sure what happened, this doesn’t look good. A door on the other side of the greenhouse opens and an older man enters rolling a cart, humming a song to himself. He’s dressed in an apron and looks to be important to the garden in some way. He looks to be oblivious to the mess on your side of the room, but it probably won’t be too long before he realizes what has been done to his plants.

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