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Despite her sudden evolution, Tomoe the Golisopod had been forced into an early and unexpected retreat, leaving Ajax the Chespin to face off against the Lycanroc all on his own. However, Tomoe’s departure had come at a cost; having weakened the canine a considerable amount. The Lycanroc growled menacingly at Ajax, who was still fuming over its previous taunts to goad him into combat. As Jayson called out a strategy to keep Ajax on the offensive, he turned to the young Rockruff pup and pleaded for its assistance. Rockruff nervously looked at their opponent and then up at Jayson, taking in the trainer’s words. It didn’t seem too scared of the Lycanroc before them, but there seemed to be something weighing on its mind uneasily from the howls before. Eager to keep moving forward and investigate the source, it nodded slightly and stood by Ajax’s side.

Ajax smiled as Rockruff joined him and faced off against the Lycanroc. He quickly jumped into the air and a pair of Vines emerged from his nape and Attacked the wolf relentlessly. Lycanroc Leered angrily, sending a shiver down both Ajax and the Rockruff’s spines before Rockruff charged in to knock it back with a Tackle. Ajax followed it up with a hard Punch that drained some of Lycanroc’s energy, followed by a Dual Chop, which was swatted away as a Tomb of Rocks encased Ajax inside.

All of a sudden, it was now Rockruff on its own against a very angry Lycanroc as Ajax was trapped underneath the boulders. Lycanroc was looking like it wouldn’t be able to last too much longer, but perhaps this is where it thrived the most. A sly grin crept onto its face as it stared Rockruff down, ready to completely destroy the unsuspecting pup in a sudden Reversal of fates. What would Jayson do?

Missingno. Master:
It was the dawn of a new adventure as Terri and her newly befriended Swoobat named Luna made their way across the foothills of Mount Zephyria. The terrain wasn’t all too different from Terri’s native wooded home of Johto. So despite being barefoot, the young girl felt quite at home in the rocky terrain around her. As the pair listened along to the cryptic tune of hums and whistles reminiscent of her home, they made their way westward across the region of the Cloud Garden in search of a prominent location known as the Stone Shrine.

As the rolling foothills turned into a rugged slope, they were fast approaching their destination. Eventually they came across a steep incline that was shrouded deep within the trees that wrapped around the mountain’s feet. Terri’s path was clearly marked by a sign and a stone staircase that shot up the hill; her first sign of civilization in a while. Terri and Luna ascended the staircase to find a massive red archway made out of wood awaiting them at the top. As they crested the staircase and crossed under the Torii gate, they found the Stone Shrine before them; a neatly swept cobblestone path that was lined by stone lanterns on either side pointed straight ahead to an old building. To her left was a small cluster of trees while an outcropping of jagged boulders and rock formations stood prominently to the right.

Spoiler: show

Terri and Luna pressed forward down the path as they approached the shrine. As Terri got closer, she spotted a girl not too much older than herself dressed aptly like a shrine maiden sweeping the shrine’s creaky wooden steps. On either side of the staircase was a large stone pedestal where a pair of statue-like canines rested. “Greetings,” the girl smiled with a polite bow as she noticed the guest. The Midday Lycanroc to her left opened its eyes and watched Terri while the Midnight counterpart remained napping to the right. “My name is Ishi Madoka, but you may call me Madoka for short. What brings you here today?” As Madoka looked across at Terri, she could see the determination in her eyes. “A challenge, perhaps? If you want to, I’m ready to take you on right now. Or perhaps you would like to spend some time to get a feel for the area and challenge me at night?” Madoka stood there with a gentle smile and readily awaited Luna’s answer. She was perfectly calm, with the air of a trainer who had experienced many challenges before.

While Vinny was nearly mortified by her daughter’s recklessness, Isaac grinned with anticipation as his young Eevee was eager to continue battling. Regardless of how cute he found the opposing Oddish to be, the weed Pokemon was ready to keep going as well. It continued to frown, still grumpy from being roused from its slumber in the soil and then suddenly being attacked by this enthusiastic trainer. Isaac quickly called out orders to Ahri, who nodded and prepared to fight once more.

Ahri began things by Growling as menacingly as a baby Eevee could, and the Oddish was taken aback for a moment. As Ahri charged forward to strike, Oddish began blowing a Sweet Scent that wafted across the garden. Ahri’s vigor was subdued a little bit, taking some of the edge off her Tackle as she rammed into Oddish. The weedy Pokemon then began to Absorb some more of Ahri’s health, who retaliated by Covetously slapping the grass Pokemon with her paw. Oddish winced a bit but Absorbed once more, siphoning off a touch more of Ahri’s energy.

Both Pokemon were starting to get a little more worn down by now; neither of them had too much past experience of drawn-out battles in their repertoire. Oddish had narrowed the health gap a little bit as it continued to restore its health by stealing it from Ahri. However, the young Eevee still had the advantage by a slight margin. If Ahri kept up the pressure, Oddish probably wouldn’t last too much longer. What will Isaac do?
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