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I am resetting, my old account is here.
  • Creating a New Character
  • Renaming all Pokemon I keep
  • Dumping the following items: Berries (All), Poffins (All), Pokeblocks (All), Seals (All), the following Base Decorations: Glitter Mat x1, Kiss Cushion x1
    Kiss Poster x1, Pretty Flowers x1, Smoochum Doll x1
  • Dropping off the following mons at Lv. 1: Darumaka (M), Sableye (M), Oddish (M), Chinchou (M)
  • Obtaining a New Starter and a Starter Pack.
  • New starter is a Stunky with EG Crunch.
  • Will be moving to a new account Skunkaru.

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