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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

The Aron eyed you sternly, especially upon seeing you pull out your Pokedex. There was an air of mistrust about it, it seemed afraid but it also seemed that it keenly distrusted you. Perhaps it was the smell of the smoke on your being, or maybe it could sense something deeper within you. Your inner trauma, your phobias, every fiber of yourself felt like it was reflected in the cold steel that made up the entire body of this small creature. It's mouth was smeared with blue, remnants of it's last meal. It must have been starving to resort to such an act, but it was hard to tell how truly small the creature was under it's metallic hide. Still, the faint memory of the golden eyes was still fresh in your mind. Was it truly this Aron that you had been pursuing, did it's eyes change upon observing you? It was certainly an oddity. Seemingly reading your thoughts, the Aron looked behind you, noticing Wisp. It gave a sharp intake of breath and Mimicked the Litwick --- causing its eyes to glow a deep gold, similar to that of your Litwick.

"Ron..." It groaned, struggling to keep up the Mimic as it stared you down. It was quite clearly afraid, and was using any tactics it could to keep you and your Litwick away. Perhaps early it had been trying to frighten you? It backed away slightly upon hearing the Pokedex beep to signify that it was done scanning the poor hungry creature.

"Bzzt, Aron scan... complete. Identified as a male." It buzzed out, it's robotic voice droning as it spoke. The Aron eyed the machine curiously, before turning once again to begin walking in the direction it had once been watching. You decided to follow the Aron, it seemed safe... besides with all the chaos that had befell you here you assumed that the castle viewed you as much more of a threat than it could ever be. You followed the Aron to a somewhat tucked away room, presumably something that was once a storage closet of sorts. Upon entering you noticed the distinct smell of decay hovering in the air, masked by the more mild smell of dust and grime that seemed to elude from the castle itself. The room itself had a busted door, you assumed a Pokemon roaming had busted through the old rusty hinges while hunting for food but you also noticed what appeared to be a hunched over skeleton in the corner. The skeleton appeared to be wearing ragged women's clothing, that of a different era. It looked as though it had been one of the many servants that once attended to the mad king. You figured the poor young woman had barricaded herself within the storage room and became trapped after it was shut. You felt pity for a few moments, before noticing the odd blackened marks around the skeleton. It was like soot, almost as if something had risen from here in a rush. It reminded you of that specter you had seen... but you brushed it off as mere coincidence.

The Aron seemed to look at the former human intently, as if it sensed something about it. You took a moment to look at it, noticing a few things on the woman that stuck out to you. In her left hand, tightly clutched, was a spoon --- it had become twisted and gnarled as the years passed. On the ground was an old fashioned Pokeball, opened wide with seemingly nothing in sight.

That's when it hit you.

It was like a bag of bricks smacking you in the side, you noticed the Aron sitting patiently... staring at the skeleton. This was his master, his beloved master was dead it front of him. You had to wonder how long the Aron waited in that ball, alone with no one to care for him. If he had recently escaped... it would make sense, the young Pokemon may have run out of food within the Pokeball, forced to scavenge after breaking it open by force. The creature looked at you expectantly, as if it either expected you to help it's master or do something for it. You felt your heart sink as it's eyes sparkled at you, knowing full well that the only thing you could truly do to help the creature was to take it out of here. The Aron nestled it's fallen trainer, only to jump back in fear when a few Moon Balls pooled out from what was once a well put together pocket.

The Aron let out a wimper, almost as if it had finally realized it's trainer's true fate. This made you realize that it was time to act. What do you do?
This is the end of your LMN adventure. You are able to take the now homeless Lv 15 Male Aron home with you (as a bonus it knows the move Mimic). You are also able to claim x3 Moon Balls and a TwistedSpoon. You may also rob $500 dollars off the body if you so choose. Thank you for letting me write grimdark, I really enjoyed it.
It was only when he saw blue eyes flash gold did everything come together for Austin. It was the Aron that had been following him the entire time since he was transported to this castle. Watching... Waiting... Seeing if that he was indeed going to be the Pokemon's savior. Though, the Aron was clearly uneasy with him. If it was watching him... It made sense. Yet, in time, perhaps trust could be gained. Though how much time it would take... He did not know. Everything took time... Time to do, Time to make, Time to see. This was no different.

So, now was the time to follow the Pokemon. His Pokedex's analysis was complete, so there was no point in simply waiting here. He gave the Aron a glance, and it knew it was time. The Pokemon led him through the halls of the castle. They were dark... decrepit. Yet, at the same time, filled with life. A sorrowful type of life, but life none the less. Misery loved its company, after all. And soon they were at a miserable wreck of a door. Most likely destroyed by a beast in search of its next meal.

Though, inside, all of the pieces started to connect. The room was dark and dank, and smelled of mold and decay. An open Pokeball sat in the room, almost as if it was broken. Beyoond it, a human skeleton. A female's, based on the tattered clothing that draped the bones. This was the Aron's trainer. It was probably in the ball for a long time... And without the protection of a PC it surely ran out of ways to sustain itself. Yet, how long was it trapped here? It was hard to know.

Austin looked at the Aron, who nestled against the skeleton. Only when a loose pocket fell apart, causing some Moon Balls to fall to the floor, did the Aron realize his trainer's fate. It let out a cry, and nestled against the bones. Fate was cruel. Yet, this Pokemon had a second chance at life. Even if it was afraid of him... Austin had to save it.

"Come with me. Your trainer wanted you to live... She thought of you in the end..." Austin muttered, causing the Aron to turn at him in shock. Tears were running down its eyes, and the fear was still there.

"You can leave and live, or stay and die. I'm sure you want to get out of this place. Only the mad live here. So what do you say?" Austin asked, going closer to the Aron. It looked unsure, and then nodded. Austin picked up one of the Moon Balls, and gentle tapped the Aron with it. One... Two... Three... Done. It wasn't stealing if they were dead.

"Titan," the teen said while looking at the Moon Ball. he then put it away in his bag.

Austin looked at the skeleton, and started to get to work. He took the spoon out of her hand, and gathered the two remaining Moon Balls. On closer inspection, he also found $500 dollars in the other pocket of the clothes. He was sure that the wraith her fought... Was her. Madness, grief... It claimed all who wandered through these halls in the end. But for him, he would not meet that fate. He had to get his memories back. Even if he died and became forgotten, like the woman before him, he won't die until he remembered everything.

"H'ai fhtagn ygnaiih."


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