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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Missingno. Master - Ringo's face was slowly changing as you explained the whole story to her. It went from a very normal appearance to becoming more and more disgusted with each word. "So you're telling me that some old dude is behind all of this…? Why didn't you say so in the first place!! Do you SEE this mess!?" Ringo gestures to the burnt trees and grass as well as the sopping wet clothes she and you are wearing. "Ringo, that's enough! Where are your manners young lady!? Give the poor guy a break, remember this isn't his farm and we are to be nothing but grateful for someone taking time out of their day to try and help us." Suddenly there is a familiar voice behind you and you spin around to see Granny Smith. "Sorry Gran…" Ringo sulks a bit but doesn't say much else.

"That is some very interesting information you just shared though." Granny Smith smirks. "I would know that description anywhere, sounds like old Percy is having another one of his episodes again." Granny nods knowingly as she speaks. "Old who…?" Ringo was clearly not in the know. "Old who is right! What did you just say!?" Another voice came echoing through the trees and you were soon joined by the man you had met earlier named Adam. "Old Percy. This boy described a man just like him." Granny repeated the name and Adam was holding a few berries in his hands and at the mention of that name he unconsciously squeezed his grip, popping them all and causing berry juices to start dripping down his arms. "Dad!" Ringo is appalled at seeing even more berries destroyed today, and by her own father no less. "He's supposedly in the Galea Plains dear." Granny adds. Adam lets out a very audible sigh and then turns around and begins to walk away. "I'll head out there and see if he's nearby… I can't believe this, he has been banned from here five times already!" Adam continues to loudly grumble to himself as he walks off. "Okay but who is old Percy?" Ringo is still confused.

"I'll explain later honey… I am so sorry for all of the trouble you've had to deal with because of our farm but we really are very grateful, and you've helped us so much just with the information you shared alone! Please, take this as thank you for everything you did for us." Granny hands you money along with some berries as well as a little something extra. Ringo examines the berries you now have and reaches into a bag she had with her. "Here! Based on everything I've witnessed, you're going to need these too." You add the Rawst Berries that Ringo offered you to the rest. "Alright come on Lady, we've got a HUGE mess to clean up." Ringo puts some emphasis on her words, perhaps still bitter about everything that went down. "Thank you again, you are a very nice young man and you are welcome here again anytime!" Granny gives you one of her biggest sweet old lady smiles.

You've Obtained

$500 Pokedollars
x1 TM Natural Gift
x5 Lum Berries
x5 Sitrus Berries
x5 Rawst Berries

This concludes this adventure! I hope you had fun, I certainly did! You're welcome to continue exploring the CG if you'd like to!
As Gavin explained things to Ringo, it quickly became apparent that she wasn't so appreciative of this information. Rather, she was furious at Gavin for allowing all of this nonsense to happen- forgetting in the process, it seems, that Aipom was behind the bulk of all of this, which infuriated Gavin; Aipom may be his now, but that doesn't automatically make him liable for everything Aipom had done prior to being caught.

Gavin was rendered momentarily speechless by his sheer frustration at Ringo's reaction. Perhaps this was for the best, for before he could utter a single scathing syllable in response, someone else spoke up. This someone else, fortunately for the sake of Gavin's sanity, told Ringo off for her (lack of) manners, telling her she ought to be grateful for Gavin offering his help at all. This someone, as it turns out, was Granny Smith. Who, it seems, had heard of this Percy fellow! Just from Gavin's description, she knew what was happening. And so, it seems, did Adam- he, too, knew this old man, and judging by the way he squashed the berries he'd been holding in his grip, the mention of old Percy was not a welcome one. As he stormed off to deal with the issue, he mentioned that Percy had been previously banned from the farm. Which did explain to Gavin why Percy wasn't just going in there to get the berries himself, though he supposed he might never find out why the man was so obsessed with Nanab Berries in the first place.

In the meantime, however, there was something to distract Gavin from this- namely, the load of free stuff he was getting handed as thanks for his help. "Whoa, thanks," grinned Gavin as he accepted the items. "And hey, don't worry about it," he added, for Granny Smith had been apologizing for all the trouble the Shiny hunter had had to deal with on this farm. "Just glad I could help, y'know? I just might have to come back sometime," he added. He then gave a small chuckle as Ringo added a handful of Rawst Berries to Gavin's load, especially as she stated that he'd likely need them considering how Dudley's Flamethrower went rather awry that one time. Not everything, Gavin reminded himself, was Aipom's fault.

Once all the goodbyes were said, all of Gavin's rewards were safely packed away, and once Gavin had left the farm with Miror and Dudley in tow, he plucked the Nest Ball off his belt, enlarged it, and just stared at it.

"Marac?" said Miror.

"...I could just release it," Gavin murmured. "But that wouldn't do any good. That'd just be inflicting this Aipom back on this area all over again. And these are damn good people, I can't do that to them. Nah... And besides, I don't want that little shit thinking it got the better of me." Gavin shook his head. "Y'know what? If I can train this Aipom, I can train friggin' anything," he decided. "OK! Aipom, get out here!" he exclaimed, throwing the Nest Ball.

In a flash of light, Aipom reappeared, looking up at his new Trainer. "Aipom?" he murmured. Gavin opened his mouth to address Aipom, but before he could do so, Aipom had run up, plucked Miror's Poké Ball off of Gavin's belt, and started to run away.

"Wh- why, you little- get the fuck back here, Aipom!" Gavin exclaimed, breaking out into a run. Miror wasn't too far behind, but Gavin did at least have the good sense to withdraw Dudley before chasing down Aipom. Miror gave a small sigh. Having Aipom as a teammate was sure to be an interesting experience, to put it nicely...

*Adventure Complete!*

*Obtained 500!*

*Gavin obtained a TM83 Natural Gift!*

*Obtained 5 Lum Berries!*

*Obtained 5 Sitrus Berries!*

*Obtained 5 Rawst Berries!*

Thanks for the adventure, Patches! I had fun with this as well, and it's gonna continue to be fun, with Gavin trying to work with his new Aipom. And speaking of working with new characters...

Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The Galea Foothills:
The Galea Foothills covers the greatest expanse of land in the Cloud Garden. Beginning with Galea Town, adventurers may follow along the Starline River up across the plains and into the mountain. Other areas include the Starline River, the Rose Garden, Galea Plains, Cloud Forest, and the Stone Shrine. The boundary of the foothills lies at the Starline Falls, a giant waterfall that cascades down from the incline above.

Stone Shrine: A small shrine made out of stone. It is located next to the base of the Starline Falls on a small plateau against the mountainside with jagged rock formations. Many rock and ground type Pokemon can be found on the small hiking trails around the shrine. The shrine is home to one of the trial leaders for the Galea Foothills. (Please reply in lightslategray)
While Gavin Golurkson did his best to keep both his temper and his Aipom in check, his travels took him away from Cloud Garden for the time being, while at the same time, someone else was arriving in Cloud Garden. A young teenage girl, pale with black hair, dressed in brightly colored clothing, wearing absolutely nothing on her feet, whose PokéGear was playing strange and eerie sounds. But if these sounds were strange or unnerving to Terri Alph at all, she had the strangest way of showing it. She had her usual mysterious smile on her face, and she was even humming along with it.

The Swoobat flying by Terri's side seemed rather interested by the sounds as well. "I thought PokéGear radios could only pick this up near the Ruins of Alph?" she asked.

"Normally, yes," nodded Terri. Luna was actually speaking in Swoobat language rather than communicating telepathically, but for reasons unknown, this didn't seem to impair Terri's understanding of the Swoobat's words in any way. "I got Dad to modify mine before I left home. It's nice, isn't it?" she added. "They're singing."

"It is nice," Luna agreed, smiling.

Terri smiled back. She and Luna had only met recently, but the two already seemed like the best of friends. "So, shall we keep looking for that shrine?" she asked Luna. "I like the idea of seeing how well we would do with these trials."

"As do I," responded Luna, and with nothing else needing to be said on the matter, they continued onward, Terri's PokéGear continuing to play, and Terri herself continuing to hum along.
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