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The Mystery Of Miss Terri

Keith was confused, and quite understandably so. He led the way into the living room of his Secret Base and took a seat, making eye contact with the Swoobat who had followed him in as he did so. "OK, lemme get this straight," Keith said. "You're saying your time with me grows short?"

It seems so, Luna responded telepathically, her tone of voice remarkably conversational, as though they were discussing the weather.

"Well, I- just- wha, what do you mean by that?" Keith sputtered. "Can you elaborate? Do I die or something?"

Oh, no, nothing like that, Luna shook her head. At least, I don't think, anyway. In the vision I had, I missed you, but I wasn't nearly as sad as I'd be if you died. And of course, I was alive and well in my vision, so I don't think I'm dying, either.

"Well... what, then?" Keith asked, feeling utterly helpless.

I wish I knew more,
Luna mentally sighed. It perplexes me that parting ways with you could be beneficial to me. You are, after all, a skilled Trainer, and I've always been proud to take orders from you, and help out any way I can. And you've helped me grow strong. But still... the feeling I got from my vision...

Keith stood up and stroked his Swoobat's head. "Look," he said. "I'm glad you're happy with me as a Trainer. But if there's gonna be someone you'd be even happier with, I ain't about to keep you from them." He gave Luna a sincere, reassuring smile. "I wish I knew more about this, but I guess we just gotta wait and see."

Luna nodded, smiling back. Thank you, she replied.

~~~Three weeks later...~~~

"Inkaaay Inkaaaaay!" trilled George, Keith's Inkay, as he spewed yet another Overheat from his beak. His Special Attack had been boosted by previous uses of this move, thanks to his Ability of Contrary, so things were certainly heating up, so to speak.

But Keith was ready, and so was the Pokémon who was training against George. "Ava! Aurora Veil!" he commanded.

"Vuuuuuul~" squealed the Alolan Vulpix Keith was commanding. A rainbow aura covered her body, reacting with the falling hail to create a protective shield. The Overheat hit with great force, but Ava dug in her heels and stood strong against the super effective move. And once George let up, Ava was still standing!

"Good going, Ava!" Keith grinned. "Now! Use Moonblast!"

"Vul!" exclaimed Ava, firing a silvery orb of lunar energy. George made to dodge it, but the Fairy move landed nevertheless, knocking the Inkay for a loop.

"Alright, I think we'll call it there," Keith grinned, approaching his pair of Pokémon. "George, Ava, good battling, both of you."

"Inkay! Inkay!" chirped George.

"Vuuuuul~" smiled Ava. "Vul Vulpix vul?" she added, sounding somewhat hopeful as she looked up at Keith.

Keith couldn't help but smile at this. "...Oh, alright," he said, acting as though he was relenting following lengthy deliberation, when in fact it had been his intention to do this following this battle anyway. "You've been improving a lot as of late, Ava, and I think it's time." With those words, he dug his Ice Stone out of his backpack and set it on the ground before the Alolan Vulpix.

"Vuuuulpix!" cheered Ava, darting forward and placing a single paw on the chilly surface of the blue rock. The effect was immediate- both stone and Pokémon began to glow, the former being absorbed into the latter as the latter started growing. Six tails split into nine, and before Keith knew it, he was beholding a beautiful ! "Niiiine~" exclaimed Ava as Keith pointed his Pokédex at her.

"Ninetales- Alola form- the Fox Pokémon. An Ice and Fairy-type, and the evolved form of Vulpix," droned the device. "Ninetales produces ice crystals from its fur, and can use them for offense or defense. Though normally calm in demeanor, Ninetales will freeze solid anyone who angers it."

"Wow," came a voice from behind Keith. "She's very pretty." Understandably startled by this unfamiliar voice, Keith wheeled around to see who had shown up at Sludge Wave Coast.

"Uh... thanks," Keith replied. "I'm Keith, by the way. Keith Masters. Um... who are you?" he added. He'd never seen this girl before, he was pretty sure. Rather short, and if she was a teenager, she hadn't been one for long, going by looks alone.

"I'm Terri," replied the young girl. "Terri Alph. May I pet your Ninetales?" she asked.

Keith turned to Ava. "Well, that's not exactly my call to make," he shrugged. "What say you, Ava?"

"Niiiine," nodded Ava. At this, Terri approached the Alolan Ninetales and stroked her head.

"So, Terri," said Keith, chuckling as Ava gave a contented sigh in response to the petting, "Are you new around here? I don't think I've seen you around here before."

"I doubt you did," smiled Terri. "I just got to the Fizzytopia region today. I'm from Alph, Johto."

Keith blinked in surprise. "Alph?" he repeated. "As in, the ruins of?"

Terri nodded. "Yep," she said. "Dad's in charge of the research team there. Oh, there she is!" she added, looking behind Keith. Keith followed her gaze, and sure enough, there was Luna.

Hello, Luna greeted Terri telepathically. We finally meet, Terri.

"Nice to meet you, Luna," Terri smiled back.

"...I'm very confused here," Keith piped up.

Keith- this is who I had a vision of three weeks ago, explained Luna.

"Luna reached out to me telepathically," explained Terri. "She explained about her vision and wanted to meet me in person. And apparently some of her teammates wanted to as well."

"Wait, what?" Keith blinked. He looked around- George was hovering near Terri, and Andromeda, Keith's Starmie, had also arrived on the scene. "Wh- wait, you guys don't mean-"

I apologize, Andromeda conveyed telepathically, and she sounded like she meant it. But I find myself intrigued by this girl. I feel as though my talents would flourish more thoroughly under her ownership. A pause. Do not misinterpret my words as an insult to your training abilities, she pleaded. I do not mean this as an insult, nor do George or Luna.

Keith was understandably stunned. He'd only met this Terri girl two minutes ago, and three of his Pokémon were already lining up to go with her?

Terri looked up at Keith. "I'm not gonna take them from you if you don't want to say goodbye," she said.

"I just..." Keith sighed. "I mean, Luna told me, back when she had that vision, that she and I would be parting ways, and I spent these past few weeks mentally preparing myself for when that'd happen... I mean, not only am I less ready than I thought I'd be, but now I find out it's not just Luna?"

I'm sorry, Luna said telepathically, looking down. I should have told you. It's just... I couldn't bear to pile any more on top of what I already told you, seeing how sad you were.

"...I can't blame you for that, Luna," Keith conceded. "But it still doesn't make this any easier to take, y'know? I mean... honestly, I don't think there'd have been a particularly good time to tell me," he admitted with a shrug.

"Inkay..." George murmured, looking downcast at seeing Keith like this. Tears had started to come to the Poison-type Trainer's eyes.

Keith, however, shook his head as though to clear it. "OK... I don't pretend to understand all of this," he began. "But... what I do know is, a Trainer's gotta do what's best for their Pokémon. And if Luna's convinced that you taking these three is what's best for them... well, she's never been wrong before," Keith said, with a brave attempt at a smile. "It's just... I'm gonna miss you guys," he added to the trio of Psychic-types.

At this, aforementioned trio moved in and hugged Keith. It's not goodbye forever, Luna conveyed to Keith. We will ask Terri to visit. Often.

And when we do visit, we will battle, and show how far we've come since last we've met, added Andromeda.

"Inkay! Inkay!" added George, the only one of the bunch not yet capable of telepathy.

Keith said nothing at first, tearfully hugging his Pokémon. "...OK," he stated. "Terri... I've made up my mind."

"Yes?" said Terri, tilting her head.

"You can have these three," said Keith. "...if you can prove to me that they'll do well with you."

At this, Terri grinned. "You mean a battle, don't you?" she asked.

Keith grinned back. "Three on three," he responded. "Prove to me that Luna got another one right."


Soon, everything was all set up. Keith had relinquished Luna's Space Ball, Andromeda's Psychic Ball, and George's Lure Ball to Terri. Terri had gotten to know the Psychic-types, while Keith decided on the lineup he'd use for this battle. And now, they stood on opposite ends of the battlefield at Sludge Wave Coast. Meowth, though just as shocked by the whole thing as Keith, had agreed to act as referee. "Alright, den," he stated, standing on the sidelines. "Dis'll be a three-on-three battle between Keith Masters o' Lavaridge Town, and Terri Alph o' da Ruins o' Alph. Let da battle begin!"

With that, Terri tossed the Lure Ball. "George! Engage!" she exclaimed as the Inkay appeared in a flash of light.

It felt weird to Keith that he was going to be battling his own Inkay. At first, anyway. After taking a deep breath, Keith forced himself to think of this as just another training battle. And with that done, he threw a Fast Ball. "You're up, Anion!" Keith exclaimed as his Minun appeared before him.

"Let's go!" said Terri. "George, Hypnosis!"

"Anion, use Quick Attack!" Keith commanded.

"Maaaiiiinun!" exclaimed Anion, charging forward at great speeds, ramming into the Inkay before he could even begin to use Hypnosis.

Keith refused to relent. "Follow up with Mega Punch!" he ordered.

"Use Trick Room!" called Terri.

Anion landed her Mega Punch, but even as she did so, George took on a pale blue glow that quickly spread all over the battlefield. Keith gritted his teeth- Trick Room was gonna work against Anion in a big way here! "Use Thunderbolt!" he ordered.

"Quick! George, use Overheat!" said Terri.

"IiiinKAAAAAY!" chirped George, unleashing a powerful blast of intense flames from his beak. Anion let loose the Thunderbolt attack, but both moves hit their respective targets. And George, of course, was powered up by Overheat.

"Gah... how to get around Contrary..." Keith murmured. Then, his eyes widened. "Of course! Anion, Entrainment!" he ordered.

"Mai mai! Mai mai!" Anion exclaimed. A strange golden aura took over her body as she started to dance peculiarly. Then, a similar aura came over George, forcing him to move in the same way as his Ability was forcibly changed from Contrary to Volt Absorb!

But if this setback fazed Terri at all, she didn't let on. "No matter- you're already powered up!" she assured George. "Psywave, let's go!"

"Anion, use Acrobatics!" ordered Keith.

George let fly the Psywave at the same time Anion darted forward. However, Keith hadn't counted on the Trick Room screwing with Anion's maneuverability so much- he had figured Acrobatics would allow Anion to circumvent the psychic rings, but she was slammed by each and every one. This, however, did not deter her from landing the actual attack itself, and she struck with great force, nearly knocking the Inkay to the ground.

"Now use Reflect, George!" called Terri.

"Don't let him, Anion!" Keith exclaimed. "Quick Attack!"

"Mai maiii!" Anion responded, charging forward once more. Now here was a move Trick Room couldn't mess with- it might make fast Pokémon slower, but Quick Attack was Quick Attack any way you slice it. And sure enough, the Quick Attack landed, not giving George a chance to use Reflect. The Inkay was knocked to the ground, and also knocked clean out.

"George is unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled. "Anion wins it!"

"George, undo!" declared Terri, withdrawing the Inkay. "Very nice indeed," she smiled, before selecting the Psychic Ball and throwing it. "Andromeda, engage!" she called out as the Starmie appeared.

"Anion, use your Thunderbolt attack now!" Keith commanded as the Trick Room vanished from around them.

"Andromeda, Hydro Pump!" ordered Terri.

Anion was fast again, but Andromeda was faster still. The Minun let out a disgusted cry as the Hydro Pump washed over her, and to Keith's mild astonishment, Anion was knocked out right away.

"Anion is unable ta battle!" said Meowth. "Andromeda wins!"

"Come back now, Anion!" declared Keith, withdrawing the Minun. "Hey, you did great," he murmured as he replaced the Fast Ball upon his belt. He then addressed Terri. "So far, so good," he said. "And you've never had a battle before?" Terri didn't respond, save for a mysterious smile. Keith simply shrugged, and threw a Christmas Ball. "Now- Winter, I choose you!" he declared as his Cryogonal appeared before him.

"Use Flash Cannon!" commanded Terri.

"Dodge it and use Night Slash!" Keith called.

"Gonal!" exclaimed Winter, floating upward. The Flash Cannon barely grazed him, and in response, the Ice-type started spinning like a sawblade, his snowflake body taking on a sinister black aura as he sped towards Andromeda.

But Terri wasn't leaving it at that. "Protect!" she ordered. Andromeda's core flashed blue, and a reflective dome appeared all around her. The Night Slash couldn't cut through.

"Winter, use Freeze-Dry!" ordered Keith.

"Andromeda, Psyshock!" ordered Terri.

And the attacks flew at once. Winter sent a chilling blast of energy Andromeda's way, while solidified chunks of psychic energy were heaved at the Cryogonal. Both attacks hit for heavy damage- Cryogonal were good at taking special attacks, but Psyshock targeted the physical Defense, something Cryogonal were known to stink at. And Freeze-Dry, while an Ice move, had the distinct distinction of being super effective against Water-types.

"Use Signal Beam!" ordered Keith and Terri simultaneously.

And just like that, the rainbow beams of energy were fired off, and met in midair. Neither Pokémon let up any, and very soon, a great explosion rocked the battlefield. It took a while for the dust to settle, but when it did...

"Winter and Andromeda are both unable ta battle!" Meowth declared. "Dis match is a draw!"

"Andromeda, undo!" called Terri as she withdrew the Starmie.

"Now, Winter, come back!" added Keith as he too withdrew his Cryogonal. He gave a small smile to Terri. "Not bad at all," he said. "But we each still got one Pokémon left. Let's give this our all."

Terri nodded. "Let's," she agreed, readying the Space Ball. "Now, Luna, engage!" she called out, throwing the sphere.

Keith threw his Poké Ball as well. "Hedwig, let's go!" he exclaimed.

The pair of bats eyed each other from across the battlefield. Hedwig's expression was unreadable. The Crobat was beyond shocked to learn that the Swoobat who regarded her as an older sister was now intent on leaving the team. She knew the purpose of this battle, and she intended to see to it that this Terri girl be put to as harsh a test as she could muster. And Luna, in turn, knew all of this, and was determined to show Hedwig, she knew what she was doing here.

"Let's go, Hedwig! Rain Dance!" Keith ordered.

"Cro!" Hedwig responded, flapping her wings hard. Black clouds billowed above the battlefield, and quickly opened up, letting loose a deluge upon the combatant bats.

"Luna, Thunder Wave!" commanded Terri.

"Swoooobat bat!" exclaimed Luna, letting loose a feeble electrical jolt from her heart-shaped nostril.

"It won't be that easy!" grinned Keith. "Fly, Hedwig!"

"After her!" called Terri as the Crobat hastened to ascend, evading the Thunder Wave completely. "Use Heart Stamp!"

"Now! Use Water Pulse!" commanded Keith.

A pink glow emanated from Luna's nostril as she charged at Hedwig, only to be met with a sphere of water for her troubles, bolstered further by the rain. It knocked the Swoobat for a loop, but she recovered quick enough.

"OK, Luna! Calm Mind!" ordered Terri.

"Hedwig! Thunder!" Keith ordered.

"Crooooooo!" Hedwig bellowed, eyes glowing yellow. At the same time, the clouds above let loose a sizzling lightning bolt. The bolt descended upon Luna with grim precision. Luna took the attack, and while it had a great effect, Luna did not so much as flinch, eyes still shut serenely as she Calmed her Mind. She found it a Simple matter to double the effectiveness of the Calm Mind on her stats, and when she opened her eyes, it was clear- she was still in this.

"Fight back! Charge Beam!" said Terri.

"Detect!" Keith called out.

Hedwig's eyes gleamed even as Keith spoke, and she was able to evade Luna's Charge Beam with great speed. Keith, of course, knew this wasn't likely to work twice, so he knew he had to think fast- surely another Charge Beam was about to happen.

"Now- Hedwig, use Haze!" Keith exclaimed.

"Luna, Taunt!" retorted Terri without missing a beat.

"Swoooooo! Swoobat bat Swoobat!" Luna called up mockingly at Hedwig. Thoroughly enraged by this, Hedwig didn't bother with the Haze. Keith gritted his teeth as Terri called for another Charge Beam- Hedwig couldn't dodge this one, and it even seemed to power up Luna even further! He had to do something, and fast. And then, his eyes fell upon his Z-Ring...

"Luna, use Substitute!" commanded Terri.

In response, Keith moved his arms. Moved his arms to activate his Icium Z. "Let's go, Hedwig!" he exclaimed. Meowth was understandably surprised- he saw that Keith was using the Icium Z here instead of his Poisonium Z, but... Hedwig didn't know any Ice moves, did she?

“Our hearts, our minds, linked as one!" Keith exclaimed as he moved. "A chill as intense as the Snowfall Steppe of Cloud Garden! Raise the power, lower the temperature!”

"Cro!" Hedwig exclaimed as she felt the Z-Power flow into her.

"Let's do it! Use Z-Haze!!!" Keith commanded.

Hedwig restored all of its HP using its Z-Power!

Hedwig unleashes its full-force Z-Move!

Hedwig used Z-Haze!
The Z-Power, for once, was not providing raw power, was not upgrading any of Hedwig's moves into a single-use nuke. She had no Ice moves- no damaging Ice moves, anyway. Haze, after all, was still an Ice move. Rather, the Z-Power was serving to heal Hedwig of the little damage she'd taken thus far, and also helped clear her mind somewhat. It didn't shake off the Taunt altogether, but it did at least get this particular order through to her. And this time, Hedwig unleashed the Haze attack. Luna tried to evade it, but no good- all her stat boosts vanished at once.

"Luna!" exclaimed Terri.

"We got it! Thunder!" Keith grinned.

"Croooo BAAAAAT!" Hedwig exclaimed, summoning yet another intense lightning bolt. It struck the Substitute and kept on going, Hedwig's Infiltrator allowing the move to bypass the Substitute completely and strike down the Swoobat herself.

"Luna, are you OK?" Terri asked. The Swoobat, lying on the battlefield, slightly smoking, made no attempt to respond, or even to move.

"Luna is unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled. "Hedwig wins! All three o' Terri's Pokémon are unable ta battle, so da winner is Keith!"

Terri scooped up Luna in her arms. "Infiltrator," she murmured. "And status Z-Moves... I never saw any of that coming. I'm sorry, Luna," she said gently.

Keith approached Terri at this point. "...You got a lot to learn," he said. "But at the same time, not as much as the average rookie Trainer would have to learn," he conceded. "Terri... you really made me think on my feet in that battle. You commanded my Pokémon well... well enough for me to approve of you as their new Trainer," he finished with a sigh and a small smile.

Terri smiled back. "Thank you," she replied. "I'll come visit with them a lot. I think they'd like that."

"I think I'd like that, too," Keith nodded.

What followed was a series of sad goodbyes. Tears were shed by all present (with eyes, anyway, though the way Andromeda's gem flickered, one could argue that to be the Starmie equivalent of crying, as it was different from the standard low HP flashing). But even as Terri departed Sludge Wave Coast with three more Pokémon than she arrived with, Keith couldn't help but smile. He'd miss Luna, Andromeda, and George, but at the same time, there was no denying, they were in good hands.

What? Vulpix is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Vulpix evolved into Ninetales!

*Ava learned Dazzling Gleam!*

*Ava learned Imprison!*

*Ava learned Nasty Plot!*

*Ava learned Ice Beam!*

*Ava learned Ice Shard!*

*Ava learned Confuse Ray!*

*Ava learned Safeguard!*

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