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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Raves- Bel strips the guards of their weapons while Spriggan assumes the lead position, preparing to defend you as you open the door into the drug lab. The door creaks on rusty hinges, swinging open to reveal a small dusty room.

"I told you idiots to remain outside", an angry old voice croaks. The grey haired man, draped in a lab coat didn't look up from the table, he was too engaged with his work. Strapped to a metal bench on the table was a small white Pokemon, a Ralts which appeared to be in immense pain. The Psychic type shook and convulsed, as bright pink tears ran down its face. The tears were drained into a gutter on either side of the bench, which funneled them into a collection tank at the base of the table. Looking around the room, you spot a glass tank. Inside you count at least twelve sickly Ralts, they're barely moving.

The scientist finally looks up from the Ralts after not receiving an answer, "who the hell are you?!" The man's words are followed by a hiss as a Arbok uncoils itself. The large purple snake rises up to leer over its trainer shoulder, baring its teeth at the intruders.

"What are you doing to those Ralts?!" Jake shouts, disgusted by the sight of the tortured Psychic types. "You're under arrest, step away from the Ralts and recall your Pokemon!"

The scientist laughs, "you know that's not how this works. I'm not handing myself over, if you want to take me in, it'll have to be by force!" The Arbok was ready to strike at a moments notice and with Jake apparently having no Pokemon, it would be on you to subdue the Poison type.
As the Mawile sets to work, Hephae racked her brains in summing up the liquor. Linked to psychic pokemon, it heightens emotional activity and stimulates the body, which leads to surprising and dangerous mood swings depending on those who consume the substance...taking a breath, she gripped the handle of the door as the Mawile finished disarming the snoozing guards and bound them with vines procured by Spriggan, who took the lead in entry.

With a corroded creak, the door squeaked open to reveal a small dusty room, with one bedraggled figure in a lab coat hunched over some sort of table. As he grumbled at her and Jake, she casually turned her gaze to the private eye's, noticing then the horror on his face. A second glance around the room and table revealed everything needed.

Strapped to the table, a small pokemon trembled in pain, red eyes streaming with a familiar pink fluid, collected into a tank beneath. In a nearby cell, a dozen or so other pokemon of the same species, barely moving and sickly, all afraid. She knew these pokemon.

"Ralts, juvenile pokemon," she hissed under her breath. "Empaths at heart, their psychic powers are limited by age and lack of experience, yet their nature deigns them as fey creatures. Easily caught, and easier to manipulate..."

The man attending to the torture turned to the lack of response, and his mood only soured on discovering her and Jake, as he snarled at the pair. Beneath him, a purple coil rose behind him and leered in their direction, the Arbok clearly the source of the torture. Between the cramped and darkened environment, an intimidating beast and almost certain utility of poisons, the Ralts won't last for too long...Spriggan glared back, the Pumpkasaur horrified by the predicament, while Bel stood by, horns raised in an intimidating fashion, but not actively entering the fray.

As Jake declared his intent to bring the moonshiner to justice, the scientist simply laughed and made an almost stupid move: challenging him to take him by force. As the Arbok slowly reared back, ready to pounce, Hephae simply leered back, before giving a cold smirk and cracking her knuckles.

" it turns out, force is my forte, so to speak. Your little minions are currently tied up at the moment, and you are outnumbered. However, that is not of concern. What is of concern," she paused, making eye contact with the Arbok, "is the inefficiency of customer support, as I have a complaint to make about your moonshine, to speak. Why don't my business associates here discuss things with your glorified worm there while I introduce your face to my fists? Spriggan, be a dear and ensnare the Arbok with a leech seed, then toss some razor leaves towards the tank of fluid down there? Should the snake get rowdy, take them down a peg or two. Bel," she turned to her companion Mawile, "you will be entrusted with the liberation of the congested group of Ralts there. Elicit a sweet scent to soothe their spirits, then take the upper section of the tank in a firm yet careful vice grip, enough to crack it open but not so the cell shatters over them, and then kindly toss it back to our gentleman in the lab coat here. With seismic force."
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