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Sandaa- With Tyrant getting away with a close call, you decide to have him press the advantage. The Pupitar begins to dance and sway, building himself into a fury as his speed and attack increases. You happen to spot a bead of sweat run down Duke's brow, perhaps the confident trainer was beginning to feel the pressure?

"Push through Artemis!" Duke shouts, attempting to mask his concern with confident energy. "Agility to dodge the Smack Down, then follow up with a Rock Smash.Then bring the pain, smash them with an Aqua Tail!"

The Aerodactyl had a glint in her eye as Tyrant fired another stone at blistering speed, aiming to strike down her wing once more. Artemis wasn't going to fall for the same trick twice however and quickly barrel rolls out of the way with stunning agility, quickly surging forward as she prepares to strike a blow of her own. She rushes through the sand, striking out with a powerful kick that smashes into Tyrant's face, sending him tumbling backwards. The Pupitar rights himself, but he finds himself feeling weaker, the Mega Aerodactyl's attack had weakened his defence boost.

Before Artemis could retreat out of reach, Tyrant blasts himself forward, slamming his Iron coated head into the Aerodactyl's rear. The fossil Pokemon screeches in pain, the Pupitar certainly had more fight in it than she had anticipated. She turns back, intent on bringing the Pupitar down. Water swirls around the Mega Aerodactyl's tail as she lashes out, swinging the tail around and bludging Tyrant. The Pupitar groans in pain, the attack was incredibly effective and it left him feeling weak. Despite this, he could feel a strength growing inside of him, something that wanted to come out.

Tyrant has gained 3 levels!

"Nearly there Artemis", cries Duke, "Dragon Breath as you retreat back to that ledge. Roost and bat them away with a Steel Wing if they get too close!"

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