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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
(Sorry guys, these updates won't be massive but it is the best I can do to keep you all moving)

Raves- You quickly stop Jake, his plan was too risky, especially when you had a much simpler way of handling the two distracted guards. You release two Pokemon from their pokeballs, a Minun and a Pumpkasaur, a strange variation of a Bulbasaur. Jake agrees as you lay out your plan, Percival which distract and restrict the guards, providing an opening for Spriggan to sedate the pair. Confident they could handle it, Percival and Spriggan give each other a nod before the Minun steadily makes his way around the corner, burying his head into his hands as he begins to cry fake tears. The guards don't spot him immediately, but as he gets closer they hear his cries and turn to inspect the issue. With the Electric type being so small and clearly distress, the pair see no need to treat him as hostile.

"Aww I wonder what is wrong with the little fella", says one of the guards as he kneels down to get a closer look at Percival. The other guard approaches as well, as soon as he's in range, Percival drops the charade and lets loose a web of electricity that wraps around the pair of foolish guards. The two cry out as they convulse on the ground, Percival can't help but smile. With the pair temporarily subdued, Spriggan springs from cover. The bulb on his back blooms slightly, releasing a stream of glowing powder that wafts towards the electrified guards. They slowly succumb to the effect of the powder, calming down before eventually falling asleep.

"Wow", mutters Jake, "that was much easier than what I had planned." The detective chuckled, was it a better plan, or was he just incompetent? "What do you suggest we do next?"

Spriggan and Percival gained 1 level!
Putting plans into motion, the Minun gave a calm nod and put small paws to face before eliciting a small whimper and beginning to shed fake tears, wandering in an aimless fashion as the woman watched. Stepping out and approaching the guards, the two take notice of him and as Perci came closer, the pair fell for the bait hook, line and sinker. Lowering their guard, the pair approach and kneel closer to the mouse. With a sniffle, the pokemon's sharp hearing catches the faintest whisper from Hephae.


Lowering his paws, the Cheering pokemon's facade crumbles to a cold, emotionless smirk as he spits forth a webbing of electrified string from his maw, and the guards are caught within the snare, shocked and disarmed as they cry out in shock. Did they spook him? A small bark followed as Spriggan hopped out from behind the wall and gourd bulb pulsed to release a cloud of anaesthetic powder, one the Minun dashed back from, and as the cloud settled upon the two guards their struggles were terminated in a short moment as they quickly dozed off.

"An acceptable result. Percival, return, your services will be required later," the trainer nodded, the Minun giving a nod towards Bel as the Mawile gave a curt nod back, acknowledging the deceitful strategy. As Jake commented on the ease of the plan and asked her on the next step, she turned to look at him with a furrowed brow.

"...are we not investigating this facility these two were guarding?" she responded, beckoning to the doorway. "Spriggan, you shall take lead in entering, remain vigilant. Bel, watch our backs, and ensure that the two guards here find themselves stripped of whatever arms they may possess. Jake, we are aware of the presence of psychic pokemon within. We should head into the facility and focus on locating these pokemon, as well as the operations surrounding the production of the establishment's liqueur."
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