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Sandaa- The fight was hard to call at this point, it was still too early to tell whether Tyrant had what it took to take down the menacing Mega Aerodactyl. The prehistoric predator had already stiffened him with paralysis and now looked to go in for the Super Effective strike. The Rock type crashed into the ground in front of Tyrant, sinking Ground energy into the earth. Tyrant tries to react, to defend himself but the Aerodactyl is too fast for him. The energy erupts from beneath him, dealing a devastating blow that leaves him groaning in pain. Despite the hit, Tyrant holds strong, his body loosens as his ability activates, clearing the Paralysis. As he crashes back to the ground he lets out a burst of sand that begins to swirl around him. Artemis's tailwind pushes at the swirling sand, reducing its coverage but it would still provide an additional defense for both Rock types.

Leaping back into the air, Artemis's giant jaws snap open as she releases a supersonic cry. Tyrant is more prepared this time, not being held back by the paralysis he matches the sonic assault with a screech of his own. The two sound attacks collide, canceling each other out, much to the delight of both parties. Tyrant perhaps celebrates his success too soon, as Artemis jets in and snatches him up in her claws. If the Pupitar wasn't scared of heights before, he likely was now as the Mega Aerodactyl climbs higher and higher into the sky. The two Pokemon lose sight of their trainers, all there was to see was clouds and blue sky. Reaching the peak of her ascent, Artemis quickly transitions into a dive, hurtling back towards the battle ground at breakneck speed.

Tyrant knew he had to do something, with the velocity the Aerodactyl was traveling at, even he could potentially be cracked open like a nut when he hit the ground. Grasped in the claws of the Aerodactyl, he could clearly see their Aerodactyl's right wing. Concentrating, the Pupitar forms a sharpened stone and prepares to strike. The pair finally come back into their trainers' views and Artemis prepares to drop Tyrant into the earth. However as she goes to loosen her grip on the Rock type, he fires his sharpened stone into her right wing, sending her off course. Artemis spins out of control, dropping Tyrant in the process. The Pupitar begins to fall, his current trajectory would have him missing the side of the mountain and plummeting right down to the ground and certain doom.

The Pupitar slips past the ledge and out of sight, for a moment your heart stops. Tyrant then bursts into view once more, launching himself back onto solid ground with a burst of compressed air. The Pupitar seems delighted to be back on solid ground. Artemis soon corrects herself, she seems to be struggling a bit with her right wing. The injury would likely reduce her speed, but with the Tailwind still behind her, the Mega Aerodactyl was far from handicapped.

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