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Biggggg5- You consider supporting Hotstuff with Geddy, yet the Charmander is adamant he can handle the Sableye by himself. You weren't about to argue, with his ability activated Hotstuff had become a bit of a hothead. Feeding the Fire type orders, you watch as Hotstuff locks eyes with the Sableye once more. His maw snaps open as he sends a rippling flamethrower towards the Ghost type. The Sableye acts quickly, firing another bolt of Night Shade to try and counter the attack. With his ability activated and his Fire type moves enhanced, the Night Shade barely provides resistance. The fire quickly bursts through the dark bolts, splashing over the Sableye. The gremlin screeches in pain but Hotstuff shows no quarter, quickly following up with a Heat Wave that leaves the Sableye's skin sizzling.

Still not willing to give up, the Sableye rushes forward, striking furiously with its claws as it links together five consecutive strikes. Hotstuff winces, his body was starting to feel weak, he wasn't going to hold on for much longer. He suddenly starts to glow red hot, gathering the last of his fire power to land a final blow on the Sableye. A giant swirling lance of fire slams into the Sableye, driving it right back into the wall. As the Ghost type slams into the wall and slumps to the ground, Hotstuff's chest heaves. He collapses, still clinging to consciousness but barely. His tail flame returns to normal size, it seems he's managed to hold on just long enough. Seeing your opening, you hurl the ball at the Sableye. The grey ghost ball spins through the air before striking the Sableye, drawing it inside with a red light. The ball shakes a few times before coming to a stop, a resounding click confirms the capture.

You caught a lvl 16 Female Sableye! She knows Thunder Wave and Will-O-Wisp

Hotstuff gained 4 levels!

Your adventure is now complete, you may continue to adventure in LMN or go elsewhere. I hope you have enjoyed your time in LMN!

Maskerade- As the knight insults the Riolu, you find yourself in a state of rage that manages to break the seal of your normally tight lips. Despite your tone and some of the things you say, Sir Bryant doesn't even blink. He simply remains stone faced, giving you nothing to go off as your explosion comes to a close. There's a few moments of awkward silence, but then a smile crack across the knight's face.

"Well about time you grew a backbone", despite the obvious insult, Sir Bryant seemed to be serious. "I honestly can't stand people who can't step up and say what they're thinking. I took you for a coward, a clever one but a coward nonetheless. As for your notes on the Riolu, I admit that our personalities don't really align. I'm impressed that it managed such a feat, but the fact is it did it for you and not for me. The pup is yours to command, capture it if it pleases you, you have my blessing." The knight retrieves a small bag from his belt. Tipping the contents into his hand, he hands you a few rewards.

You received TM Smart Strike, TM Shadow Claw, TM Dragon Pulse, a Life Orb, 3 Rare Candies and $500

"I will have this portion of the catacombs closed off so that no over Pokemon wall victim to the water's influence. Hopefully we will be able to find the source of this taint, however I feel like there is a much greater force at work here. Thank you for your assistance Professor, feel free to visit us at the castle any time, I'd be glad to test the real strength of your Pokemon." With that the knight made his exit, heading out of the catacombs. You look around, only to find that the Decidueye has disappeared, fleeing into the shadows. All that remained were you, your Pokemon and the Riolu, who looked up at you with shining eyes.

Your adventure is now complete. The Riolu is yours to capture if you so wish, it is a lvl 11 Male who also knows Drain Punch and Heal Bell. You may continue to adventure in LMN or head to another zone if you so wish.

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