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Maskerade: The girl and her Musharna made their way up the steps of the gazebo. She looked to be floating herself with how lightly she stepped across the wooden planks. She took a seat on a fluffy cushion that lined the benches of the gazebo and put her hat back on. You enter the gazebo as well, drawn by her mysterious nature. There’s plenty of room for you to sit as well, but the girl doesn’t make any indication of whether or not you are welcome to do so.

“Hm…” The girl sighs. She absentmindedly runs her hand across some of the vines that wound themselves around the gazebo columns. The look in her eyes tells you that she is in some far-off day dream. Did she even remember you were still here? The Musharna floats by you, and as you get a whiff of its pink smoke you feel a sense of calmness. It hums another low note and releases more of the sweet-smelling smoke, and its making you feel rather tired. You yawn, and begin to find it hard to stand. Before you fall down, you take a seat on a nearby cushion, relaxing as you sink into it.
“You’re using Future Sight aren’t you…” The girl stands and approaches her Pokemon, placing a hand over the area that smoke is pouring from. “Tsk tsk, we haven’t even asked him yet.”
“Muuu…” The Musharna blushes a bit and floats away. The girl approaches you and give a small curtsey.
“I apologize, Ole sometimes gets ahead of himself.” She smiles and closes her eyes again. “You’re here for the trial? I must ask, will you allow my Musharna to assist you? I promise it won’t hurt, it’s quite nice really. We can’t start unless we’re in the right setting, you see.”
Hush wasn’t a pleasant man. There were countless more things that he hated than things he liked. Chief among the ones he despised was the feeling of being toyed with, and he could tell that was exactly what the damn Musharna was trying to do.

D-damn it… I can’t stay…. awake….....

He found himself helplessly – pathetically – sliding down to take an almost-involuntary sit, his body giving in to the hypnotic smoke produced by Ole. Had he lost his edge? He never would’ve allowed this to happen during his time in the army or as an independent contractor – or “filthy mercenary”, as they used to call him instead – but now, faced with this seemingly harmless little girl, he had allowed her Pokemon to incapacitate him in comically easy fashion. It infuriated him, and yet, all he could do was drift off into near-unconsciousness.

The only reason he doesn’t completely succumb to sleep is that, suddenly, smoke stops coming out. Drowsily, he reopens his eyes to find that the little girl has blocked Musharna’s mist emission, and is greeting him with that nauseatingly innocent and happy smile.

She… knows I’m here for the Trial? But how? Did… did I reveal any critical information while I was out? Who the hell is this demon child?!

He had to admit, he felt both scared and thrilled – and he’d felt neither for the longest of times. Even if he was being messed with, there was no denying the girl and her Pokemon had earned his undivided attention.

He shook his head, trying to grab hold of the mental faculties he’d lost to the sleep-inducing smoke, before feeling confident enough in his degree of consciousness to give a coherent reply.

“Your Musharna’s definition of assistance is curious; I’d be more inclined to call it involuntary hypnotism, but who am I to nitpick,” Hush finally replied, back to his snarky self. “I fail to see how being passed out in a drug-induced dream state will help me in the Trial, but you know what?...”

He should’ve given it more thought. Back in the army, with its million rules, regulations and codes of conduct, he would have been advised to take the girl hostage for interrogation after that cheeky attempt at hypnotism… but he lived by his own rules now, and he craved excitement – no matter the cost.

“… Bring it. I don’t know who the hell you are, little girl, but go ahead and show me how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
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