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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Maskerade- With the conflict finally over, you cannot believe the devotion your Pokemon have shown. Even the Riolu, who had no obligation to defend you, had fought valiantly to protect you from harm. Now it was time to repay your debt to them all, searching through your bag you produce multiple medical items, which revive the unconscious Charmander and Decidueye, as well as restore the Deino and Riolu. Just when you believe the conflict to be over, you are alerted to an approaching presence by the Riolu.

Having already fought tooth and nail against the Decidueye and Volg, Zyll prepares to fight once more. Having grown during the conflict, Zyll's experiences result in him evolving, sprouting another head as he evolves into a Zweilous! As the figure rounds the final bend in the tunnel, Zyll catches the glint of steel and immediately fires a Dragon Pulse from his mouths. You watch as Sir Bryant cleaves through the blast of energy with a mighty swing of his greatsword.

"Arceus the creator, talk about being on edge!" Sir Bryant sheaths his sword as Zyll backs down. The knight surveys the scene, quickly putting pieces together. "Looks like the Decidueye is passived now, I trust that is your doing? I'm somewhat surprised, even though it was weakened, I doubted you'd be able to handle it. Do you have any insight into what happened to it to begin with? Do you believe there's a chance it could happen again?" Sir Bryant looks at the Riolu, which has remained close by your side ever since the knight arrived. "Were you actually of any use or was bringing you a waste of my time? Come here Riolu, we need to head back soon." The Riolu barks in protest, causing the knight to furrow his brow in anger
Rorik’s eyes widened in relief as he saw Sir Bryant arrive on the scene, and quickly shifted to a gaze of terror as he realized he was too late to call off Zyll’s Dragon Pulse. He had a brief mental vision of the knight catching fire and boiling to death inside his armour, for which Rorik would surely hang, or be decapitated, or impaled on a spear once news broke of Sir Bryant’s toasty death.


The weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders once he saw the knight effortlessly parry the blast with his greatsword, so much so that he didn’t even mind the flurry of thinly veiled insults that followed. Which, to be honest, were entirely justified – he never thought he’d succeed at pacifying the Decidueye either.

He prepared to answer Sir Bryant in regards to the source of the problem, but stopped short once the knight’s focus shifted to Riolu. The way he addressed the Pokemon, the manner in which he questioned even his usefulness… It was wrong. Yes, Bryant was a fully-fledged knight, and yes, he could fight off a Zweilous’s attack without breaking a sweat, and yes, his claymore probably weighed more than Rorik did, but still…

“Take that back.”

The words spilled out of his mouth without his permission. He realized his hands were clenched in tight fists, knuckles white from the pressure he was exerting. And despite the angry glare from the giant in front of him, he couldn’t exactly walk out of this conversation anymore, now that he’d spoken out. Oh, to hell with it!

“The Riolu you seem so eager to berate and mistreat was the key to solving this entire mess. You couldn’t have done it either, even if you’d bothered to pick up the pace and join me on time. None of us would, without Riolu.” Rorik’s Heimlan anger surfaced, uncharacteristic of him as it was to lose his temper. After all, there was northerner violence in his blood, even if he tried to keep his scholarly composure at all times. “This lake is tainted. There is some ungodly source of evil in its depths, and drinking this water was what consumed Decidueye’s sanity; that darkness is contagious, it spreads and corrupts as it pleases, even… even one’s dearest friends. Had it not been for Riolu, the aura would never have been purged, and we’d be dead! So you owe him much more than commiseration – his actions demand your respect, if you even know the meaning of the word!”

Then, as if realizing how terribly out-of-line he’d spoken, the Professor blushed, cleared his throat and clumsily tried to clean his steamed-up glasses. If a beheading swing of the greatsword was coming, he wanted to at least see it coming.

“S-so, you know… you should probably grant Riolu a knight’s title or… or something equivalent. Something important. I think.”
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