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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Cloud Forest: A dense forest that surrounds the base of the mountain. The trees are home to many kinds of bug, grass, and bird Pokemon as well as many others. A woodcutter’s cabin is home to one of the trial leaders for the Galea Foothills. A Mossy Rock can be found deep within the forest. (Please reply in limegreen)
This forest was pretty. That was the boy's first thought as he walked through it. Pretty. Teddy heard this place was pretty from Uncle Kyle, but he didn't know it was this pretty. It was calm. He could think and wander. Dream as he walked through the woods. He liked that, he really liked that. The quiet here, he liked that. He wished he could bring Daddy here, he really wish he could. Even so he never has really met Daddy, Teddy was sure Daddy would like this place. After all, if Uncle Kyle liked this place, surely Daddy would too.

The small boy stuck to the path through the Cloud Forest. He didn't want to run into any scary people or scary monsters. Sure, he did have some of Uncle Kyle's Pokemon with him, and of course Gan. Yet, he wasn't comfortable with battles. He didn't like hurting things. When he hurt things... something awoken in him. Something scary. Teddy didn't like that scary part. He didn't like scary things. He had already seen enough scary things. His last house... before Uncle Kyle and Uncle Stan... was scary, If it wasn't for Big Bro... Well he probably would've cried every day.

The ginger hugged his Stuffy tight. He hoped Big Bro was okay. Even if Big Bro wasn't his real brother, that didn't matter to him. Big Bro was always there for him when the scary people fought. Big Bro comforted him through the screaming and yelling. Big Bro gave him Stuffy. Stuffy still smelled like Big Bro.... It was comforting. Teddy wondered if he would see Big Bro again. He hoped so.

At this point, Teddy found a small clearing. No one seemed to be there. It felt.. safe. He could see a patch of sunlight. He was starting to feel tired. He wanted to sleep. He never was the most active child. He would rather sleep and dream. The world his mind created was often more fun than the world around him. He yawned, and started thinking about the fun his head created for him. Surely Gan would protect him while he slept. Setting Stuffy down on the grass, Teddy rummaged through the quite over sized satchel he had until he found Gan's Pokeball. Pressing the button, the overprotective Jolteon looked at his surroundings and gave a happy bark to his trainer.

"Gan Gan... I'm sleepy. Can you make sure I'm safe?" Teddy yawned as he pulled his Teddiursa hoodie's hood over his head. He felt safe, looking like a Pokemon as he slept. He loved Teddiursa so much. It was cute to him. Sure, a lot of Pokemon were cute, but he liked Teddiursas the best. Next to Ganymede of course. He loved the Jolteon with all the love his small heart could hold.

Gan gave him an assuring bark, and nudged Teddy towards Stuffy. The small boy cuddled up next to the pillow, taking in the smells around him. Grassy and sweet. He could feel the sun warming his body. He was... so sleepy... So so sleepy. He closed his eyes, and drifted off into sleep. When his nap was done... He would explore the Cloud Forest some more.

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