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The dungeon is harrowing. The disgusting halls were littered with various bones, blood that never seemed to wash away from the tile, and the rust soaked bars that surround the various cells. It was disgusting, you couldn't bare to think of all the innocent lives that were cut so short by the mad king and his bidding. The cruelty that was observed here shook you to your core, you couldn't help but feel their pain. You had almost joined them, joined the angry wraiths and spirits that haunt the castle. You remembered the eyes, those sharp golden orbs that pierced your soul. What did it want from you? Why was it so intent on watching you?

You wouldn't have to wonder long, as you turned the corner you noticed them once again. The creature was now in plain sight, but it wasn't as you remembered. The golden eyes were gone, but the gaze remained the same. A small Aron stood, it's blue eyes fixated on you. It wasn't running anymore, it's earlier meal of the Beldum had made it feel stiff. It's mouth was smeared with the remnants of the blue metal that made up Beldum's body. The creature approached you meekly, it respected you... but it also seemed afraid of you. It didn't look willing to fight, but it seemed to want to join you. It gestured behind it, wanting you to follow it.

What do you do?
Austin looked at the small Pokemon, feeling its meek, blue eyes gazing at him. He could tell it was the same Pokemon that was watching him since he got here. Yet, why was its gaze gold? He didn't know. Yet, he could tell now that the Aron respected him. Perhaps it was even afraid of him. It would make sense, considering his actions here so far. Sacrificing its meal... Perhaps a death crueler than being eaten alive. Yet, why did its eyes shine gold? There was more to this Aron than meets the eye. Austin pulled out his Pokedex, and analyzed the Aron.

"Let's see here. Aron, the Iron Armor Pokemon. Steel and Rock typed. Usually it eats iron ore from the mountains it lives in, to create its armored hide. Yet, ti will eat other metals such as steel if the need arises..." He read aloud the dex entry. It would make sense, considering how it made a meal of that now dead Beldum.

"Pokedex, please analyze this Aron for me. At the very least, tell me its gender," Austin said as he inputted the commands to do so.

Once the analysis was done, Austin put away his Pokedex and looked at Wisp. The Litwick seemed willing to follow the Aron. It wanted to show them something. He knew that much. Yet, what was it. He could sense that the Pokemon had at least some snese of respect for him. This wasn't going to be a trap. Besides... At this point he could feel he was a threat in this castle. The weak wouldn't trifle with him.

"Okay little guy, show us the way."

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