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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

The trial captain of the Stone Shrine watched excitedly as guests poured into the main courtyard and quickly took to all the activities she had prepared. Madoka was glad the weather had cleared up, it would have been terrible to have everyone trudging around in the snow that covered the Cloud Garden weeks prior. She couldn’t stand and watch the crowd for too long, there was still much to do to make everything ran smoothly. She waved to Marina at the fireworks stand, then ducked inside one of the shrine buildings.

Year of the Dog

Lulu watched canine Pokemon of all shapes and sizes came up to her booth and selected a treat for themselves. She knew she could be a little intimdating, so she tried to tone it down a bit. The Lycanroc couldn’t help that her eyes glowed bright red in the dark. She worriedly observed the stock of treats depleting. Lulu knew she was doing a good job of guarding the precious treats, but there had been that rather shady character with a Stufful earlier…

Keith’s Slurpuff, Hush’s Absol, Austin's Swirlix, Hyrem’s Mightyena, Schala’s Poochyena, Jess’ Houndour, Melissa’s Growlithe, Belinda’s Rockruff, Kawaii’s Herdier, Tate’s Poochyena, Jayson’s Electrike, Alice’s Poochyena, Lucas’ Absol, Athena’s Snubbull, and Gary’s Smeargle have all gained 2 bond and 1 level!

Fortuitous Food Stalls

Meetan: You and Maram finished up the food you had collected, then located some containers that were being given out so that you could take home even more. Rice cakes, egg custard, jellies, and candies quickly found their way into your possession, and even though you were pretty full you were excited to try them all later. You met up with Maram again at the end of the aisles, and found that she had a container of her own. Unlike yours, your Poochyena had chosen food of the same type. The plastic container she held delicately in her mouth was packed to the brim with berries. Looks like she had a one-track mind.
You have received 5 Lum Berries

The festival ended with a huge finale of fireworks as a troupe of young women performed a traditional dance. A few young martial art students donned a Arcanine costume and danced across the stage, mimicking the Pokemon’s fierce capability in battle and spreading luck throughout the crowd. The sound of the last firework rung out and people began to gather their things to head home. Madoka hurried to the Torii gate at the front of the shrine, dragging a heavy bag behind her. The trial captain made sure to thank each guest and hand them a Red Envelope before they left. At the end of the night, she leaned against a Stone Lantern, exhausted but satisfied with how well the festival went. Joined by her twin Lycanroc, she retreated back to her cabin for the night. Cleaning could wait until morning, right?

Everyone receives a Red Envelope containing $500!

Thank you everyone for your participation in the Cloud Garden Lunar Festival! I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you did too. Just as a note, all prizes were chosen using RNG. The fortune telling was really just for fun, but maybe you can find some meaning from it! 恭禧发财 – Happy Lunar New Year!
((Picking these up. Will add role play later. Thanks, Mask!))
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