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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Keith has hatched a lv.1 male Duskull! He also knows the following Egg Moves:
- Feint Attack
- Haze
Keith was led to the usual back room, though by this point, leading him was more of a formality than anything else- having provided more than a little business to this place in the past, Keith knew the way quite well by now. And it didn't exactly hurt that the aroma of chocolate chip cookies grew stronger the closer he got.

Keith stifled a chuckle as he got to the room. His pair of Dusknoir were sharing a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie, and cookie crumbs littered the floor all around them. It was such a comical and yet simultaneously heartwarming sight, especially since as the Dusknoir duo shared this cookie, they were gazing at a dark-colored Egg that was being incubated.

"So," Keith said, approaching the duo. "Peeked inside, had a look yet?"

Peeves shook his head. "It crossed our minds, make no mistake, but... somehow didn't seem right to ruin the suspense like that, y'know?" he replied. "Not this time, at least."

"That's a lot of self-restraint, Peeves," Keith smirked. "And I'm sure Lil had no hand in this decision whatsoever," he added, said smirk widening.

"So, the Egg's gonna hatch any minute now," Peeves replied, changing the subject abruptly.

Liliana giggled. "I didn't force it," she said to Keith. "I only suggested it to Peeves, and he went along with it."

"Lil can be very persuasive," added Peeves, his tone of voice suggesting he really didn't mind this fact one bit.

"I bet," Keith nodded with a smile. And with that, they turned back to face the Egg... just as a crack formed in the shell!

"Oh!" exclaimed Liliana. "Peeves-"

"Oh, I see it," Peeves nodded. "Here it comes..."

Another crack... a few bits of egg shell chipped away... and from within the Egg, one could see a single glowing red eye. And from the new openings in the shell, there reached a pair of... light brown arms with dark spots?

Keith blinked. He had seen that right. Moreoever, as the shell crumbled away altogether, he could see that the unusual coloration extended to the rest of the newborn Duskull. Keith's mouth fell open- he'd never seen a Duskull like this before, and judging by the surprised murmurs of the Hatchery staff, this was a new one on them as well. This was no Shiny, either- Keith had never seen a Shiny Duskull in person, but knew that the Shinies of the species sported a blood-red cloak. This one looked like it was draped in a freaking chocolate chip cookie.

Before anything could be said by anyone, the Duskull spotted what remained of the heart-shaped cookie Peeves and Liliana had been sharing, and his eye lit up (moreso than usual). "Skull! Duskull Duskull!" he exclaimed excitedly, floating forward and munching on the cookie with such speed and vigor that both Peeves and Liliana were reminded of themselves in their... afterlife youths? Afteryouths? Early stages of afterlife? Well, whatever the term, that's what this sight made them think of, and once all that remained of the cookie were finely ground crumbs, the ghosts embraced as a family.

"Hello, my son," Peeves said, his voice thick with emotion.

"My sweet baby boy~" Liliana added, tears coming to her eye.

Even after signing all the paperwork, Keith still allowed them a good amount of family time before approaching. "Hey there, little guy," he smiled.

"Duskull~" the baby Ghost-type responded, floating away from his parents and hugging Keith.

"Heh... welcome to the team," Keith said, hugging Duskull back. "So... what's his name?" he asked Peeves and Liliana.

In response to this, the Dusknoir exchanged looks. They had been quite undecided about names throughout the past weeks. But right now, they had it. With their son's unusual coloration and patterns, only one name came to mind, and so fitting did it seem that they were in instant agreement on it. "Chip," they said simultaneously.

Keith laughed. This was too perfect. And Peeves, Liliana, and Chip joined in on the laughter as well. Even some of the Hatchery staff who had been listening in got in on the laughter. Eventually, though, Keith put Chip into the second of a set of five Poké Balls, only to let him right back out again so he could float by their side as they exited the Hatchery.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

OOC: Collecting my level 1 male Duskull, putting him in aforementioned Poké Ball, naming him Chip, and declaring Levitate as his Ability.
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