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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

The trial captain of the Stone Shrine watched excitedly as guests poured into the main courtyard and quickly took to all the activities she had prepared. Madoka was glad the weather had cleared up, it would have been terrible to have everyone trudging around in the snow that covered the Cloud Garden weeks prior. She couldn’t stand and watch the crowd for too long, there was still much to do to make everything ran smoothly. She waved to Marina at the fireworks stand, then ducked inside one of the shrine buildings.

Year of the Dog

Lulu watched canine Pokemon of all shapes and sizes came up to her booth and selected a treat for themselves. She knew she could be a little intimdating, so she tried to tone it down a bit. The Lycanroc couldn’t help that her eyes glowed bright red in the dark. She worriedly observed the stock of treats depleting. Lulu knew she was doing a good job of guarding the precious treats, but there had been that rather shady character with a Stufful earlier…

Keith’s Slurpuff, Hush’s Absol, Austin's Swirlix, Hyrem’s Mightyena, Schala’s Poochyena, Jess’ Houndour, Melissa’s Growlithe, Belinda’s Rockruff, Kawaii’s Herdier, Tate’s Poochyena, Jayson’s Electrike, Alice’s Poochyena, Lucas’ Absol, Athena’s Snubbull, and Gary’s Smeargle have all gained 2 bond and 1 level!

Fortuitous Food Stalls

Lil’twick: You and Twix wander through the lines of people waiting for food, trying to see what you might like to grab for yourself. There’s a particularly long line for a stand advertising bowls of noodles imported from Johto. It’s tempting, but with the way the line looks you aren’t sure if you’ll even make it to the front before the festival is over. Instead, you find a much shorter line close by. It doesn’t look very special; it only has a sign reading “Hand-picked Fruit”. “Fruit” looks like it was spelled wrong at first and was hastily scribbled out and re-written. The boy running the stall looks tired, but perks up a little as you approach.
“I spent all day getting these, so you have to appreciate them.” He basically tells you. He hands over a plastic bag full of berries. You take a look inside and find they are perfectly ripe, and smell pretty good.
You have received 5 Rindo Berries!
Austin sized up the tired boy. He was cute enough and decent looking. Austin could tell he wanted to not be laboring at this stall right now. Oh well, at least he got some berries. in return, Austin took out a piece of paper and scribbled down a few numbers and handed it to the guy.

"Hey if you wanna have some fun later, call me. I'll be in town for the night. Later," Austin gave a hand wave as he could see the blush erupt onto the guy's face.

He and Twix grabbed some more food from the stalls, enough to have a good dinner. He found a nice little spot in a grassy knoll to watch the fireworks go off. Putting the berry bag aside to not damage them, he and Twix ate the rest of the food they had gotten while watching the fireworks. It was sort of nostalgic. Unova always had summer fireworks to celebrate the region. Even if it was February, these fireworks couldn't help but remind Austin of the various displays he saw in Virbank.

It was said that this was a new lunar year. Austin didn't really understand it, but if it was a fresh start, he liked that. A lot had happened in the past year. He had been keeping it easy since his little display at New Fizz's New Years Celebration. Let his hair grow back out, fix some things, etc. So here was to a truly fresh start. Not just with Twix, but everyone on his team.

Twix went from Level 11 to Level 12
Twix went from 23 Bond to 25
Austin has obtained 5 Rindo Berries.

Ty for the event MS~

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