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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Cloud Garden - Stone Shrine
Lunar New Year Festival

The trial captain of the Stone Shrine watched excitedly as guests poured into the main courtyard and quickly took to all the activities she had prepared. Madoka was glad the weather had cleared up, it would have been terrible to have everyone trudging around in the snow that covered the Cloud Garden weeks prior. She couldn’t stand and watch the crowd for too long, there was still much to do to make everything ran smoothly. She waved to Marina at the fireworks stand, then ducked inside one of the shrine buildings.

Fortuitous Food Stalls

Patches: Mio takes care to lead you through the Food Stalls without letting you get lost or caught up in any kind of shenanigans. The Pikachu is interested herself in trying something delicious, and tries to get you to check out some particularly interesting stalls advertising food from different regions.
“Little Pikachu!” A man’s voice calls. He looks to be one of those Pokefans, and even has a little girl in a carrier on his chest dressed up in a Pikachu outfit. Everything at his stall is Pikachu themed, it’s almost obnoxious. Mio seems hesitant, but the two of you approach the stall and are immediately handed several Pikachu-shaped food items. You even receive some noodles that have been dyed yellow with food coloring. Mio is overwhelmed with the number of things she receives, but seems particularly interested in a rice cake shaped like her tail.
You have received a Rice Cake! Feed this to one Pokemon of your choice at the festival and they will gain a level.

Everyone receives a Red Envelope containing $500!

Thank you everyone for your participation in the Cloud Garden Lunar Festival! I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you did too. Just as a note, all prizes were chosen using RNG. The fortune telling was really just for fun, but maybe you can find some meaning from it! 恭禧发财 – Happy Lunar New Year!
Thank you for the cute event, Star! I'll be feeding my rice cake to Mio the Pikachu raising her from level 10 to level 11 and I'm also claiming the $500!
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