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Missingno. Master - You were completely fed up. You've done so much to try and help this farm and you have gotten not a single thanks for your efforts and on top of that there has been a rather troublesome Aipom repeatedly making a fool out of you. Ringo was speechless as you began to yell and tell her off. She also had a lot of annoyance building up inside of her, as a teenager she didn't like it very much when adults tried to talk down to her but at the same time, she was completely lost for words. Even she had to admit to herself that a lot of this really was because of that Aipom, she wasn't blind after all.

Your shouting had gotten Aipom's attention, it had a pretty smug grin on its face as it wiped away a tear that had formed from the laughter. That was when it happened, your angry speech was now over and you suddenly threw a Nest Ball with all of your might, aimed right at the Aipom. Aipom of course, wasn't having any of that. It did a quick little cartwheel and your Nest Ball flew right on past it and was now just laying in the grass. Aipom was now attempting to contain another laughing fit and you were just beginning to come back to your senses, soon you'd realize how bad of an idea that was to begin with so it's probably not a bad thing that the plan failed. But then it happened.

Meanwhile, Miror knew that the Kricketune really needed saving and decided to take matters into his own hands. After asking Dudley for help, he began to dig through the grass with nothing but his bare hands. There was no way he was going to risk using an attack this time after how poorly every single little thing you've all attempted up to this point has backfired. Miror spends most of the time digging through the grass himself, it is only when Kricketune's head is revealed that Dudley had managed to finally get himself over there to help and that was only after a small nudge from Kenny. Working together, it took no time at all to pull Kricketune free. The poor bug type looked completely utterly exhausted. Dudley very carefully began to emit a Healing Pulse toward Kricketune, surely there was no way this could go wrong. At that moment, Aipom decided that it was time to play another one of its tricks. It quickly ran right up to the Nest Ball which had been laying in the grass and Flinged it right at Kricketune with the intention of forcing it inside of the ball before it could be healed. However, it was a moment too slow and while the ball was in the air the healing effects kicked in, making Kricketune extra alert. It saw the ball and immediately smacked it away. Right toward Aipom. Aipom had not expected this and didn't have the chance to react beyond a look of pure horror as the ball collided with it and pulled it in.

The ball shook and shook and shook. It was clear the Aipom was putting up a fight; however, despite still having a sense of humor, the Pokemon was weakened from everything that had occurred leading up to this point and the ball was also shut pretty tight. Too tight. The light fades and all that is heard is a sudden click as everyone had gone dead silent in utter disbelief at this moment. (Congratulations, Gavin captured a level 15 male Aipom with the move Fling!) There is silence for a good while, even the Kricketune isn't saying anything. You are all standing there staring at the Nest Ball that now contains Aipom, you're all even still uncomfortably soaked from the downpour earlier when finally, Ringo breaks the silence. "… Really…? You… Caught it…? Really?? You screamed about how it was ruining your life so much and then you go and catch it so that it's with you forever…" She's scratching her head as she tries to comprehend all of this. Then she begins to look around. "Well it seems that while we were busy with all of this, the rest of the Pokemon decided to leave." After hearing her comment you come back to your sense and look around you. Noticing the remains of smushed berries everywhere, as well as damaged trees and bushes in all directions, but there aren't swarms of Pokemon such as the Rattata's and Kricketot's from earlier. Even Kricketune was just calmly sitting on the grass next to the patch it was pulled from. "Well that's all well and good but it still doesn't explain how all of this even started in the first place… I'm worried they're going to come back…"


Marion Ette - Your heart practically stopped as you saw Bia being lured by a fisherman's line. Nothing else mattered to you at this point, all you knew was that you needed to get Bia back, NOW. You yelled at the top of your lungs, it was heard from every direction around the Starline River and even into the Galea Plains. For a brief moment, all of the picnic goers and fisherman dropped what they were doing and there was nothing but dead silence, that is, with the exception of another kind of shout nearby. "W-w-w-wwwhooooaaa!" You glance behind you only to see the woman from before completely fall into the river, now all of her flyers were floating down it as she sat on her bum in the water, without even attempting to get up. She began sobbing pathetically as she sat there, as if her entire world was ending. It wasn't long before people began chatting amongst themselves again, ignoring the woman as well as you.

Bia was playfully dodging each flyer as she swam through the water and back to you. She seemed to find this whole dodging papers thing rather fun so she was intentionally staying in the water but at least she listened as she slowly returned. "Oh no you don't missy! If I'm goin' to fit in with the youngters of these days I've gotta catch me this here ultra rare. I don't know what kind o' spell you've put on it but I saw it first, fair n' square!" The old man who was trying to fish Bia out of the water earlier was clearly not okay with you taking away the Pokemon he had his sights set on. He then reached for his belt and threw a pokeball toward you. It popped open releasing a Magikarp who was now flopping in the grass beside the river. "Alrighty Mr. Lucky, Splash at that there lady. Go on ahead now." Bia was right beside you in the water at this point, chewing on one of the soggy flyers. You were now watching as this Magikarp was, very slowly, flopping in the grass and inching toward you in the least threatening way possible. It even appeared to be breaking a sweat as it attempted to Splash its way across the ground in your direction with a look on its face that almost seemed like it was contemplating all of its life decisions that had led up to this moment. The old man wasn't taking his eyes off of Bia and was getting ready to throw out his lure toward her again.


myahoo - Samuel never stopped smiling as you thanked him and asked him for directions. "Ah, yes! Well, if you're headed for the Starline Waterfall so that you can reach the second level there is a cabin on the way and they will be able to heal your Pokemon more efficiently than I could." You listened as he explained, and it seemed to make sense. He finished by pointing toward a path that seemed to have been carved out between the trees leading away from his cabin. "Follow that trail and it will lead you right out to the Galea Plains where you will see a cabin in view as soon as you exit the forest. They'll take good care of your Pokemon for you over there!" With this new knowledge, you said your goodbyes and began to follow the trail as Samuel waved goodbye in the distance from where you started.

The trail wasn't very long, perhaps a couple of miles, but the terrain was flat so it wasn't much of an issue. The sun was, however, beginning to set since you've had quite a long day at this point. You were happy once you reached the Galea Plains, the darkness in the forest was starting to feel a tiny bit creepy and just like Samuel said, you could see a cabin in the not so far distance, it was even illuminated by the lights inside. You hurried on over to it and went inside, you spotted a female ranger behind the counter who was in the middle of blowing a bubble with some bubblegum and it popped the moment your eyes met. "Oh, hey. Wanna heal up?" She had a very laid back attitude, but you did come there for exactly that so you handed your Pokemon over. She quickly restored their health and returned them to you. "This place is pretty much self serve so help yourself to any brochures on the wall over there and if you wanna switch out any of your Pokemon you can use that PC. Also, we have guest rooms in the back if you wanna stay for the night." She seemed nice enough as she explained but the moment she was done she sat back in her chair and picked up a Pokemon fashion magazine and began flipping through it before you could even respond.

You glanced over at the wall that she had pointed out and one of the brochures caught your eye so you walked over and grabbed it to take a closer look. The brochure was all about how to get to the second level and that in order to climb the Starline Waterfall you will need a Pokemon with the Waterfall move which is taught by Marina Swift. As you casually looked over the brochure, you were faced with a decision of what you'd be doing next.


Meetan - Your attention was now focused back on Nina, things were extremely chaotic but you weren't going to allow yourself to be distracted again. She was drenched in poison but she was still hanging on and wanting to be the one to take out this opponent, she wasn't about to let it get the better of her. She began to Flail her limps and charged toward Seviper. She smacked it multiple times before it decided to Bite down on one of her paws. She did her best to Endure the damage it caused, she could feel this would be her last chance, anymore hits and she was a goner. With Seviper still attached to her paw she began to Flail once again, this time whipping the snake through the air and smashing it back into the ground, upon impact it was knocked out and loosened its grip. (Nina gains 3 levels) Nina was out of breath and exhausted, she collapsed on the spot, still hanging on but just didn't feel the need to waste the last of her strength on standing. Axel had readied himself to take over for her and was nearby, but it seemed to not be needed after all. Seeing her exhaustion and having already prepared her ball in your hand you decided to return her so she could have some rest.

"Uncle! Uncle!" Greg was still excitedly yelling at the helicopter which had landed quite a bit ago. Ivan was on edge, looking at him it was a strange situation, he had a very brave face on but his hands were visibly shaking as he stared at the helicopter. "Billie." He said to the bear beside him. That was all the Ursaring needed to hear to know Ivan wanted you guarded again and so he walked over and began to hover next to you protectively once again. Axel joined you at your side, also feeling a bit protective. The Pokemon on the truck were slowly unloading, Duchess was conscious again and limping her way out while being supported by Franklin. The adult Skiddo even decided to make an appearance again, charging over the hill it was hiding behind to rejoin with the younger one. However, there wasn't much joy between the two, there was a serious sense of unease with that helicopter there.

The door to the helicopter finally popped open, everyone was tense as an extremely large and buff man in an immaculate suit exited the helicopter. He had a very stern face as he surveyed the ground, noticing the sludge and the crater that had been created. Even the Seviper owner seemed tense, the other man was trapped inside of the truck because of the damage Axel's Blow Back had caused earlier so you couldn't see him. Greg though, he seemed chipper as ever. "Uncle! I gathered a bunch of Pokemon for you just like you wanted!" The buff man's eye twitched out of frustration before he finally spoke while gritting his teeth to hold back his rage. "And what about the part where I said not to draw attention to yourself or the men you were put in charge of?" He gestured at the mess that was impossible to miss. Before Greg could respond, Ivan spoke up. "Who are you!? And what the HELL are you trying to pull by rounding up defenseless Pokemon!?" The man turned his attention toward Ivan for only a moment, a chilling grin spread across his face. "Whatever are you talking about sir?" He slowly approached Ivan while reaching into the pocket of his jacket. Ivan stood firm, not allowing the man to think he would back down. "Mandrake Industries. We are making a positive difference." The man pulled a business card out of his hand and pressed it into Ivan's chest and then glanced toward you and seemed to almost go into a trance as he stared at you long and hard. "Those features… Something about you is very familiar…"

"Boss! It's the police!" The Seviper owner shouts which snaps the man out of it. "Shit." The man says under his breath before shouting and grabbing Gregs arm. "Get into the damn helicopter, idiot!" Greg is thrown into the helicopter and the man gets in afterwards. "W-what about us, boss!?" The Seviper owner begins running toward the helicopter. "To hell with you." And with that, the doors on the helicopter slam shut and the blades begin to spin whipping wind everywhere as it takes off. You and Ivan finally spin around to see the police lights flashing in the not so far distance, the vehicles are driving across the grassy hills at great speed. The Seviper owner grumbles under his breath and returns his Seviper then takes off into the Cloud Forest nearby before either you or Ivan could react to stop him. The man in the truck was doing his best to kick out the window so he could make his escape as well but wasn't having any success.

"Damn!" Ivan shouts out of frustration. The police arrive and several jump out of each vehicle. "I'm pissed that basically everyone got away but I'm happy they're here, although I don't know who called them." Ivan was extremely annoyed at the situation. "Tortlllle!!" Franklin called out, holding Ivan's phone up in the air proudly. "Ah, so that's where my phone was! When did you learn how to call the cops?" Ivan of course didn't get an answer and walked over to talk with the cops who were in the process of arresting the trucker. "Wartortle!" Franklin was grinning ear to ear as he ran up and gave Axel a big hug out of celebration. Joe's Pokemon Tank was making its way over to his collapsed owner and the other Pokemon began to approach you. The Skiddo both began kicking and dancing in front of you with glee while Duchess was slowly limping her way close to you. Once she reached you, she gave you the biggest smile she could manage and you just knew she was thanking you from the bottom of her heart. And then, she fell to the ground right at your feet, finally done trying to hold herself up because she felt like she was finally safe now. Ivan appeared to be finished explaining everything that had happened to the police and was making his way back toward you. Joe was sitting on the ground with an officer speaking to him now. Meanwhile, you were standing in between everything while being completely surrounded by a bunch of Pokemon, you even still had Billie breathing down your neck.
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