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The Smeargle considered your question, not really knowing how to respond. It seems it was born here, and was use to the dangers the city offered. Though, the didn't stop the Pokemon from looking happy when Pena found comfort in it. After the Tyrogue's round of obscenities towards you, the Smeargle gave thew Tyrogue a hug. Pena reacted exactly how you'd expect him to, and all the Smeargle could do was laugh. It certainly was troublesome if the two of them never met again. After all, this city was never kind to those who lived in it.

The Smeargle then came up towards you, and started to pull on your leg. Did it want to take you some place? It walked towards the wall, and drew a crude outline of a house. It wanted to show you its home. The normal type certainly seemed to have a great deal of trust in you at this point. It would certainly be a shame now if you parted ways and never saw each other again? It would be cruel. Yet life was cruel. Though, who would be hurt more. The colorblind Smeargle or Pena?

You look towards Pena, who seems to have calmed down by this point. You motioned at the picture the Smeargle drew, and asked him if he wanted to follow the Smeargle back to where it lived. After all, it was an offer to the both of you. After a bit of time, the Tyrogue nodded yes. Well, that was at least one yes for the beagle. All that was needed now was your consent.


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