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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
Year of the Dog

Keith’s Slurpuff, Hush’s Absol, Austin's Swirlix, Hyrem’s Mightyena, Schala’s Poochyena, Jess’ Houndour, Melissa’s Growlithe, Belinda’s Rockruff, Kawaii’s Herdier, Tate’s Poochyena, Jayson’s Electrike, Alice’s Poochyena, Lucas’ Absol, Athena’s Snubbull, and Gary’s Smeargle have all gained 2 bond and 1 level!

Fortuitous Food Stalls

Balmund: Patrons of the Lunar Festival cooed at your Rockruff as the two of you walked through the aisles of food vendors. Your Rockruff did not seem to notice, and was instead set of smelling everything she could. You lost track of her for a moment, she was just small enough to be obscured by a few people’s legs. Once you located her again, you found her wagging her tail happily as a young girl fed her some berries.
“Wow, it looks like she really likes these!” The girl exclaimed as your Rockruff continued to scarf them down. “Take some, I’m sure she’ll enjoy them later too!”
You have received 5 Passho Berries!

Everyone receives a Red Envelope containing $500!
Sheena's Bond goes up from 0 to 2.
Sheena's level raises from 5 to 6.
Picking up 5 Passho Berries and $500.

Thank you all!


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